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1. Amenity definition, an agreeable way or manner; courtesy; civility: the graceful Amenities of society

Amenity, An, Agreeable, Amenities

2. / əˈmenəti / plural Amenities something such as a swimming pool or shopping area that is intended to make life more pleasant or convenient for people in a town, hotel, or other place:

Amenities, As, Area

3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Amenities 1 an act or utterance that is a customary show of good manners an unhappy, bickering couple who, at least in public, observe all the Amenities of polite behavior

Amp, Antonyms, Amenities, An, Act, At, All

4. Amenities meaning The definition of Amenities are elements of comfort and convenience, most often in reference to a house, vehicle, resort, or rental

Amenities, Are, And

5. An example of Amenities are a …

An, Amenities, Are

6. There were many other like Amenities in rocker; and Horbury maintained it was by far the manliest variant of the game

Amenities, And

7. THE SECRET GLORY ARTHUR MACHEN The next letter also rejoices over Chocorua, although it turns first to academic Amenities

Arthur, Also, Although, Academic, Amenities

8. An amenity is a feature of a property that makes it more valuable to potential buyers or tenants. Amenities are commonly used in the real estate industry and can be found in property listings.

An, Amenity, Amenities, Are, And

9. Apartment Amenities are any unique or nonessential feature or service offered to renters

Apartment, Amenities, Are, Any

10. All Other Amenities: Monday – Friday from 8AM – 1PM Saturday – Sunday from 8AM – Noon

All, Amenities

11. This is a list of the most essential hotel Amenities and services, from unlimited hot water to free WiFi

Amenities, And

12. Whether on a vacation or a business trip, hotel Amenities make life a little easier when you're away from home

Amenities, Away

13. The more Amenities a building has, the more likely it will gain a competitive edge in attracting prospective tenants

Amenities, Attracting

14. Apartment Amenities to Draw Renters

Apartment, Amenities

15. A hotel amenity is a desirable or useful feature provided when renting a room at a hotel, motel, or other place of lodging.The Amenities provided in each hotel vary

Amenity, At, Amenities

16. In some places of lodging, certain Amenities may be standard with all rooms

Amenities, All

17. When you're shopping for bulk hotel Amenities you don't have to sacrifice quality for quantity


18. With a wide-ranging selection of wholesale shampoo, lotion, bath gel, and other Amenities from the best brands in the hotel industry, you …

And, Amenities

19. Amenities encompass additions that are in excess of the basic needs of an individual, and usually include features such as pools, workout facilities, and internet

Amenities, Additions, Are, An, And, As

20. Amenities are popular across several real estate asset classes, such as multifamily and student housing, and add another layer of value for the underlying tenant.

Amenities, Are, Across, Asset, As, And, Add, Another

21. Amenities definition: useful or pleasant facilities or services Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Amenities, And

22. The NCAA has come under fire over the lack of Amenities, notably the workout equipment, at the women's basketball tournament compared with the men's event this year.

Amenities, At

23. Amenities is a mechanic in Civilization VI that represents the contentment of a city's population, similar to the Happiness mechanic in Civilization V


24. However, unlike in Civilization V, Amenities are determined on a per-city basis, rather than globally (similar to Civilization IV).

Amenities, Are

25. Amenities "For More Information About Our Amenities Click On Their Photo" Pine Mountain Lake Amenities Open to the Public

Amenities, About

26. Best hotel Amenities for business travelers


27. Combining both modern Amenities and the area’s old western charm, Wickenburg Ranch embraces the best of old and new together

Amenities, And, Area

28. The NCAA acknowledged the discrepancy in Amenities between the men's and women's basketball tournaments on Thursday after images posted to social media drew significant backlash

Acknowledged, Amenities, And, After

29. When it comes to the best apartment Amenities, what’s popular in 2017 may surprise you.According to Apartment Guide research, many of those searching for an apartment tend to focus on individual apartment features rather than community features

Apartment, Amenities, According, An

30. News, history and hotel Amenities.

And, Amenities

31. The following services and Amenities are available, but with reduced service: On-site Restaurant(s)

And, Amenities, Are, Available

32. The following services and Amenities are currently not available : Room Service, Valet Parking

And, Amenities, Are, Available

33. Amenities are designed to keep a player’s citizens happy and content

Amenities, Are, And

34. The larger a city’s population is, the more Amenities they need to remain content; Every 2 citizens require 1 amenity to remain satisfied

Amenities, Amenity

35. Further, certain problems, like war-weariness and bankruptcy, will cause cities to suffer negative Amenities.

And, Amenities

36. Specific Home Amenities and Features

Amenities, And

37. Services and Amenities at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort include a health club, salon, concierge, laundry services, babysitting and more.

And, Amenities, At

38. Innovative Amenities, from surf simulators to planetariums to a trendy ice bar, are making a splash.

Amenities, Are

39. The Amenities that your vacation rental properties offer can make all the difference between a one-time guest and a guest who returns again and again

Amenities, All, And, Again

40. Your Amenities should reflect the location of your rental property, the type of property you offer, and the type of guest you expect to host.

Amenities, And

41. NCAA admits discrepancy in men's and women's Amenities March Madness tips off with controversy over discrepancies in Amenities for the men's …

Admits, And, Amenities

42. Deciding which Amenities to add is a function of renter demand, local market dynamics and proven research about how much rental premium each amenity can command.

Amenities, Add, And, About, Amenity

43. Louis employee-owned gym, Club Fitness offers a variety of Amenities for every BODY no matter their fitness level, size, age, or goals

Amenities, Age

44. We offer more Amenities than any of our competitors in the market, with a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment (cardio & strength), group exercise classes, kids club, tanning, a recovery zone, fitness studios, and much more to create a

Amenities, Any, Art, Amp, And

45. The following services and Amenities are available, but with reduced service: Business Center, Fitness Center, Breakfast, Golf, On-site Restaurant(s), Pool, Room Service, Spa, Valet Parking

And, Amenities, Are, Available

46. The following services and Amenities are currently not available: Concierge.

And, Amenities, Are, Available

47. There are Amenities galore at this Mexican restaurant

Are, Amenities, At

48. All jobs that produce Amenities have other positive effects (ie, trade for clerks, unity for entertainers) so it's not like it's a dead loss to run those jobs, and the added benefit to the other jobs makes them generally worthwhile.

All, Amenities, And, Added

49. Amenities Room and Resort Amenities at TradeWinds Island Resorts

Amenities, And, At

50. Summerlin is known for its expansive outdoor recreational Amenities, including the 150-mile Summerlin Trail System and dozens of parks that feature basketball, tennis and volleyball courts; baseball, football and soccer fields; pools; playground areas – and more! When it comes to parks and Amenities, Summerlin is in a league of its own.

Amenities, And, Areas

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AMENITIES [əˈmenədē]


  • a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.
  • the pleasantness of a place or a person.
Synonyms: facility . service . convenience . resource . utility . system . appliance . aid . advantage . comfort . benefit . arrangement . opportunity . equipment . provision . solutions . assistance . pleasantness . agreeableness . pleasurableness . enjoyableness . niceness .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the examples of amenities?

The definition of amenities are elements of comfort and convenience, most often in reference to a house, vehicle, resort, or rental. An example of amenities are a hot tub and room service in a hotel . noun

What does amenity mean?

Definition of amenity. 1 : something that helps to provide comfort, convenience, or enjoyment hotels with modern amenities providing residents with the basic amenities.

What is the noun for amenities?

noun amenities 1 A desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place. 'the property is situated in a convenient location, close to all local amenities'

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