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1. Ampersand: [noun] a character typically & standing for the word and.

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2. An Ampersand is a symbol (&) representing the word and.The Ampersand was included in the Old English alphabet, and the term is an alteration of and per se and.The symbol is a combination (or ligature) of the letters in et, Latin for "and."In formal writing, the Ampersand is primarily used in the names of companies, such as "Johnson & Johnson."." Ampersands sometimes also appear in …

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3. Ampersand definition, a character or symbol (& or ) for and: Smith & Jones, Inc

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10. Ampersand synonyms, Ampersand pronunciation, Ampersand translation, English dictionary definition of Ampersand


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14. The Ampersand (&) is a symbol which is used as shorthand for and or the Latin et, as in &c.The Ampersand appears in the first century in Old Roman Cursive, when the Latin word, et, (which means and) was sometimes written with the e and t linked together

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17. The Ampersand is a visual representation of the phrase “and, per se and.” It is a graphic representation of the Latin “et,” which translates to “and.” That definition is how the Ampersand is most commonly used today — as an inclusionary symbol meaning “and.”

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21. The Ampersand is also used in an unusual configuration where it appears as “&c” and means etc

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22. The Ampersand does double work as the E and T

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23. The Ampersand isn’t the only former member of the alphabet

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27. The Ampersand Was Once Part of the Alphabet

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28. So how is the name “Ampersand” a mondegreen? Well, first you need to know that the Ampersand used to be the last “letter” of the alphabet

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29. Children would recite the end of the alphabet as “X, Y, Z, and per se and.” with that last “and” being the Ampersand symbol.

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35. An Ampersand (sometimes referred to as the "and" symbol) is a special character that requires special coding when being used on a website or blog

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36. To display the Ampersand symbol, you can use either the HTML entity number or the entity name


37. This example uses the HTML entity number to display the Ampersand symbol.


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41. The combination of history, meaning, interpretation & naming make the Ampersand fascinating to me

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49. In this article and the next, we’ll be looking at the the Ampersand (&) and its close friend, the pipe (), and see how they can mean different things in different contexts

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50. Enter &paste; In API call it is used as %26amp; To use the Ampersand in XML document it could be assigned along with the entity name followed by a …

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AMPERSAND [ˈampərˌsand]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use ampersand in a sentence?

In early lists of the alphabet, Z was followed by the symbol &, which was rendered & per se, and, meaning "& by itself (is the word) and.". Over the years, that phrase (which when spoken aloud was pronounced "and per se and") was shortened by English speakers to ampersand. Examples of ampersand in a Sentence.

What does ampersand mean?

Definition of ampersand : a character typically & standing for the word and : a character {amp} that is used for the word and : a character & standing for the word and

What is the origin of Ampersand?

The ampersand appears in the first century in Old Roman Cursive, when the Latin word, et, (which means and) was sometimes written with the e and t linked together. Later, the symbol that consisted of the conjoined Latin letters e and t came to be used as a substitute for the English word, and.

How is Ampersand pronounced?

Over the years, that phrase (which when spoken aloud was pronounced "and per se and") was shortened by English speakers to ampersand. Recent Examples on the Web Draw an ampersand on your dog's tee to be the accent.

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