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1. The Angelfishes, or scalares, popular in home aquariums are members of the genus Pterophyllum and the cichlid (q.v.) family

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2. Angelfishes Angelfishes differ from Butterflyfishes in having a large rearward-pointing spine on the preopercular gill cover


3. Angelfishes or pomacanthids are members of Pomacanthidae family

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4. Butterflyfishes which are similar in shape and colour to Angelfishes do not have this spine.

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5. Amongst aquarium reef-fishes, few could compete with the beauty of Angelfishes

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6. The most observable difference between Angelfishes and butterflyfishes is the preopercule spine on the gill cover common to Angelfishes.

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7. Most Angelfishes live a solitary life, but some wander the reef in small groups of two or three, which are usually mated pairs or trios of one male and several females

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8. It is not uncommon for multiple males and sometimes females placed in the same aquarium to fight, often to the death, and although many Angelfishes do best when kept singly, one

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9. Get the best deals on Live Aquarium Angelfishes when you shop the largest online selection at

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10. The freshwater Angelfishes (Pterophyllum) are South American cichlids that originate from the Guyana, and the Orinoco and Amazon River basins

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11. Canvas Prints Wall Art - Underwater Landscape with Couple of Royal Angelfishes Modern Wall Decor/Home Art Gallery Wraps Giclee Print & Wood Framed

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12. Gray Angelfish (Juvenile) Angelfishes

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13. These fishes belong in the Order Perciformes and Suborder Percoidei and are members of the Family Pomacanthidae (Angelfishes) which contains about 88 species in 8 genera

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14. All Angelfishes are thought to be protogynous hermaphrodites where females change to males.

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15. Hybrids of marine Angelfishes are often easily recognised due to their striking coloration

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16. Blue Angelfishes, Holacanthus bermudensis, are common in the Caribbean and western tropical Atlantic (35°N – 18°N, 100°W – 64°W) off Bermuda, the Bahamas, and southern Florida, USA as well as the Gulf of Mexico.They are also found off the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico

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17. The Angelfishes, or scalares, popular in home aquariums are members of the genus Pterophyllum of the cichlid family

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18. Marine Aquarium Library: Angelfishes, Centropyge, Centropyge loricula

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19. However, the Zebra danio gets along fine with the Angelfishes (I have 2 - Marble and Leopard Angelfishes)

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20. Among the marine Angelfishes, the handful of species classified in Apolemichthys represent some of the more underappreciated members of their family available to the home aquarist

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21. Angelfishes of the family Pomacanthidae are among the most conspicuous inhabitants of coral reefs, occurring in both shallow and relatively deep water

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22. Centropyge abei, a new species of deep-dwelling angelfish (Pomacanthidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia The feeding ecology of three species of Caribbean Angelfishes (family Pomacanthidae).

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23. Reference: “Angels in disguise: sympatric hybridization in the marine Angelfishes is widespread and occurs between deeply divergent lineages” by Yi-Kai Tea, Jean-Paul A

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24. Marine Angelfishes, which are “one of the most charismatic and iconic groups of coral reef fishes” according to Mr Tea, are familiar to many people because quite a few species are popular

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25. Florent's Guide To The Caribbean Reefs - Gray Angelfish - Pomacanthus arcuatus - Angelfishes - - Angelfishes - Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil -

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26. The environments in which many Angelfishes species are known to live

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27. Select an environment to see its Angelfishes species checklist

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28. Ian Shaw cc-by-nc-4.0 Angelfishes Habitats


29. Select an environment to see its Angelfishes species checklist.

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30. The Flagfin, Goldflake and Tiger Angelfishes A

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31. The true marine Angelfishes are classified in the phylum Chordata Chordata, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development

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32. Find Angelfishes for Sale on Oodle Classifieds


33. What are Angelfishes? They belong to Family Pomacanthidae which has 9 genera and 74 species

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34. Angelfishes are frequently seen while snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands

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35. This depiction of a family of three Angelfishes consists of roughly 25 individual pieces of wood


36. Pygmy Angelfishes usually inhabit sheltered areas such as coral crevices, boulders or caves, though, depending on availability and predation-risk, more open spaces, like coral rubble flats, may also be occupied

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37. Angelfishes and their history Aquatic plants in nature 6 and in the aquarium Aquarium technology 8 External filters The aquarium hobby on the Internet 8 Do-it-yourself 9 Basic aquascaping - Part 1 New practical products 10 WaterHome, Fish Feeder, Master Test Kit, New Foods New in the trade 11 Fishes and plants Biotope aquaria 12 For Angelfishes

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38. These include popular aquarium fish groups such as the tangs and surgeonfishes, butterflyfishes, wrasses, hawkfishes, and all marine Angelfishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does angelfish mean?

Definition of angelfish. 1 : any of several laterally compressed brightly colored bony fishes (family Pomacanthidae) of warm seas. 2. : a black and silver laterally compressed South American cichlid fish (Pterophyllum scalare) popular in aquariums. — called also scalare.

What is the genus and species of an angelfish?

The currently recognized species in this genus are: Amazon River (between Manacapuru and Santarém), Essequibo River and Rupununi River. The freshwater angelfish ( P. scalare) was described in 1824 by F. Schultze. Pterophyllum is derived from the Greek πτερον, pteron (fin/sail) and φυλλον, phyllon (leaf). In 1906, J. Pellegrin described P. altum.

Can freshwater angelfish be eaten?

In pet stores, the freshwater angelfish is typically placed in the semiaggressive category. Some tetras and barbs are compatible with angelfish, but ones small enough to fit in the mouth of the angelfish may be eaten. Generous portions of food should be available so the angelfish do not get hungry and turn on their tank mates.

What is the genetic trait of an angelfish?

Gold (g/g): The genetic trait for the gold angelfish is recessive, and causes a light golden body with a darker yellow or orange color on the crown of the fish. It does not have the vertical black stripes or the red eye seen in the wild angelfish.

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