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Synonyms: 1. Friendly 2. Affable 3. Amicable 4. Cordial 5. Warm 6. Warmhearted 7. Nice 8. Pleasant 9. Agreeable 10. Pleasing 11. Likable 12. Lovable 13. Genial 14. Charming 15. Winning 16. Engaging 17. Delightful 18. Obliging 19. Kind 20. Kindly ...21. Neighborly 22. Hospitable 23. Companionable 24. Sociable 25. Gregarious 26. Convivial 27. Clubbable 28. Personable 29. Chummy 30. Matey 31. Regular 32. Unfriendly 33. Disagreeable See more »
1. amiables also tend to be very high in emotion and make decisions slowly. Team player, looks for an ‘everybody wins’ result. Warm and friendly, but sometimes cloying. Doesn’t hide from feelings, expressing and listening. Caring, nurturing come easily. Soft spoken, goes along to ‘get along’. Uncomfortable when they don’t know how the
2. There are some do’s and don’ts to consider when interacting with amiables. Some of the do’s include: • use personal comments to begin conversations • ask open-ended non-threatening questions • listen and be warmly responsive to their words • show a sincere interest in them • look for commonalities that you both can share
3. amiables are comfortable with words like support, team, help, appreciation, value, reputation, feelings. You should be very comfortable asking an Amiable, "Well, how do you feel about this?" or, "How do you really feel about this?" Those words are critical. Give them the attention that they need to feel comfortable with you as a person and
4. What does amiables mean in French? Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: Similar Words. fraternel adjective: fraternal, brotherly, sisterly: agréable adjective: pleasant, nice, enjoyable, agreeable, comfortable:
5. amiables are by nature the caregivers of society - teachers, nurses, community service volunteers - they need to help people. They ask, “Can I help you?” in earnest (even though it's one of the worst greetings to use.) Friendly and loyal, the Amiable type is the epitome of the classic TV show Cheers.
6. How to Recognize amiables . Informal language – more than the language register amiables care about the conversation going smoothly. Don’t be surprised when they resort to using casual phrases. Absent-minded – once they catch a flying though, amiables switch on and off during the conversation. No wonder that talking to them can seem
7. amiables need co-operation, personal security and acceptance. They are uncomfortable with and will avoid conflict at all costs. They value personal relationships, helping others and being liked.
8. D. amiables e. expressives. C) drivers. While selling to amiables, salespeople should adopt a _____ type of communication style. a. relationship-oriented and fast-paced b. task-oriented and less responsive c. task-oriented and slow-paced d. task-oriented and highly assertive
9. amiables need co-operation, personal security and acceptance. They are uncomfortable with and will avoid conflict at all costs. They value personal relationships, helping others and being liked. Some amiables will sacrifice their own desires to win approval from others. They prefer to work with other people in a team effort, rather than
10. amiables focus on the feelings of other people and effective collaboration. People with this style are intuitive and care about how situations “feel”. They like consensus, avoid confrontation, and tend to be timid about voicing contrary opinions. Amiable people are good listeners, friendly and sensitive and build networks of friends to help
11. amiables tend to move slowly with a low time discipline, minimising risk and often using personal opinions to arrive at decisions. Belonging to a group is a primary need, and amiables may make every effort to gain acceptance. They typically seek to uncover common ground, preferring to achieve objectives through understanding and mutual respect
12. They’re very sympathetic, kind, and inoffensive—amiables do not like to offend people. An amiable is easy going and everybody likes the amiables. You know why? Because they don’t like conflict so they’re very easy to get along with. They’re diplomatic and calm. But on the weak side, amiables can be stubborn and selfish.
13. For example, drivers are often very impatient working with amiables, and analyticals often have difficulties understanding expressives. Project managers can use their facilitation skills to help all types of people communicate better. with each other and focus on meeting project goals.

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