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See also: Anglo-saxon Anglo Anglophile Anglophone Anglo-american Anglosphere Anglocentric Anglo-saxonism Anglosajón Saxon American White Angle Anglican Angler Angling Anglicized Angled Complementary Critical Supplementary Obtuse Acute Corresponding Right Adjacent

1. Anglo definition is - Anglo-american

Anglo, American

2. How to use Anglo in a sentence.


3. Anglo synonyms, Anglo pronunciation, Anglo translation, English dictionary definition of Anglo


4. Anglo - definition of Anglo by The Free Dictionary.


5. Anglo definition, a white American of non-Hispanic descent, as distinguished especially from an American of Mexican or Spanish descent

Anglo, American, As, An

6. Definition of Anglo in the dictionary


7. What does Anglo mean? Information and translations of Anglo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Anglo, And

8. Discover all the latest job opportunities at Anglo American & sign up for job alerts in your area.

All, At, Anglo, American, Amp, Alerts, Area

9. Anglo Diamond in Des Moines offers thousands of diamonds and beautiful engagement rings from world-class designers Tacori & Verragio.

Anglo, And, Amp

10. Anglo-Saxon, term used historically to describe any member of the Germanic peoples who, from the 5th century CE to the time of the Norman Conquest (1066), inhabited and ruled territories that are now in England and Wales

Anglo, Any, And, Are

11. The peoples grouped together as Anglo

As, Anglo

12. The Eternal Anglo or Angloposting refers to a series of memes, exploitable images and conspiracy theories critical of Britain, and specifically English people, which often reference various historical controversies involving Britain and its alleged transgressions against other nations, primarily Germans

Anglo, Angloposting, And, Alleged, Against

13. Working at Anglo American; Job opportunities

At, Anglo, American

14. Anglo American is a global mining company that mines a diverse range of products in South Africa i.e

Anglo, American, Africa

15. "The Anglo American Engage app gives you an easy way to stay in touch with the information that's important to you, wherever you are

Anglo, American, App, An, Are

16. - get important messages from Anglo American straight to your phone - give your feedback on important topics - keep in touch with company information - hear from leaders - find out what Anglo American is doing in your community"

Anglo, American

17. Anglo-Eastern Univan Group is a leading, independent provider of ship management services to ship owners around the world

Anglo, Around

18. Anglo-American definition is - an inhabitant of the U.S

Anglo, American, An

19. Anglo American Plc is a mining company, which engages in the exploration and mining of precious base metals and ferrous metals

Anglo, American, And

20. [Short for Anglo-American.] An′glo adj

Anglo, American, An, Adj

21. Usage Note: In contemporary American usage, Anglo is used primarily in distinguishing a white English-speaking person from a person of Hispanic

American, Anglo

22. Anglo-Catholic parishes exist in all branches of American Anglicanism, from TEC to ACNA to the Continuum

Anglo, All, American, Anglicanism, Acna

23. One easy way to spot an Anglo-Catholic parish is to look for priests that are part of the Society of the Holy Cross (SSC)

An, Anglo, Are

24. This is the world’s largest fraternity for Anglo-Catholic priests.


25. The Anglo-German concertina was enormously popular all across Ireland during its heyday, amongst people of nearly all social and economic groups

Anglo, All, Across, Amongst, And


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 · Anglo American Glasses

Anglo, American

27. Anglo American Optical glasses come from one of the world's oldest glasses companies

Anglo, American

28. With manufacturing facilities in England, Anglo American glasses are made with the best quality italian zyl made by Mazzucchelli, the maker of the world's finest optical plastics.Anglo American Optical Company LTD was founded in London in 1882, with over 120 years …

Anglo, American, Are

29. Anglo American is the second largest Australian and third largest global export metallurgical coal producer operating in open cut and underground mining.

Anglo, American, Australian, And

30. Anglo-Texans unwilling or unable to seek a priest in Catholic communities received permission from the authorities to sign a marriage bond, a practice common in the non-Anglican foothills of Virginia and the Carolinas before 1776, promising to formalize their union when a priest arrived

Anglo, Authorities, Anglican, And, Arrived

31. Two other reasons brought Anglo-American settlers to Texas.

Anglo, American

32. Anglo American South Africa Education Programme; Healthy environment; Health and safety

Anglo, American, Africa, And

33. Anglo American Plc is advancing plans to convert its fleet of giant diesel-fueled mine trucks to hydrogen power as the company seeks to burnish its green credentials.

Anglo, American, Advancing, As

34. Anglo-Norman, also known as Anglo-Norman French (Norman: Anglo-Normaund), was a dialect of Old Norman French that was used in England and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere in Great Britain and Ireland during the Anglo-Norman period.

