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ANDROGYNOUS [anˈdräjənəs]

androgynous (adjective)

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1. The Androgynous hairdos favored by the hip an actor whose Androgynous looks are at the heart of his appeal Recent Examples on the Web Now, as those notions are being dismantled, a new generation of perfumes is emphasizing the Androgynous appeal of

2. Adjective neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance: the Androgynous look of many rock stars

3. Regarding gender identity, Androgynous individuals may refer to themselves as non-binary

4. Androgynous synonyms, Androgynous pronunciation, Androgynous translation, English dictionary definition of Androgynous

5. What does Androgynous mean? Possessing qualities of both sexes

6. Well, you ought to know these gender-bender models or also known as the Androgynous models

7. This is a list of notable people who have been described at any time as Androgynous in their persona or presentation, either by self-identification or in reliable sources.

8. Thankfully, we live in a place and time where there are virtually no limits to the Androgynous hairstyles or cuts anyone can wear

9. The combination of masculine and feminine physical characteristics make for a stunning type of beauty. Androgynous men and Androgynous women will allure and woo your aesthetic eye in this list of women who look like men and men who look like women.

10. It was previously easy to picture a selection of Androgynous clothing (think structured suits, loose shirts, lots of jeans)

11. Instead of glamming the Oscar-winning star up with powders and liners and va-va-va-voom hair and jeweled gowns, Givenchy has decided to feature Julia just the way she is -- a little bit boyish and Androgynous and, at the same time, incredibly gorgeous

12. Over the years, Julia has led the pack when it comes to interesting Androgynous style that

13. An Androgynous look is one that ignores gender binaries and embraces both feminine and masculine qualities. Whether you want a more permanent Androgynous look or are playing with styles to see what you like, the most important thing to remember is to choose the fashion, hair, and makeup that make you happy

14. Androgynous can be used as a description of one's gender, one's gender presentation, or both

15. Androgynous should not be confused with androgyne

16. Androgynous is a quality that a gender can …

17. A truly Androgynous person is not readily recognizable as either a boy or a girl—and the confusion is intended

18. Many people choose the Androgynous look to make a political or moral statement.

19. When referring to the term “Androgynous” in mainstream society, it is the psychological definition that is most often being used, usually pertaining to a person’s style or appearance

20. Many Androgynous people think that they’re somewhere in the middle between a man and a woman

21. The Crossword Solver found 7 answers to the Androgynous crossword clue

22. Androgynous haircuts are typically short hairstyles worn on women

23. The term Androgynous is relatively new and has become popular due to the rise in gender-fluidity and genderless beauty

24. Androgynous haircuts are popular among those who proclaim gender fluidity

25. Androgynous-looking people are often defined as “ambiguous”, meaning it’s often difficult to tell if they identify as men or women

26. Some Androgynous people identify as both or neither gender

27. Androgynous is a gender presentation where someone presents with a mix of masculine and feminine features or in a gender neutral way

28. Not all androgyne people will present Androgynously, and not all people who present Androgynously are androgyne

29. Androgynous is a quality that a gender or gender presentation can have, but it is not a gender on

30. A gender non-conforming Androgynous fashion brand empowering you to be you

31. Best fitting gender non-conforming clothing, Androgynous Fashion, non-binary, Gender non-conforming jackets, LGBT+ style, gender free style, unisex clothing

32. If you describe someone as Androgynous, you mean that they are not distinctly masculine or feminine in appearance or in behaviour

33. Belinda was always attracted to men with an Androgynous quality to them

34. The style was quite Androgynous

35. Synonyms: hermaphrodite, bisexual, androgyne, hermaphroditic More Synonyms of Androgynous

36. In fact, being thin is a major part of this mainstream Androgynous aesthetic, especially since most mainstream representation of androgyny is actually the fashion industry – not the trans community

37. People of any gender identity or sexual orientation can be Androgynous, but it is often favoured by non-binary people as a means to externally express their gender identity

38. 1-16 of 223 results for "Androgynous clothing" Price and other details may vary based on size and color

39. 3 synonyms of Androgynous from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms

40. Find another word for Androgynous

41. Androgynous: suitable to or for either sex.

42. Rose Gold Arrow Necklace / Arrow / Unique jewelry / Jewelry for men / Androgynous jewelry / rose gold / arrowheads / metal arrowheads LittleEccentricities

