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1. Ametrine is actually not a single unique mineral – it’s two minerals mixed together! As you might be able to guess from its portmanteau name, these two minerals are amethyst and citrine, which are both forms of quartz

Ametrine, Actually, As, Able, Are, Amethyst, And

2. Quartz that displays bands of both purple and yellow is known as Ametrine. Gem-quality Ametrine is sourced from only a …

And, As, Ametrine

3. Ametrine, Raw Ametrine, 'A' Grade Rough Natural Stone, Bolivian Crystal Healing, Amethyst Citrine, Purple Yellow Gemstone Spiritual

Ametrine, Amethyst

4. Ametrine are quartz crystals that help to enhance mental and spiritual clarity

Ametrine, Are, And

5. Anahi Ametrine, Amethyst Ring with White Zircon in 9K Gold 5cts

Anahi, Ametrine, Amethyst

6. Ametrine is a transparent crystals that is composed of silicon dioxide and is a member of the Quartz group of minerals

Ametrine, And

7. Ametrine appeared on the market in the early 1980s, and at first many had doubts about it being a natural quartz variety and not some fancy artificial product.

Ametrine, Appeared, And, At, About, Artificial

8. Ametrine products are distinctive from the competitors, the Equipment products Be Ametrine are in use daily by the Special operations units In the Western world

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9. Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine and combines the healing powers of both.

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10. The word/term Ametrine is a contraction of Amethyst-Citrine, where Amethyst is purple and Citrine is a gold or yellow

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11. The material coming out of this one mine (Anahi), can be just Citrine, just Amethyst or a combination of the two - Ametrine.

Anahi, Amethyst, Ametrine

12. When quartz displays the colors of amethyst and citrine in a single gem, the material is called Ametrine or amethyst-citrine. Ametrine’s only commercial source is the Anahi mine in Bolivia.

Amethyst, And, Ametrine, Anahi

13. Ametrine is a gorgeous gemstone that is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine resonates with the strongest supernatural powers of both gemstones.

Ametrine, Amethyst, And

14. Ametrine Gold Ring, Pure 925K Sterling Silver, Faceteed Oval, Natural, Handmade, Attractive Gemstone Ring, Gift for Girlfriend, Tiny, Girl's Ametrine Ring, Size 4-13 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $46.99 $ 46

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15. Ametrine crystals are made of alternating sectors of purple and yellow to orange color

Ametrine, Are, Alternating, And

16. $995.00 (Save 25%) On Sale Now! Free Shipping! 5.75 Carat Cushion-Cut Ametrine and .41 ct

Ametrine, And

17. Ametrine is a gem type many haven’t heard of but should definitely consider as it's beautiful, unique, and uncommon

Ametrine, As, And

18. An incredibly rare form of quartz, Ametrine is formed when Citrine and Amethyst combine during formation

An, Ametrine, And, Amethyst

19. Ametrine is a natural, semi-precious, bi-color gemstone from the Quartz mineral family


20. Ametrine is a variety of bicolor quartz that has zones of amethyst (purple) and citrine (golden yellow) in contact with one another in a single crystal

Ametrine, Amethyst, And, Another

21. The words AMEthyst and ciTRINE were combined to yield the name "Ametrine," which is widely used in the gemstone trade.

Amethyst, And, Ametrine

22. Ametrine Quartz 925 Sterling Silver ring, Oval Citrine Amethyst Ametrine Quartz Micron Yellow Gold Rose Gold Filled Ring, Birthstone Ring

Ametrine, Amethyst

23. Ametrine Rondelle 3-4 MM Rosary Bead Strand, Semi Precious Gemstone DIY Jewelry Making Supply Charms Necklace Bracelet Earrings Metaphysical Birthstone Healing Unique Crafts


24. Ametrine is a form of quartz in which the colors of the amethyst and citrine quartz varieties are present in the same crystal

Ametrine, Amethyst, And, Are

25. A unique display of Ametrine’s colors blends and contrasts in this fantasy cut by noted gem designer John Dyer.

Ametrine, And

26. Ametrine crystals are a combination of Amethyst (purple) and citrine (yellow to orange) both in the same crystal

Ametrine, Are, Amethyst, And

27. Gem cutters and gem carvers like Ametrines for their large areas of clarity and deep varied and vibrant color.

And, Ametrines, Areas

28. The camouflage systems manufacturer Ametrine Inc


29. Ametrine is crystal that has two colors in one


30. Ametrine have the same meaning and properties owned by the two stones

Ametrine, And

31. Ametrine meaning is bring freshness, creates cheerfulness and stimulates passion that very relevance to practitioners in art, entertainment, showbiz and sports.

