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1. Anceps In Greek and Latin meter, an Anceps syllable is a syllable in a metrical line which can be either short or long. An Anceps syllable may be called "free" or "irrational" depending on the type of meter being discussed

Anceps, And, An

2. Anceps syllables can be found in a variety of metrical forms.


3. Geographic Range The two-ridge rams-horn snail, Helisoma Anceps, is found throughout North America

Anceps, America

4. English words for Anceps include ambiguous, dangerous, uncertain, hazardous, risk, two-headed, peril, precarious and two-edged

Anceps, Ambiguous, And

5. Stauroneis Anceps is one of the most commonly misidentified Stauroneis species in North America. Reichardt (1995) designated the lectotype for this species (Tafel 16, fig

Anceps, America

6. Dendrobium Anceps is also commonly known as “Double Edged Dendrobium”.

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7. L. Anceps was first described by John Lindley in the Botanical Register in 1835


8. Dendrobium Anceps is a species of genus Dendrobium 1 Description 2 Distribution 3 Culture 4 Naming 4.1 Synonyms Plant blooms from summer to fall with a single 1.25 cm wide fragrant flower


9. Meridion Anceps is widely distributed across North America, notably in the western United States

Anceps, Across, America

10. Desmella Anceps is a species of tephritid or fruit flies in the genus Desmella of the family Tephritidae


11. Thus Anceps sententia is an opinion which wavers, fluctuates between two decisions, while duplex sententia is a twofold opinion): “ Post altrinsecus ancipes securiculast, ” …

Anceps, An, Altrinsecus, Ancipes

12. Laelia Anceps, Yoshitaka Nagamatsu: L


13. Anceps, Bill Hilton the spike is 2 ft


14. Panicum Anceps (Beaked Panicgrass) Panicum Anceps (Beaked Panicgrass) from 1.05


15. Laelia Anceps is a plant in the genus Laelia


16. Laelia; Laelia Anceps: Scientific classification; Kingdom: Plantae: Clade: : Tracheophytes: Clade: : Angiosperms: Clade: : Monocots: Order: Asparagales: Family

Anceps, Angiosperms, Asparagales

17. Syllaba Anceps definition is - a syllable occurring at the end of a sentence or verse in a metrical scheme whose short or long quantity is obscured by the terminal pause; specifically : such a syllable occurring in the rhythms of ancient verse wherever there is a diaeresis or serving as a terminal demarcation at the end of a verse or between asynartetic cola.

Anceps, At, Ancient, As, Asynartetic

18. Coleataenia Anceps ssp. Anceps FAMILY Poaceae Beaked Panicum, Beaked Panicgrass Dig deeper at SERNEC, a consortium of southeastern herbaria

Anceps, At

19. Citation: LACHNOCAULON Anceps (Walter) Morong, Bull


20. Basionym: Eriocaulon Anceps Walter 1788


21. Uintatherium Anceps (Marsh) Uintatherium robustum (Marsh) See more items in Paleogeneral Mammals Terrestrial - Paleogene Mammalia Eocene Bridgerian Bridger Basin Paleobiology Taxonomy Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Synapsida Mammalia Eutheria Laurasiatheria Dinocerata Uintatheriidae NMNH - Paleobiology Dept

Anceps, Animalia

22. Anceps proper may be treated as the result of one rule and brevis in Zongo as the result of a different one: the distinction thus drawn depends inter alia on the metrical elements that the rules change and, of course, on the environments in which they operate­ syZZaba brevis in elemento Zongo means that there is a rule optionally

Anceps, As, And, Alia

23. Lachnocaulon Anceps (Walter) Morong – whitehead bogbutton Subordinate Taxa


24. Poa Anceps is a very variable species and would repay some critical horticultural selection

Anceps, And

25. Geographic subdivisions for Caulanthus Anceps: s SNF, Teh, sw SnJV, se SCoRO, SCoRI, n WTR


26. Overview: Iridomyrmex Anceps is a dull, light to dark brown polymorphic species with large inset eyes high on the head, dense pubescence, relatively long limbs, and distinctive anterior clypeal margin with three convexities

Anceps, And, Anterior

27. Laelia Anceps is a very rewarding and beautiful species from Mexico

Anceps, And

28. Anceps 'SanBar Marble King' AM/AOS is a very proven tetraploid alba that has produced many awarded hybrids.

Anceps, Am, Aos, Alba, Awarded

29. Anceps in growth habit and flower, blooms are slightly smaller with more rounded petals, sepals and petals have hot pink tips fading to a blush base, lip is intense carmine with a yellow center striped with red, autumn bloomer and fragrant

Anceps, And, Are, Autumn

30. Página Oficial da Anceps no Facebook


31. Contato para Shows: Anceps[email protected] 21 96449-7863 21 98221-6410


32. 932696.00 – 9976 – Platypolia Anceps (Stephens, 1850) Photographs are the copyrighted property of each photographer listed

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33. Helisoma Anceps is smaller and more benthic than the better-known H

Anceps, And

34. Helisoma Anceps royalense Lake Superior ramshorn


35. Anceps 'Disciplinata' HCC/AOS MC2312 PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a Seedling Population (not a Mericlone which produces exact duplicates), the picture is for illustration purposes only

Anceps, Aos

36. Geographic subdivisions for Allium Anceps: CaRH, n&c SNH, MP, SNE (Masonic Hills) MAP CONTROLS 1

Allium, Anceps, Amp

37. Helisoma Anceps breeds in the warmer months of the year


38. Bog Button, Lauchnocaulon Anceps, is a native Florida perennial herb in the pipewort family


39. Anceps 'Marblehall Imperialis' 25.00


40. Aleuritopteris Anceps in Kew Science Plants of the World online

Aleuritopteris, Anceps

41. Anceps from the United States during the Early to Middle Eocene (56-38 million years ago) and U

Anceps, Ago, And

42. Acardius Anceps: an acardiac fetus with partly developed head and deformed face, trunk, and limbs.

Acardius, Anceps, An, Acardiac, And

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an anceps syllable?

    Anceps. In Greek and Latin meter, an anceps syllable (plural ancipites) is a syllable in a metrical line which can be either short or long. An anceps syllable may be called "free" or "irrational" depending on the type of meter being discussed. Anceps syllables can be found in a variety of metrical forms.

    What does anteps mean?

    anceps (genitive ancipitis); third-declension one-termination adjective. double-headed, having two heads. (of mountains) having two summits or peaks.

    What is the difference between brevis and anceps?

    Another distinction can be made between the ordinary anceps positions at the beginning or middle of a line of verse and the phenomenon of brevis in longo, which is when a short syllable at the end of a line counts as long because of the pause which follows.

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