43. Androgynous stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

44. Smiling Couple Couple smiles on balcony Androgynous stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

45. Mar 16, 2021 - Explore Jay Jones's board "Androgynous Men", followed by 224 people on Pinterest

46. See more ideas about mens outfits, mens fashion, Androgynous men.

47. In Fall 2019, The New York Times ran an article titled, "Beyond Androgyny: Nonbinary Teenage Fashion," which referenced the style of teenage musician Billie Eilish.In the story, the author refers to Eilish's "Androgynous" oversized, baggy clothes, her statement that gender roles are "ancient," and her position as "the anti-Britney Spears, the anti-Katy Perry."

48. Androgynous expression often consists of some combination of masculine and feminine traits or characteristics, but an Androgynous appearance, which may include hairstyle, clothing choices, makeup

49. Oracle Hunter ~ Mishu ~ Androgynous Clothing, Cyberpunk, Fantasy Clothing, Burning Man Clothing, Alternative Clothing MishuBoutique

50. Androgynous deities of the ancient Greek world are connected to either the moon or the planet Venus who takes the form of two stars, worshipped as double Iŝtar, a bearded morning warrior goddess, or Iŝtar of Akkad, the masculine Iŝtar (ziqarat), and the evening goddess of love Iŝtar of Erech, equivalent to Aphrodite Ourania; Dionysos seems

51. If you describe something as Androgynous, you are saying that you can't classify it as strictly male or female

52. If you are looking for an Androgynous name, for example, choose Pat.

53. 1-16 of 186 results for "Androgynous clothing for women" Price and other details may vary based on size and color

54. ‘Its dancers are fashionably Androgynous in their costuming, and the richly textured music, played live by the Grupo Mahera, reflects the current Spanish concern for fusion of musical roots.’ ‘Watch out for the odd appearance of Satan himself - slightly Androgynous, bookish-looking and smooth-talking.’

55. Androgynous translate: andrógino, andrógino

56. ‘Its dancers are fashionably Androgynous in their costuming, and the richly textured music, played live by the Grupo Mahera, reflects the current Spanish concern for fusion of musical roots.’ ‘Watch out for the odd appearance of Satan himself - slightly Androgynous, bookish-looking and smooth-talking.’

57. Androgynous Fox Clothing fashion for the genderless, gender-neutral, tomboy, gay, lesbian, lgbtq, non-binary, queer, community

58. Song information for Androgynous - The Replacements on AllMusic

59. From their artistic breakthrough album, Let It Be (1984), "Androgynous" shows the Replacements beginning to shed their furious hardcore punk rock attack, allowing Paul Westerberg's well-crafted traditionalist songwriting to …

60. Artist : The ReplacementsAlbum : Let it Be (REMASTERED)Year : 1984 Track : 05Duration : 3:11Songwritter : Paul WesterbergAndrogynousHere come Dick, he's wear

61. For a look that’s truly Androgynous, you don’t need to start shopping in the ladies section

62. Check out these 20 stunning and stylish Androgynous hairstyles

63. 20 Stylish Androgynous Hairstyles You Need To Know About 1

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What does androgynous mean?

being both male and female; hermaphroditic. having both masculine and feminine characteristics. having an ambiguous sexual identity. neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance: the androgynous look of many rock stars. Botany.

How do you use androgynous in a sentence?

Use androgynous in a sentence. adjective. The definition of androgynous is something that has both female and male traits, or something that is not clearly either masculine or feminine. A hermaphrodite is an example of an androgynous organism. Unisex clothing is an example of androgynous clothing.

What does androgyny mean?

Definition of androgyny : the quality or state of being neither specifically feminine or masculine : the combination of feminine and masculine characteristics : the quality or state of being androgynous For this brand, wearing unisex clothing perpetuates androgyny that pervades runways and our own culture.

Is androgyny a form of gender expression?

As a form of gender expression, androgyny can be achieved through personal grooming, fashion, or a certain amount of THT treatment. Androgynous gender expression has waxed and waned in popularity in different cultures and throughout history. Androgyny as a noun came into use c. 1850, nominalizing the adjective androgynous.

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