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1. 256 rows · The remains of at least 230 Roman Amphitheatres have been found widely scattered …

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2. From the incredible Colosseum and the eye-opening El Jem to the astonishing Nimes Arena, the world’s largest and most famous surviving Roman Amphitheatres are absolutely mind-blowing places to discover

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3. Amphitheatre comes from the Greek Amphi (around) and theatron (scene) and these were built for various types of acting, battles, and performances where the gladiator games are some of the most famous events in the Roman Amphitheatres.

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4. Dome Amphitheatres Amphitheatre P30 Surface: 30 m2Diamete:6.2m More Amphitheatre P50 Surface: 50 m2Diamete:8m More Amphitheatre P75 Surface: 75 m2Diamete:9.5m More Amphitheatre P110 Surface: 110 m2Diamete:12m More Amphitheatre P150 Surface: 154 m2Diamete:14m More Amphitheatre P300 Surface: 280 m

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5. The larger Roman Amphitheatres could hold around 20,000 people while the famous Colosseum in Rome, the largest Roman amphitheatre, could cater for 50,000

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6. About 230 Amphitheatres have been found across the width and breadth of the Roman Empire.

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8. When Amphitheatres were first built, the were made out of wood


9. The first Amphitheatres were built in Campania but reached the pinnacle of design in Rome with the colosseum, the blueprint for all future Amphitheatres

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10. Amphitheatres played an important role in Roman culture and society

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11. Roman Amphitheatres played an important role during the imperial era for it was infused in the urban landscape of Rome

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12. Facts about Roman Amphitheatres 10: size

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13. The size of Roman Amphitheatres during the imperial era was bigger and larger

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14. They created the Roman Amphitheatres with full ornamentation.


15. The ancestor of the modern stadium, Amphitheatres have been playing host to large-scale cultural and sporting events for thousands of years

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16. Approximately 230 Roman-era Amphitheatres have been identified across Europe, North Africa, and …

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17. It doesn’t matter whether you are a history-buff or just heading to a destination to soak in a bit of local culture; Roman Amphitheatres can spark interest in practically everyone

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18. What does Amphitheatres mean? Plural form of amphitheatre

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19. Roman Amphitheatres are large, circular or oval open-air venues with raised seating

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20. About 230 Roman Amphitheatres have been found across the area of the Roman Empire, however, in the UK only a handful of examples remain to this day.

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21. Outdoor Classrooms Amphitheatres are both a functional and performance building all rolled into one

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22. The Outdoor Classroom Amphitheatres offer shade and shelter at playtime (with their roofs) but they can also be used as an outdoor performance seating area

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23. However, as the inquirer notes, not many of the responses address the problem of why Amphitheatres should be the sahape they are (whether elliptical or oval)

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24. Golvin's work (cited in one reply) is the most extensive to tackle this theme, and I have also written on the subject in an article: "Designing Amphitheatres," Romische Mitteilungen 100

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25. However, an ellipse is relatively easy to set out: Pompeii and most of the military Amphitheatres are ellipses, but el Djem and the Colosseum are ovals.

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26. English: Amphitheatres are public buildings of the Classical period (being particularly associated with ancient Rome) which were used for spectator sports, games and displays

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27. Roman Amphitheatres are Roman theatres – large, circular or oval open-air venues with raised seating – built by the ancient Romans.They were used for events such as gladiator combats, venationes (animal slayings) and executions

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28. About 230 Roman Amphitheatres have been found across the area of the Roman Empire.Early Amphitheatres date from the Republican period, though they became more

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29. PFEIFER Structures designs, engineers, and installs amphitheaters, or Amphitheatres, which are open-air venues for musical and stage performances

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30. ‘The Colosseum was the greatest building in Ancient Rome but much smaller Amphitheatres were built in Roman Britain and gladiatorial fights may have occurred in these.’ ‘Eventually there were well over 250 Amphitheatres in the Roman empire - so it is no surprise that the amphitheatre and its associated shows are the quintessential symbols

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31. Roman Amphitheatres and Spectacula: a 21st-Century Perspective (BAR International Series) Illustrated Edition by Tony Wilmott (Author) ISBN-13: 978-1407304267

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32. Many Amphitheatres were built during Roman times, around 1 AD

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33. The acoustic diffraction in the Amphitheatres does not actually make the voices of the on-stage actors louder, but it does allow the sound of their voices to travel farther while most sounds coming from spectators in the tiered seats do not travel as far

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34. The Amphitheatres were sometimes equipped with a velarium (a large canopy which was stretched over the amphitheatre in case of rain) and, in the more developed types, with a system of canals and bulkheads which allowed the cavea to be flooded so that naval battles could be staged.

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35. Synonyms for Amphitheatres in Free Thesaurus


36. What are synonyms for Amphitheatres?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is amphitheater spelled?

The word amphitheater comes from the Greek word amphitheatron, meaning with spectators all around. The design of the amphitheater was invented in Ancient Greece, though the earliest amphitheaters were only semi-circular. The Colosseum is an example of an amphitheater, as is the Hollywood Bowl. The American spelling is amphitheater.

What is a sentence for the word amphitheater?

Amphitheater sentence examples amphitheater The sun shone somewhat to the left and behind him and brightly lit up the enormous panorama which, rising like an amphitheater , extended before him in the clear rarefied atmosphere.

What is the plural of amphitheater?

The plural form of amphitheater is amphitheaters.

Who invented the amphitheater?

In 50 B.C., C. Scribonius Curio built the first amphitheater in Rome to stage his father's funeral games. Curio's amphitheater and the next one, built in 46 B.C., by Julius Caesar, were made of wood.

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