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1. Noun international law the right of a belligerent state to use the property of a neutral state or to destroy it if necessary, subject to payment of full compensation to the owners Word Origin for Angary

2. But the right of Angary itself is rather a right deriving from the law of war.

3. Angary, the name given to the right of a belligerent to seize and apply for the purposes of war any kind of property on belligerent territory, including that which may belong to subjects or citizens of a neutral state.

4. Angary, in international law, the right of belligerents to requisition for their use neutral merchant vessels, aircraft, and other means of transport that are within their territorial jurisdiction

5. Generally, the right of Angary should be applied only in case of pressing need in time of …

6. Angary (uncountable) The right of one belligerent (government) in a conflict to seize, use or destroy the property of another belligerent or neutral state, or the private citizens thereof, provided compensation is …

7. Angary is a term used in international law

8. Angary - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

9. Angary: In international law, the right of a belligerent to seize and use the property of a neutral where that property is within the belligerent's jurisdiction, there is pressing need, and compensation is provided.

10. Angary definition: the right of a belligerent state to use the property of a neutral state or to destroy it Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

11. Angary is an outright taking with a requirement of compensation to the aggrieved party under conditions not amounting to occupation.

12. (3) In international law, Angary means the right of belligerent states to seize the merchant vessels of neutral countries that happen to be in their ports and use them for warfare (transporting troops, weapons, equipment, and so forth)

13. In the 17th century the maritime powers began to conclude treaties abrogating the right of Angary.

14. Angara za Jenisejem od otce utekla; podle této legendy Šaman-kameň, nacházející se uprostřed výtoku Angary z Bajkalu u vesnice Listvjanka (pozor na záměnu se skálou Šaman na Ol´chonu, největším ostrově Bajkalu), hodil rozezlený otec Bajkal za neposlušnou dcerou, aby ji zastavil.

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19. The Angara (this is the Angary in the title) River passes through Irkutsk

20. Angary (1) In the Roman Empire and then in Byzantium and other states of Europe in the Middle Ages (the empires of the Carolingians, Bulgaria, Poland, etc.), compulsory state cartage duty (the supply of draft animals for state transportation

21. Whatever the extent of the right of Angary may be, it does not derive from the law of neutrality.: But the right of Angary itself is rather a right deriving from the law of war.

22. Angary Seshachalam Srinivasalu 18 hrs · A true to label fund that invests in a combination of domestic equities, international equities, commodities (as specified by SEBI) and fixed income securities.

23. The right of Angary in many respects resembles an embargo

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