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AMENITY [əˈmenədē]


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1. Amenity definition is - something that helps to provide comfort, convenience, or enjoyment

2. How to use Amenity in a sentence.

3. Amenity definition, an agreeable way or manner; courtesy; civility: the graceful amenities of society

4. Amenity synonyms, Amenity pronunciation, Amenity translation, English dictionary definition of Amenity

5. An Amenity is a feature of a property that makes it more valuable to potential buyers or tenants. Amenities are commonly used in the real estate industry and can be found in property listings.

6. Amenity is defined as a good sense of etiquette

7. An example of something who possesses an Amenity is a person who sends thank you notes for gifts she receives.

8. IF YOUR LOCAL PARK SUCKS, THIS IS PROBABLY WHY MACKENZIE ELMER JULY 6, 2020 VOICE OF SAN DIEGO Moreover the district in itself possesses great fertility and Amenity

9. Amenity offers NLP text analytics/mining and sentiment analysis tools for finance across a wide array of sizes and industries including hedge funds and Fortune 100 companies

10. Grand Haven Amenities Grand Haven is home to multiple Amenity features, including: tennis, volleyball, basketball, bocce, croquet, pickleball, and more! There are seven lighted tennis courts and two fully-stocked fitness centers, providing on-site personal training.

11. Amenity Athletics is a youth athletic league in St

12. In property and land use planning, Amenity (lat

13. 33 synonyms of Amenity from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 75 related words, definitions, and antonyms

14. Amenity (countable and uncountable, plural amenities) Pleasantness

15. Quotations ▼ We especially enjoyed the Amenity of the climate on our last holiday

16. ‘The areas of natural Amenity in the town have been clearly identified and developed.’ ‘The policies against the application relate in the main to visual Amenity and highway safety.’ ‘Councillors ruled last year that they were detrimental to visual Amenity and had to come down.’

17. Amenity n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

18. Definition of Amenity in the dictionary

19. What does Amenity mean? Information and translations of Amenity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

20. Means the area situated within the boundaries of a residential development site intended for recreational uses and open space that may include landscaped areas, patios, private Amenity areas, balconies, communal lounges, swimming pools, play areas and other similar uses, but does not include any area occupied at grade by a building’s service area, parking lots, parking aisles

21. 19 reviews of Amenity spa 85 "I got a very relaxing and professional massage from here

22. Synonyms: facility, service, advantage, comfort More Synonyms of Amenity More Synonyms of Amenity

23. Louie discouraged the second Amenity, which was a shy motion as if to embrace her

24. Burnet describes him as remarkable for Amenity as for probity and learning

25. The form of Amenity expected from her, in relation to her brother, was not exhibited

26. It was commercial Amenity, but I had been a stranger to Amenity in that connection.

27. Definition of Amenity noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

28. GoAmenity tenant portal is a branded app and website for your office or retail locations that includes all news, events, alerts and Amenity information and tenant surveys in one place.

29. Amenity planning implies, at its ideal, an integrated approach to planning where aesthetic issues are combined with recreational and other social needs as part of a holistic planning process

30. In an increasingly globalized society, Amenity planning is also an important tool in preserving the diversity and distinctiveness of different locations

31. Modern Amenity hearkens the influence of Scandinavian design

32. The clean, understated refinement of Modern Amenity brings pure style to any space.

33. Amenity describes its platform as "using natural language processing (NLP) to help institutional investors, insurance companies, media organizations, and others to rapidly process and comprehend complex text documents and uncover real-time, actionable insights." The company said the technology can quickly spot key commentary/statements executives would need to make business decisions, …

34. Amenity is a strategic partner, that provides a deep, meaningful way to harness AI to drive real value at scale, with speed and unparalleled accuracy.

35. Amenity’s breathable mesh and eye-catching design keeps spaces light and airy

36. Amenity UPGRADES: Add Sonoma-Cutrer, Chardonnay 50 Add Justin, Cabernet Sauvignon 70

37. Amenity UPGRADES: Add 2 Bottles 500ml Fiji Waters 10 Add La Marca Prosecco 55 Add Perrier-Jouet Brut 103 6 CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES 30 12 CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES 60

38. Definition of Amenity (noun): comfortable or enjoyable feature of place

39. Definition and synonyms of Amenity from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

40. This is the British English definition of Amenity.View American English definition of Amenity.

41. 13 hours ago · Breckenridge Town Council has come to a few decisions on how it will handle Amenity clubs going forward

42. ROOTS AROMATHERAPY Amenity Kit Travel Size Bulk Pack (Eucalyptus Tea fragrance) Toiletries for Bathroom, Guests, Hotels, Motels, and Lodging (LEATHER-LIKE BAG) 4.3 out of 5 stars 116 $19.95 $ 19

43. The SPAL Amenity 40 kit works great

44. Grafton and Carroll counties — called "Amenity counties" by demographers because their natural beauty attracts people to move there — grew 9% and 9.5% The only county to lose population was Coos, the northernmost county

45. The closest I had to an Amenity was a soft towel and a full-length mirror

46. Aquamenities presents a unique, Amenity dispensing fixture for luxury properties

47. Amenity Meaning: "quality of being pleasant or agreeable," from Latin amoenitatem (nominative amoenitas) "delightfulness,… See definitions of Amenity.

48. Amenity Hotel Kyoto offers affordable Japanese-style rooms and is located around a 10-minute walk from Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kodai-ji Temple

49. The Grand Haven Amenity Center Office is located at the Village Center:

50. Amenity Manager: Robert Ross Tel: (386) 447-0192

51. Amenity n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

52. Get the best deals on Airline Amenity Kit when you shop the largest online selection at

53. Modern Amenity hearkens the influence of Scandinavian design

54. The clean, understated refinement of Modern Amenity brings pure style to any space.

55. Amenity From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Amenity a‧me‧ni‧ty / əˈmiːnəti $ əˈme- / noun ( plural amenities ) [ countable usually plural ] SERVICES something that makes a place comfortable or easy to live in The hotel is in the city centre, close to shops and local amenities.

56. The anniversary Amenity was a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries

57. When Mark looked around the community center, he knew the well-equipped gym was going to be his favorite Amenity

58. The bank gave me a plush blanket as an Amenity when I opened my new account.

59. So Cal San Diego / Chula Vista Straight Edge Hardcore Punk band Amenity

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