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1. Definition of Androcentric : dominated by or emphasizing masculine interests or a masculine point of view — compare gynocentric Other Words from Androcentric Example Sentences Learn More …


2. Adjective centered on, emphasizing, or dominated by males or masculine interests: an Androcentric society; an Androcentric religion.

Adjective, An, Androcentric

3. Adj. Centered or focused on men, often to the neglect or exclusion of women: an Androcentric view of history; an Androcentric health-care system.

Adj, An, Androcentric

4. Adj. Centered or focused on men, often to the neglect or exclusion of women: an Androcentric view of history; an Androcentric health-care system.

Adj, An, Androcentric

5. Authors suggest that Androcentric bias may be connected to substantial societal harms. “For instance, women with heart disease experience worse health outcomes than men, which …

Authors, Androcentric

6. On this page you will find the solution to Androcentric social system crossword clue crossword clue


7. ‘From its purely Androcentric and heterosexual viewpoint, however, Lacan's theory neglects to account for the experience of women or of homosexual men.’ ‘This was a woman-centred psychology, whose aim was to redress the theoretical and empirical inadequacies of an Androcentric discipline.’

Androcentric, And, Account, Aim, An

8. Androcentric (Adjective) Of, pertaining to or exhibiting androcentrism; focused on males

Androcentric, Adjective, Androcentrism

9. Unfortunately, the convention's minutes were generally Androcentric, which means that the participation of the woman is reported in relation to her husband


10. There is a preponderance of literature about the Androcentric tendencies of school boards.

About, Androcentric

11. Iddo Landau has written a focused and clearly organized book in which he investigates the extent to which Western philosophy is Androcentric

And, Androcentric

12. He concludes that it "is, in most respects and ways, not Androcentric, and that the few ways in which it is Androcentric are less consequential than is frequently believed."

And, Androcentric, Are

13. From Its “Androcentric Slumber”? Kimberly J


14. In 1988, Daly and Chesney-Lind suggested that criminology was awakening from its “Androcentric slumber” thanks to feminist critiques

And, Awakening, Androcentric

15. Is Philosophy Androcentric? Published: February 02, 2007 Iddo Landau, Is Philosophy Androcentric?, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2006, 181pp., $45.00 (hbk).ISBN 0271029064


16. Much of the research on this Androcentric tendency to conflate men with people has measured more controllable behaviors


17. Aligning Androcentric humanist ideology with the adolescent male gaze, Grossman's series renders visible the processes by which the uncritical acceptance of the discrete human body reduces, mutilates, compresses, and disavows the full range of possibilities for …

Aligning, Androcentric, Adolescent, Acceptance, And

18. There is now a interest in women focused psychology or what is now called Androcentric bias


19. As for the "Androcentric" worldview, I think that's the major problem for the lack of development of the mother/son and husband/wife relationship, which is a pity

As, Androcentric, And

20. Psychology Definition of Androcentric: Describes a predominantly male perspective that often minimizes or completely excludes the female …


21. Androcentric bias has been connected to substantial societal harms


22. For instance, women with heart disease experience worse health outcomes than men, which is thought to be caused in part by androcentrism in medical teaching as well and an Androcentric overreliance on …

Androcentrism, As, And, An, Androcentric

23. Androcentric thinking refers to a bias _____


24. The Androcentric definition of sex as an activity recognizes three essential steps: preparation for penetration ("foreplay"), penetration, and male orgasm

Androcentric, As, An, Activity, And

25. Androcentric definition: having or regarding man or the male sex as central or primary Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Androcentric, As, And

26. Androcentric is defined as "centered on, emphasizing, or dominated by males or masculine interests." In other words, if the bible is indeed Androcentric, then women in the Bible would therefore : 11

Androcentric, As

27. An Androcentric view of history; an Androcentric health-care system

An, Androcentric

28. Under this Androcentric prejudice, the equal extension of education to women was opposed at every step, and is still opposed by many

Androcentric, At, And

29. The author argues that philosophy is Androcentric in some ways, but significantly less so than popularly claimed

Author, Argues, Androcentric

30. It made me think in a new way about what I was taught and have taken for granted for a long time -- the deep Androcentricity of philosophy -- so in a way it was an eye opener

About, And, Androcentricity, An

31. Antonyms for Androcentric include gynocentric, feminist and matriarchal

Antonyms, Androcentric, And

32. Is the left hemisphere Androcentric? Evidence of the learned categorical perception of gender


33. Androcentric thinking assumes maleness to be normative and attributes gender differences to females

Androcentric, Assumes, And, Attributes

34. A content analysis of articles reporting gender differences published between 1965 and 2004 in four American Psychological Association journals examined Androcentric pronouns, explanations, and tables and graphs.

Analysis, Articles, And, American, Association, Androcentric

35. See authoritative translations of Androcentric in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Authoritative, Androcentric, And, Audio

36. Excerpt from Our Androcentric Culture by Charlotte Perkins Gilman CHAPTER 4: Men And Art Among the many counts in which women have been proven inferior to men in human development is the oft-heard charge that there are no great women

Androcentric, And, Art, Among, Are

37. Another way to say Androcentric? Synonyms for Androcentric (other words and phrases for Androcentric).

Another, Androcentric, And

38. Tion, Androcentric behavior can be moderated by factors that


39. Contexts That Moderate Androcentric .


40. Androcentric in a sentence - Use "Androcentric" in a sentence 1


41. Joan Gero challenged Androcentric explanations of tool-making on several levels


42. For instance, we have categories for " Androcentric bias


43. Click for more sentences of Androcentric


44. Test your understanding of androcentrism and the Androcentric bias by taking our interactive online quiz

Androcentrism, And, Androcentric

45. 6/15/97 Our Androcentric Language * David A


46. Though about 52% of all humans are female, our society uses an Androcentric language.In other words, our language is centered around the male ("andro-") portion of the population.Even if you are …

About, All, Are, An, Androcentric, Around, Andro

47. In Is Philosophy Androcentric?, Iddo Landau contends that none of the arguments for viewing philosophy as pervasively Androcentric ultimately stand up to rational scrutiny, while the ones that show it to be nonpervasively Androcentric do not undermine it in the way that many critics have supposed

Androcentric, Arguments, As

48. Although God’s word is the word for all, the narrative seems very male-dominated, or Androcentric

Although, All, Androcentric

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ANDROCENTRIC [ˌandrōˈsentrik]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the opposite of androcentric?

    In this lesson, we'll discuss androcentrism and examples of androcentric bias. Androcentrism refers to perspectives concerned with masculinity or men to the exclusion of other perspectives. The opposite of androcentrism, which occurs when the feminine point of view is emphasized over another, is called gynocentrism.

    What does the name androcentric mean?

    adjective centered on, emphasizing, or dominated by males or masculine interests: an androcentric society; an androcentric religion. having or regarding man or the male sex as central or primary

    What is an example of androcentric bias?

    When one assumes that the male point of view and experience is the norm for both women and men, he possesses an androcentric bias. An example of androcentric bias is using all male participants in a research study and concluding that the results of the study are true for both women and men. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member.

    Are feminists androcentric?

    Feminists have long railed against the androcentric nature of culture, history and indeed safety standards. Apart from going along with an orientalist image of his own faith, he was androcentric in his laws on women and Islam.

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