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  • administer an anesthetic to (a person or animal), especially so as to induce a loss of consciousness.
  • deprive of feeling or awareness.
Synonyms: stupefied . insensible . befuddled . delirious . hallucinating . narcotized . anaesthetized . comatose . stoned . high . doped . dopey . tripping . spaced out . zonked . wasted . wrecked . flying . blitzed . sober . numbed . benumbed . dead . deadened . desensitized . insensible . insensate . senseless . unfeeling . anaesthetized . drugged . dazed . stunned . stupefied . paralyzed . petrified . immobilized . frozen . chilled . torpefied . deaden . benumb . desensitize . dull . anaesthetize . drug . daze . stun . stupefy . paralyze . petrify . immobilize . freeze . chill . torpefy . obtund . sensitive . responsive . sensitize .

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1. Definition of Anaesthetized in the dictionary

2. What does Anaesthetized mean? Information and translations of Anaesthetized in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

3. As verbs the difference between Anaesthetized and anesthetized is that Anaesthetized is (anaesthetize) while anesthetized is (anesthetize)

4. What does Anaesthetized mean? Simple past tense and past participle of anaesthetize

5. The Anaesthetized rabbit with acute atrioventricular block provides a new model for detecting drug-induced Torsade de Pointes Br J Pharmacol

6. Heavily Anaesthetized people are known to show approximately 50 percent reductions in cerebral energy consumption

7. High levels of brain energy needed to maintain consciousness Fish were Anaesthetized , and sexual maturity and sex were determined.

8. ‘the feeling of numb unreality persisted and Anaesthetized me’ More example sentences ‘One is to anesthetize your throat and the other is to anesthetize your mind.’

9. Management of hypoxaemia in Anaesthetized horses is challenging and often unsuccessful

10. Positive pressure ventilation strategies to address alveolar atelectasis in humans have been modified for implementation in recumbent Anaesthetized horses, but are often accompanied by unpredictable and unacceptable cardiopulmonary adverse effects, and some

11. Corporate interests at every turn have systematically Anaesthetized us for decades.

12. The foot injury, whatever it is, has caused pain, and it needed to be Anaesthetized before his last match.

13. Synonyms for Anaesthetized in Free Thesaurus

14. What are synonyms for Anaesthetized?

15. The present study revealed that two mechanisms may be responsible for the anandamide-induced pressor response in urethane-Anaesthetized rats

16. Dictionary entry overview: What does Anaesthetized mean? • Anaesthetized (adjective) The adjective Anaesthetized has 1 sense:

17. Rendered insensible by means of anesthesia Familiarity information: Anaesthetized used as an adjective is very rare.

18. Peri-operative body temperatures in isoflurane-Anaesthetized rabbits following ketamine-midazolam or ketamine-medetomidine

19. This video shows you how to pronounce Anaesthetized

20. Synonyms for Anaesthetized include asleep, deadened, frozen, knocked out, numb, out cold, sedated, under, insensitive and desensitized

21. Antonyms for Anaesthetized include sensitive, conscious, aware, attentive, awake, alert, feeling, mindful, sensible and informed

22. Non-Anaesthetized healthy volunteers from the horizontal to the Trendelenburg position caused a significant increase in heart rate (P < 0.05), a non-significant increase in MAP and a non-significant decrease in cardiac output (Table 2)

23. Displacement of the Anaesthetized CABG Anaesthetized CABG patients Non-Anaesthetized healthy volunteers

24. With class war Anaesthetized by the Cold War and affluence, the generation gap and teenagers became a subject for serious observation

25. The pulmonary artery pressure was measured in Anaesthetized rats

26. Methods The experiments were carried out on 33 Anaesthetized, paralyzed and artificially ventilated rabbits

27. The aim of this study was to investigate post-resuscitation BT after cardiac arrest and resuscitation in a swine Anaesthetized with propofol-based total

28. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Union - Anaesthetized at Discogs

29. Inhumanely Anaesthetized by COLONOSCOPY, released 01 December 2020 1

30. POSTHUMOUSLY BLUDGEONED COLONOSCOPY Inhumanely Anaesthetized mCD Usa COY 231-20 Debut EP american brutal death like …

31. In Anaesthetized mice, SC injections resulted in significantly lower lactate levels compared to IP injections

32. In Anaesthetized dogs pronethalol increased cardiac output and stroke volume, and in conscious dogs with cardiac denervation it increased heart rate

33. Similar results were obtained in Anaesthetized dogs byMaxwell, Robertson &Elliott (1963)

34. In order to perform direct intra‐vl‐PAG administrations of drugs or respective vehicle, rats were Anaesthetized with pentobarbital (50 mg kg −1, i.p.) and a 26‐gauge, 12 mm‐long stainless steel guide cannula was stereotaxically lowered until its tip was 1.5 mm above the vl‐PAG by applying coordinates (A: −7.8 mm and L: 0.5 mm from

35. Inhumanely Anaesthetized by Colonoscopy, released 15 March 2021 1

36. In Anaesthetized rats the sciatic and vagal nerves were stimulated electrically in an afferent direction with a variety of stimuli


38. Intestinal absorption and liver uptake of medium-chain fatty acids in non-Anaesthetized pigs - Volume 69 Issue 2 - E

39. 1 day ago · They then snipped the antennae off of three Anaesthetized longhorn beetles, connected the antennae to an apparatus that measures their electrical response and …

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What does anaesthetize mean?

anaesthetize - administer an anesthetic drug to; "The patient must be anesthetized before the operation"; "anesthetize the gum before extracting the teeth". anaesthetise, anesthetise, anesthetize, put under, put out. etherise, etherize - anesthetize with ether.

What does anesthetized mean?

Definition of anesthetized. : having lost sensation to pain due to the effects of an anesthetic : experiencing anesthesia especially with accompanying loss of consciousness Introduced in Munich a few years ago, focused high-energy shock waves are used to fragment upper-tract calculi.

What does anesthetize mean?

Definition of anesthetized. : having lost sensation to pain due to the effects of an anesthetic : experiencing anesthesia especially with accompanying loss of consciousness Introduced in Munich a few years ago, focused high-energy shock waves are used to fragment upper-tract calculi.

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