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1. Amensalism, association between organisms of two different species in which one is inhibited or destroyed and the other is unaffected.

Amensalism, Association, And

2. Amensal (feminine singular Amensale, masculine plural amensaux, feminine plural Amensales)

Amensal, Amensale, Amensaux, Amensales

3. A relationship between two organisms in which one organism is harmed or inhibited and the other is unaffected. Examples of Amensalism include the shading out of one plant by a taller and wider one and the inhibition of one plant by the secretions of another (known as allelopathy)

And, Amensalism, Another, As, Allelopathy

4. Definition of Amensal is ማድዋስ (ማዕድ ህዋስ)


5. Translation of Amensal in Amharic

Amensal, Amharic

6. Simply stated, ‘ Amensalism ’ is the term used to describe the (0,−) term in the familiar two-species-interaction matrix. In plain English, it is the two-species interaction in which the impact of one species on the other is negative, but where there is no detectable impact of the second species on the first.


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8. He Amensalism Or antagonism is an interaction between species where one of them - without being affected - impedes the growth and survival of the other.

Amensalism, Antagonism, An, Affected, And

9. You must know the definition of the biologic term Amensalism before I cite an example

Amensalism, An

10. Amensalism is the association between organisms of two different species in which one is inhibited or destroyed and the other is unaffected

Amensalism, Association, And

11. Amensal definition in French dictionary, Amensal meaning, synonyms, see also 'Amensalisme',amenokal',amentale'

Amensal, Also, Amensalisme, Amenokal, Amentale

12. Negatively affecting one or several species Amensal

Affecting, Amensal

13. Definition by Categories: Science & Technology; Biology(1); Amensal

Amp, Amensal

14. Common examples of competition Amensalism include cattle trails and forest growth

Amensalism, And

15. Amensalism is a kind of interaction in which one organism is negatively affected or may get destroyed whereas the other remain neutral

Amensalism, Affected

16. Solved: The weeds are usually a) eurytopic. b) stenotopic. c) Amensal

Are, Amensal

17. Kraeuter, Biology of the Hard Clam, page 426: Trophic group Amensalism in the form of the broadened mobile vs


18. Bill Henry (Lisle, IL) is principal at Amensal Systems, a provider of engineering and technical services to the food industry.

At, Amensal, And

19. Here, we demonstrate a methodology for designing robust synthetic communities that include competition for nutrients, and use quorum sensing to control Amensal bacteriocin interactions in …

And, Amensal

20. Amensal Bt ማድዋስ (ማዕድ ህዋስ) Amensalism Bt ማድዋስነት (ማዕድ ህዋስነት) amine Bt አሚን: amino acid Bt አሚኖ አሲድ: amino-acid Me አሚኖ አሲድ: ammeter Py አሜትር: ammonia soultion Ch አሞኒያ ሙሙት: ammonite Gl ቅርፀ ቢስ: ammonolysis Ch አሞናዊ ፍርሰት

Amensal, Amensalism, Amine, Amino, Acid, Ammeter, Ammonia, Ammonite, Ammonolysis

21. Name: Sergey Temryakovich: Nick: Amensal: Member since: 30/10/17: Age / Gender - / male: Nationality Russian Federation: Territory, City: Russian Federation, Москва

Amensal, Age

22. Amensalism refers to a relationship between two species in which one of the partners is inhibited, while the other is not affected in any significant way

Amensalism, Affected, Any

23. When Prochlorococcus populations entered stationary phase, this commensal relationship rapidly became Amensal, as SAR11 abundances decreased dramatically.

Amensal, As, Abundances

24. Over 80% of interactions are asymmetric, being either exploitative (+/−), commensal (+/0) or Amensal (−/0)

Are, Asymmetric, Amensal

25. Jouez avec le mot Amensal, 3 définitions, 0 anagramme, 0 préfixe, 4 suffixes, 7 sous-mots, 0 cousin, 18 anagrammes+une Le mot Amensal vaut 8 points au scrabble.

Avec, Amensal, Anagramme, Anagrammes, Au

26. Amensal indirect interactions between a Klebsiella pneumoniae microcin-producing strain and several Escherichia coli strains, all of intestinal origin, were studied

Amensal, And, All

27. By contrast, isolate #126 in paired- and trio-cultures on 0.1×N MNC agar plates had Amensal interactions (Table 1, Table 2)

And, Agar, Amensal

28. Other commensal and Amensal interactions between isolates were not consistent across paired- and trio-culture experiments

And, Amensal, Across

29. According to a forum on Quora, humans also have Amensal relationships with numerous other species

According, Also, Amensal

30. This refers to all species in a defined spatial area or ecosystem, which interact via trophic, competitive, commensal, Amensal or mutualistic interactions

All, Area, Amensal

31. Amensal: Relationship in which the product of one organism or species has a negative effect on another: 5

Amensal, Another

32. Livreto da exposição Amensal - Esta Aporia, realizada em maio de 2016 na Casa Porto - Vitória/ES.

Amensal, Aporia

33. Féminin : AmensalE; Pluriel : AmensalES AMENSAUX; 1 court extrait du (WikWik est une base de données en ligne des mots définis sur les Wiktionnaires français, anglais, espagnol, italien, etc.) Amensale adj

Amensale, Amensales, Amensaux, Ais, Anglais, Adj

34. Féminin singulier de Amensal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does amensalism mean?

noun Ecology. a relationship between two species of organisms in which the individuals of one species adversely affect those of the other and are unaffected themselves. Words nearby amensalism. amenity, amenity bed, amenorrhea, amenorrhea-galactorrhea syndrome, amenorrhoea, amensalism, ament, amentaceous, amentia, amentiferous, amer.

What is amensalism in biology?

Amensalism, association between organisms of two different species in which one is inhibited or destroyed and the other is unaffected.

What is an example of antibiosis amensalism?

Two examples of antibiosis amensalism are provided by the bread mold Penicillium and black walnut trees. You probably do not like to think about it, but many types of bacteria and fungi are perfectly capable of growing on bread under the right conditions. The bread mold Penicillium commonly grows on any bread that has passed its shelf life.

What is amensalism in the forest?

In dense forests all around the world, amensalism takes place frequently as large trees tower over shorter plants stealing most or all of the sunlight. When the trees get so large that hardly any light reaches the forest floor, they inhibit the growth of or cause the death of many plants.

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