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ANALYTIC [ˌanəˈlidik]

analytic (adjective)

  • another term for analytical.
  • true by virtue of the meaning of the words or concepts used to express it, so that its denial would be a self-contradiction.Compare with synthetic.
Synonyms: analytical . synthetic . detached . impersonal . dispassionate . objective . uninvolved . distant . remote . aloof . removed . cold . indifferent . neutral . unsympathetic . unfeeling . unemotional . unsentimental . scientific . rational . logical . hardheaded . sober . businesslike . emotional .

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1. Analytic definition is - of or relating to analysis or Analytics; especially : separating something into component parts or constituent elements

2. How to use Analytic in a sentence.

3. 11 synonyms of Analytic from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 12 related words, definitions, and antonyms

4. Analytic: according to the rules of logic

5. Google Analytics Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

6. Analytics is the scientific process of discovering and communicating the meaningful patterns which can be found in data

7. Analytics relies on the application of statistics, computer programming, and operations research in order to quantify and gain insight to the

8. Transform your business with workforce Analytics. Make Your Data Work Harder Trusted Data Make Decisions Easy Change the way you make business decisions as soon as you have access to …

9. Analytics uses data and math to answer business questions, discover relationships, predict unknown outcomes and automate decisions

10. Analytic (Japanese: アナライズ Analyze) is an Ability introduced in Generation V

11. Analytics is built to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products so you can use your Analytics insights to reach the right customers

12. Analytic definition, pertaining to or proceeding by analysis (opposed to synthetic)

13. The data come from a unified Google Analytics account for U.S

14. Federal government agencies known as the Digital Analytics Program.This program helps government agencies understand how people find, access, and use government services online.

15. Now use Analytics to measure their effectiveness

16. In mathematics, an Analytic function is a function that is locally given by a convergent power series.There exist both real Analytic functions and complex Analytic functions.Functions of each type are infinitely differentiable, but complex Analytic functions exhibit properties that do not generally hold for real Analytic functions.A function is Analytic if and only if its Taylor series about x

17. Marketers who are able to pivot, use data and Analytics to guide their efforts, and tap into the new needs of their buyers will continue to be successful as we enter the new world of work

18. / ˌæn· ə lˈɪt̬·ɪ·kəl / (also Analytic, us / ˌæn· ə lˈɪt̬·ɪk /) involving the careful, systematic study of something: An Analytical approach to the problem had surprising results.

19. Analytic Functions are defined as per the converging series; that revolves around a particular variable x for which the series has been expanded

20. Almost all the functions that we obtained from the basic algebraic and arithmetic operations and the elementary transcendental functions are Analytic in every point on their domain

21. In this article, let us discuss what is Analytic function, real and

22. With the Analytic Solver® add-in, created by Frontline Systems, developers of Solver in Microsoft Excel, you can create and solve Monte Carlo simulation and optimization models in your Excel workbook

23. This add-in can be used alone, but it’s designed to work with Frontline’s Analytic Solver Data Mining add-in, offering powerful forecasting

24. The term Analytic is commonly used in a relative rather than an absolute sense.The currently most prominent and widely used Indo-European Analytic language is modern English, which has lost much of the inflectional morphology inherited from Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Germanic, and Old English over the centuries and has not gained any new inflectional morphemes in the meantime

25. Analytic (comparative more Analytic, superlative most Analytic) Of, or relating to any form of analysis, or to Analytics

26. In complex analysis, a branch of mathematics, Analytic continuation is a technique to extend the domain of definition of a given Analytic function.Analytic continuation often succeeds in defining further values of a function, for example in a new region where an infinite series representation in terms of which it is initially defined becomes divergent.

27. A complex function is said to be Analytic on a region if it is complex differentiable at every point in .The terms holomorphic function, differentiable function, and complex differentiable function are sometimes used interchangeably with "Analytic function" (Krantz 1999, p

28. 16).Many mathematicians prefer the term "holomorphic function" (or "holomorphic map") to "Analytic

29. Analytic Process Automation (APA) is the technology that allows anyone in your organization to easily share data, automate tedious and complex processes, and turn data into results

30. With Analytic Process Automation, anyone can unlock predictive and prescriptive insights that drive quick wins and fast ROI

31. Descriptive and Analytic Studies Example: Cross-Sectional Study Objective • To estimate the magnitude and patterns of violence against pregnant women Study • Population-based, household, cross-sectional study in Mbeya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2001-2002 Result • Violence experienced by 7% in Dar es Salaam and 12% in Mbeya

32. The term ‘Data Analytics tools’ is used to classify software and applications used by Data Analysts to create and execute Analytic processes that help businesses make smarter, more informed business decisions while minimizing cost and boosting profits.

33. Analytic functions compute an aggregate value based on a group of rows

34. The group of rows is called a window and is defined by the Analytic_clause

35. Analytic definition: Analytic means the same as → Analytical

36. Analytic language, any language that uses specific grammatical words, or particles, rather than inflection (q.v.), to express syntactic relations within sentences

37. An Analytic language is commonly identified with an isolating language (q.v.), since the two classes of language tend to coincide.

38. The third statement, from Analytic ethics, draws yet a further conclusion based upon the previous two and is the very nature of morality itself

39. Tutorial: Create custom Analytics rules to detect threats

40. Now that you've connected your data sources to Azure Sentinel, you can create custom Analytics rules to help you discover threats and anomalous behaviors that are present in your environment

41. The Oxford English Dictionary records the first use of Analytical (spelt analeticall) in1525, and of Analytic (spelt Analyticke) in 1601

42. It defines the former as: "of or pertaining to analysis, employing the Analytic method or process"; it defines the latter as: "of, pertaining to, or in accordance with analysis; consisting in, or distinguished by, the resolution of compunds into their elements".

43. Analytic Focus is a Data Analytics Consulting Firm

44. Our data Analytics experts use financial, economic, demographic, and statistical techniques to solve complex problems in litigation and business

45. Name: Analytic: Analyse アナライズ: Game's Text: Boosts move power when the Pokémon moves last

46. If you have an Analytic mind, you are good at using logic to figure things out

47. Analytic Philosophy (or sometimes Analytical Philosophy) is a 20th Century movement in philosophy which holds that philosophy should apply logical techniques in order to attain conceptual clarity, and that philosophy should be consistent with the success of modern science.For many Analytic Philosophers, language is the principal (perhaps the only) tool, and philosophy consists in clarifying

48. Somos Analytic, la empresa de servicios digitales líder en Arequipa, con más de 3 años en el mercado hemos llegado a consolidar un portafolio de clientes que son las más grandes e importantes empresas del sur del país, somos un equipo multidisciplinario de más de 20 personas, y tenemos operaciones en Perú y Estados Unidos.

49. "Analytic Philosophy is the best anthology of its kind

50. If Analytic philosophy has a canon, this is it."

51. There were notable "Analytic" or proto-"Analytic" philosophers on the European Continent, such as Frege

52. Analytic theology is a discipline of theology that attends to doctrinal matters while being very precise with language, aspiring to produce works of high quality thought and cogency according to philosophical norms

53. Analytic theology is a recent instance of the interaction between philosophy and

54. The Analytic attitude" ranks as one of Freud's greatest creations

55. How Analytic Cubism Came to be Named

56. The word "Analytic" comes from Daniel-Henri Kahnweiler's book "The Rise of Cubism" (Der Weg zum Kubismus), published in 1920

57. Analytic Partners Limitada Avenida Paulista, 2444 Conjunto 73 - Bela Vista CEP 01310-300 São Paulo, Brasil Contact EMEA

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