Ametrine, And, Art

32. Ametrine is a color-zoned variety of macrocrystalline quartz


33. Color band combinations in Ametrine can range from pale-violet to deep-purple and from pale-yellow to gold-brown.

Ametrine, And

34. Ametrine gemstones are a combination of both the Quartz varieties Amethyst and Citrine

Ametrine, Are, Amethyst, And

35. Ametrine is an excellent meditation stone and can help us to quickly reach deeper levels of peace and tranquility

Ametrine, An, And

36. Ametrine is attuned to the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras an linked to Gemini, Libra

Ametrine, Attuned, And, An

37. Emotional: Ametrine is a joyful stone as well as a peaceful one

Ametrine, As

38. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine, which are both varieties of quartz

Ametrine, Amethyst, And, Are

39. Ametrine is thus a stone which has been partially transformed from amethyst to citrine, retaining properties of both.

Ametrine, Amethyst

40. Ametrine is a relatively new gem term, and the word is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine

Ametrine, And, Amethyst

41. Ametrine is a unique gemstone in that it is essentially combined of two separate gemstones


42. Ametrine is a variety of quartz crystal, amplifying the energy of its owner

Ametrine, Amplifying

43. Ametrine necklace Real Ametrine pendant Raw Ametrine point Genuine Ametrine jewelry Rose gold amethyst necklace Citrine point necklace ChrysalisStudios 5 out of 5 stars (4,193) Sale Price $36.00 $ 36.00 $ 45.00 Original Price $45.00" (20% off

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44. Ametrine Gemstone Meaning & Short History

Ametrine, Amp

45. Ametrine is a special type of quartz with many beautiful colors


46. The Ametrine stone is one of the rarest in the world.


47. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine, which are both a variety of quartz

Ametrine, Amethyst, And, Are

48. In this category you will find hundreds of Loose Ametrine gemstones available from our Verified Sellers

Ametrine, Available

49. Ametrine is a combination of both Amethyst and Citrine, hence the name ame-trine

Ametrine, Amethyst, And, Ame

50. It is found naturally occurring in Bolivia and this is where most of the commercial grade Ametrine

And, Ametrine

51. Faceted Ametrine 925 Sterling Silver Earrings Jewelry AE174878 256A


52. PURPLE & YELLOW Ametrine RING 5.3 GRAMS !! $269.00.

Amp, Ametrine

53. Bead, Ametrine (heated), 8x5mm-15x7mm hand-cut faceted freeform with 0.4-1.4mm hole, B grade, Mohs hardness 7


54. Bead, Ametrine (natural / heated), 15x10mm-16x11mm hand-cut top-drilled faceted puffed teardrop, B+ grade, Mohs hardness 7


55. Ametrine is a macrocrystalline variety of the mineral quartz (SiO 2 )


56. Ametrine is sourced from multiple countries, and is one of the most popular varieties of Quartz

Ametrine, And

57. Ametrine is often polished after it is harvested

Ametrine, After

58. Ametrine connects best with the solar plexus and crown chakras.

Ametrine, And

59. This Ametrine pendant is 1.3 inches long (33mm) Faceted from natural Ametrine mined in Bolivia


60. This genuine Ametrine pendant is set in 925 sterling silver with a lightly included 21x15mm pear shape gemstone of natural Ametrine weighing 12.5 carats that has checkerboard faceting on all surfaces.

Ametrine, All

61. Ametrine Lore: There’s a legend that goes along with this origin story, saying that the Ametrine mine was a wedding gift to a soldier marrying the daughter of the chief of the Ayoreo tribe

Ametrine, Along, Ayoreo

62. Comment by Ametrine Like many of the other gems in WoW, Ametrine is a real gem - in this case a rare form of quartz currently found only in Bolivia, with an unusual color that looks purple, yellow, orange, or pink depending on lighting and viewing angle.

Ametrine, An, And, Angle

63. Ametrine Valuation Report #95731 (5.11ct, color: 163 / 045 - bi color: very light bluish Violet / light Yellow; very slightly brownish) Ametrine Valuation Report #101188 (26.01ct, color: 183 / 038 - bi color: medium light bluish Purple; very slightly greyish / medium light orangey Yellow; strong)


64. Ametrine quartz is a very special stone, because it is born from the union of amethyst and citrine

Ametrine, Amethyst, And

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