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1. Definition of Analogous : similar or comparable to something else either in general or in some specific detail Timbre in music is Analogous to color in painting.


2. Having analogy; corresponding in some particular: A brain and a computer are Analogous. Biology

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3. (Biology) biology (of organs and parts) having the same function but different evolutionary origin: the paddle of a whale and the fin of a fish are Analogous. Compare homologous 4

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4. The words parallel and similar are common synonyms of Analogous. While all three words mean "closely resembling each other," Analogous applies to things belonging in essentially different categories but nevertheless having many similarities.

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5. / əˈnæl.ə.ɡəs / C2 having similar features to another thing and therefore able to be compared with it: The experience of mystic trance is in a sense Analogous to sleep or drunkenness.

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6. Analogous is a term used in biology to refer to body parts that have a similar function but differ in structure, such as the wings of a bird and the wings of an airplane. Analogous is from Latin analogus, from Greek analogos, meaning "according to a proper ratio or proportion."

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7. The rotor of a helicopter is Analogous to a fan, but obviously, it does not stop and begin turning in the opposite direction if the engine quits and the helicopter starts to descend

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8. ə-năl'ə-gəs The definition of Analogous is something that is like something else in certain ways


9. A diamond and ice are both hard, clear, and reflect light so a diamond is an example of something being Analogous to ice.

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10. Analogy Analogy, or Analogous structures, is actually the one that does not indicate there is a recent common ancestor between two organisms

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11. Analogous estimating is a top-down estimation technique for estimating the cost, resources and durations of projects (according to PMBOK®, 6 th edition, ch

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12. ‘they saw the relationship between a ruler and his subjects as Analogous to that of father and children’

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13. Examples of Analogous in a sentence Because my teacher is Analogous to my mother, I have accidentally called her, “mom.” 🔊 We couldn’t decide between the two tiles because they were Analogous to one another

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14. 🔊 All of my boyfriends have been Analogous to …

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15. If one thing is Analogous to another, the two things are similar in some way

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16. Marine construction technology like this is very complex, somewhat Analogous to trying to build a bridge under water


17. American English: Analogous / əˈnæləgəs /

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18. Analogous organs have a similar function


19. These structures are not Analogous

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20. A butterfly or bird’s wings are Analogous but not homologous

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21. Some structures are both Analogous and homologous: bird and bat wings are both homologous and Analogous.

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22. Analogous art refers to a method of criteria that patent reviewers and courts use to determine whether an idea is too similar to another invention and therefore qualifies as prior art.

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23. Synonyms for Analogous in Free Thesaurus


24. 20 synonyms for Analogous: similar, like, related, equivalent, parallel, resembling, alike

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25. In many cases Analogous structures, or analogues, tend to become similar in appearance by a process termed convergence

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26. Analogous - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

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27. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Analogous adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (comparable, similar in some ways)

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28. Analogous to the above was the rhodomontade of another pillar of the same order

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29. While these LFS measures are Analogous to the unemployment inflow and outflow rates computed from claimant data, it is important to note that there are conceptual differences

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30. Analogous rites proved that they were also in Lesbos and Samothrace.

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31. How to say Analogous in English? Pronunciation of Analogous with 7 audio pronunciations, 14 synonyms, 3 meanings, 3 antonyms, 12 translations, 5 sentences and more for Analogous.

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32. Analogous tendencies in arts and in manners

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33. 1872, John Henry Newman, Historical Sketches Decay of public spirit, which may be considered Analogous to natural death


34. Analogous color schemes are created by using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

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35. “A succulent is an example of Analogous colors in nature, with its blue, green, and blue/green leaves,” says designer Kristen Peña of K Interiors

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36. “Another is the setting sun with hints of red, orange and yellow.” Take a look at these color wheels to better understand how the Analogous

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37. Examples from the Corpus Analogous • These schemata are Analogous to concepts, categories, or cards in a file

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38. • The healthy kind is Analogous to how the body treats a simple flesh wound


39. • The system is somewhat Analogous to one that might be devised as a trot for students of Latin.

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40. Analogous colors do well at eliciting certain emotions, and with such a blend of colors, that tends to be more harmonious in nature

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41. So, when you’re looking to create that comfort or a more composed feeling, then Analogous colors are the way to go.

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42. ‘In Director, the stage is Analogous to the outermost or whole cinematic frame.’ ‘We are already seeing video on demand, Analogous to renting a video without traveling to the store.’ ‘The proposed system is Analogous to the one used for music on the radio, where music stations can play what they like provided they pay the agreed fee.’

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43. Analogous - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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44. Antonyms for Analogous include different, dissimilar, diverse, unlike, contrasting, disparate, unalike, discrepant, unakin and unrelated

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45. Definition of Analogous in the dictionary


46. What does Analogous mean? Information and translations of Analogous in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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47. Analogous structures are similar structures that evolved independently into two living organisms for the same purpose

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48. The term Analogous structures comes from the root word Analogy, which means where two different things are the basis of their similarities

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49. Homologous and Analogous structures are often difficult to understand.

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50. Analogous (to/with something) similar in some way to another thing or situation and therefore able to be compared with it Sleep has often been thought of as being in some way Analogous to death

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51. The two processes are not Analogous

Are, Analogous

52. The national debt is Analogous with private debt.


53. Definition of Analogous adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

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54. Definition of Analogous (adjective): similar to another situation or process

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55. Definition and synonyms of Analogous from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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56. This is the British English definition of Analogous.View American English definition of Analogous.

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57. This Analogous color wheel by Hal Reed is a vital tool for any painter to create a harmonious painting

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58. Practice: Homologous and Analogous characteristics

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59. Homologous & Analogous structures .

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60. Analogous structures or analogy is the term that says there are no common ancestors of the two organisms; but then also their anatomical structure performs the same functions and even look similar

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61. The two processes are not Analogous

Are, Analogous

62. The two situations are roughly Analogous

Are, Analogous

63. The company is in a position closely Analogous to that of its main rival


64. The report's findings are Analogous with our own

Are, Analogous

65. Analogous (adj.) "corresponding (to some other) in particulars," 1640s, from Latin analogus, from Greek analogos "proportionate, according to due proportion," from ana "throughout; according to" (see ana-) + logos "ratio, proportion," a specialized use (see Logos).Used with to or with.

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66. A term is Analogous whose single signification applies with equal propriety to more than one object: as, the

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67. Definition of Analogous written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

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68. Analogous traits are not limited to visual body structures; behavioral traits can also be Analogous

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69. Rome, February 10, 1993 Distinguished Professor, It was with keen interest that I read your work Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII to the Roman Patriciate and Nobility

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