Anglo, Also, As, And

35. Anglo- word-forming element meaning "of or pertaining to England or the English (including the English inhabitants of North America and other places); of England and," from Medieval Latin Anglo-, combining form of Angli "the English" (see Angle).

Anglo, America, And, Angli, Angle

36. The history world has been afire with a debate about Anglo-Saxon studies

Afire, About, Anglo

37. Involving accusations of elitism, racism and sexism, the arguments have also called into question whether the term 'Anglo-Saxon' is itself still fit for purpose

Accusations, And, Arguments, Also, Anglo

38. Ship burials were rare in Anglo-Saxon England – probably reserved for the most important people in society – so it's likely that there was a huge funeral ceremony


39. Anglo American PLC is a global mining company

Anglo, American

40. Anglo American jobs now available

Anglo, American, Available

41. The central theme of Anglo-Saxon history in England is the process by which a number of diverse Germanic peoples came to form the centralized kingdom which the Normans inherited from their English predecessors


42. Nestled between the glistening jewellery shops of Hatton Garden and the bustle of Leather Lane street market in Farringdon, Anglo is a modern British dining room by chef Mark Jarvis, ran by his head chef Anthony Raffo and manager Marie Danzanvilliers.

And, Anglo, Anthony

43. The Anglo-Italian Cup (Italian: Coppa Anglo-Italiana, also known as the Anglo-Italian Inter-League Clubs Competition and from 1976–86 as the Alitalia Challenge Cup, Talbot Challenge Cup or Gigi Peronace Memorial) is a defunct European football competition.

Anglo, Also, As, And, Alitalia

44. Anglo-America (also referred to as Anglo-Saxon America) most often refers to a region in the Americas in which English is a main language and British culture and the British Empire have had significant historical, ethnic, linguistic and cultural impact

Anglo, America, Also, As, Americas, And

45. Anglo-America is distinct from Latin America, a region of the Americas where Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese and French) are prevalent.

Anglo, America, Americas, And, Are

46. The first Anglo-Japanese Alliance (日英同盟, Nichi-Ei Dōmei) was an alliance between Britain and Japan, signed in January 1902

Anglo, Alliance, An, And

47. The KS2 History curriculum explores the world of Anglo-Saxons as a part of British history, starting with the Stone Age and ending with the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for power.

Anglo, As, Age, And

48. The perfect way to get children engaged with the Anglo-Saxon period is to learn all about the culture, language and lifestyle of these Anglo-Saxon people

Anglo, All, About, And

49. At Anglo-Eastern, we work to the highest standards for our clients and seafarers alike, offering both long- and short-term opportunities with shipowners all over the world

At, Anglo, And, Alike, All

50. As an Anglo-Eastern seafarer, we look after you, focusing on your health, education and welfare

As, An, Anglo, After, And

51. An Anglo-Saxon sells a horse to a Viking

An, Anglo

52. If the Anglo-Saxons eradicated the Celtic language, the Viking's impact was significantly less


53. The Anglo-Saxon period typically refers to the time in Britain from the year 450 up until the Norman Conquest in 1066


54. [1] The Anglo-Saxons were a cultural group formed by Germanic people that moved from mainland Europe to Britain


55. The Anglo-Saxons are responsible for the majority of the modern English language as well as the legal system and general society in England today.

Anglo, Are, As, And

56. While Anglo-Saxon is an ancestor of modern English, it is also a distinct language

Anglo, An, Ancestor, Also

57. This is a list of elements in which the usage is Anglo-Saxon


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ANGLO [ˈaNGɡlō]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Anglo stand for?

As a combining form, "Anglo" means "English" (as in "Anglo-French Relations" which would mean relations between Great Britain/England and France). This is derived from "Anglo-Saxon," the term used to describe the ethnicity of the main English population, who settled England from the northern German/Danish coastal areas in the medieval period.

What does it mean to be a "Anglo American"?

Anglo-american definition , belonging to, relating to, or involving England and America , especially the United States, or the people of the two countries: the Anglo-American policy toward Russia. See more.

What is Anglo and where do Anglo Americans come from?

In many parts of the United States, especially those with high Hispanic populations, "Anglo-American" is shortened to "Anglo" and applied to white Americans who are not of Hispanic or Latino origin and sometimes to those who are not of French origin , but the latter criterion is based on specific linguistic considerations and limited to Louisiana and parts of Texas .

What does Anglo America mean?

Definition of Anglo-American 1 : an inhabitant of the U.S. of English origin or descent 2 : a North American whose native language is English and especially whose culture or ethnic background is of European origin

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