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ANFRACTUOUS [anˈfrak(t)SHo͞oəs]


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1. Anfractuous definition is - full of windings and intricate turnings : tortuous

2. Anfractuous definition, characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous: an Anfractuous path

3. Anfractuous synonyms, Anfractuous pronunciation, Anfractuous translation, English dictionary definition of Anfractuous

4. What does Anfractuous mean? Full of twists and turns; tortuous

5. Find 12 ways to say Anfractuous, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

6. Definition of Anfractuous in the dictionary

7. What does Anfractuous mean? Information and translations of Anfractuous in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

8. Examples of Anfractuous in a sentence

9. The couple struggled to get through the Anfractuous maze, constantly getting lost in the twists and turns

10. 🔊 Turns in the Anfractuous tunnels can be confusing for even those who have a map

11. 🔊 The mall’s Anfractuous hallways seemed to …

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13. ‘Tired of hearing and reading too much ‘Anfractuous remplissage’ - in other words, circuitous padding?’ ‘There is what I suppose is intended to be the telling juxtaposition of different sorts of ‘conspiracy theories’, linked by the sort of Anfractuous logic that informs Horowitz's ‘Discover the Network’.’

14. Anfractuous: 1 adj full of twists and turns “ Anfractuous cliffs” Synonyms: crooked having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned

15. Anfractuous (comparative more Anfractuous, superlative most Anfractuous) (rare) sinuous, twisty, winding

16. 1995, Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age: It was just that the story was Anfractuous

17. 1996, David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest: Shy, iridescent, coltish, pelvically Anfractuous, amply busted, given to diffident movements.

18. Synonyms for Anfractuous include tortuous, twisting, curving, serpentine, sinuous, indirect, circuitous, roundabout, crooked and snaky

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23. Anfractuous (adj.) 1620s, "full of windings and turnings," from Latin anfractuosus "roundabout, winding," from anfractus "a winding, turning, a bending round," especially "a circuitous route," also figuratively, in rhetoric, "circumlocution," from am(bi)-"around" (from PIE root *ambhi-"around") + fractus, past participle of frangere "to break" (from PIE root *bhreg-"to break").

24. Anfractuous definition: characterized by twists and turns ; convoluted Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

25. Thin, Anfractuous highways and dirt roads scarred the green and brown landscape, and as far as the eye could reach were to be seen farmhouses and barns and silos

26. Quill's Window It is not likely to forget them -- not likely to be unreminded of the old story of the Serpent, in the false words, subtle, gliding invasions, and Anfractuous policy of

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28. Synonyms for Anfractuous in Free Thesaurus

29. 14 synonyms for Anfractuous: flexuous, meandrous, serpentine, sinuous, snaky, tortuous, winding

30. Anfractuous Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Anfractuous in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu

31. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Anfractuous in Urdu is بَل دار, and in …

32. Anfractuosity definition is - the quality or state of being Anfractuous.

33. Anfractuous Meaning in Hindi is पेचीला

34. Anfractuous is a adjective by form

35. The synonyms and antonyms of Anfractuous

36. Spanish words for Anfractuous include tortuoso and complicado

37. Anfractuous Anfractuous is an old-fashioned word that means twisting and turning but not breaking

38. Facing Anfractuous internal and external economic environments, the Chinese government has taken a series of policy measures for boosting economic growth and improving the situation of the SOEs

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41. Synonyms for Anfractuously in Free Thesaurus

42. 14 synonyms for Anfractuous: flexuous, meandrous, serpentine, sinuous, snaky, tortuous

43. Anfractuous definition, characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous: an Anfractuous path

44. Definition of Anfractuous having many winding twists and turns Examples of Anfractuous in a sentence The couple struggled to get through the Anfractuous maze, constantly getting lost in the twists and turns

45. Anfractuosity and Anfractuous are also used in the sense of the sulci, the grooves between the convolutions of the surface of the brain

46. Paint me the bold Anfractuous rocks Faced by the snarled and yelping seas

47. How this page explains Anfractuous ?

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51. Another way to say Anfractuous? Synonyms for Anfractuous (other words and phrases for Anfractuous).

52. Anfractuous - find the meaning and all words formed with Anfractuous, anagrams with Anfractuous and much more.

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54. Words That Rhyme with Anfractuous

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What does anfractuous mean?

Definition of anfractuous. : full of windings and intricate turnings : tortuous.

What does anfractuosity mean?

Definition of anfractuosity 1 : the quality or state of being anfractuous 2 : a winding channel or course especially : an intricate path or process (as of the mind)

What is unbreakable anfractuous?

The Unbreakable Anfractuous. Plots and paths can be anfractuous. They twist and turn but do not break. Never mind that our English word comes from Latin anfractus (same meaning as anfractuous ), which in turn comes from the Latin verb frangere, meaning "to break." ( Frangere is also the source of fracture, fraction, fragment,...

What does the prefix anfractuous mean?

The prefix an- here means "around." At first, anfractuous was all about ears and the auditory canal's anfractuosity, that is, its being curved rather than straight.

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