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1. Amenable is a legacy of Anglo-French and derives ultimately from Latin minari, meaning "to threaten." Since 1596, English speakers have been using it in courtrooms and writings of law with the meaning "answerable," as in "citizens Amenable

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2. Amenable definition, ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield; open to influence, persuasion, or advice; agreeable; submissive; tractable: an Amenable servant

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3. Willing to accept a suggestion or submit to authority: "a class that is all the more Amenable to control for living perpetually under the threat of deportation" (Amitav Ghosh).

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4. Some common synonyms of Amenable are docile, obedient, and tractable

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5. While all these words mean "submissive to the will of another," Amenable suggests a willingness to yield or cooperate because of a desire to be agreeable or because of a natural open-mindedness. Amenable to new ideas When is it sensible to use docile instead of Amenable?

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6. Willing to accept or be influenced by a suggestion: He was Amenable to suggestion, and really worked hard to improve himself

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7. (Definition of Amenable from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …

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8. If a person or thing is Amenable to something, they are ready, willing, or responsive

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9. Note that Amenable is often followed by the preposition to, which makes Amenable mean "able to be controlled or affected by something," as in: "They are usually Amenable to our wishes" or "Her heart condition is not Amenable

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10. Find 37 ways to say Amenable, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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11. This crossword clue Amenable was discovered last seen in the March 21 2021 at the NewsDay Crossword

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12. 1590s, "liable to make answer or defense, accountable," from Anglo-French Amenable, from Old French amener "bring, take, conduct, lead" (to the law), from "to" (see ad-) + mener "to lead," from Latin minare "to drive (cattle) with shouts," variant of minari "to threaten," also "to jut, project" (from PIE root *men- …

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13. Adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If you are Amenable to something, you are willing to do it or accept it

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14. Mazarin had been Amenable to the idea


15. [ + to] Sleyman seemed to be more Amenable than his father.


16. ə-mē'nə-bəl, ə-mĕn'ə- The definition of Amenable is someone who is agreeable or willing to be persuaded

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17. An example of someone who may be Amenable is a newly hired intern who is eager to do a good job and be well-liked.

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18. Definition of Amenable in the dictionary


19. What does Amenable mean? Information and translations of Amenable in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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20. Dictionary entry overview: What does Amenable mean? • Amenable (adjective) The adjective Amenable has 4 senses:

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21. Liable to answer to a higher authority Familiarity information: Amenable used as an adjective is uncommon.

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22. Amenable - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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23. Examples of Amenable in a sentence


24. My husband never complains about anything and is Amenable to all my vacation suggestions

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25. 🔊 Even though these budget cuts are necessary, I know most of the staff will not be Amenable to the cutbacks

Are, Amenable

26. 🔊 For the class project, Josh was more Amenable to writing a long essay than he was to creating a short


27. Pre-and postoperative ballistocardiograms were analyzed in approximately 100 patients with surgically Amenable cardiovascular diseases.: One might have anticipated that the nature of very low-frequency modes might be Amenable to semiclassical analysis.: With the exception of liver metastases of colorectal cancer, tumour deposits are almost always multiple and seldom Amenable to resection.

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28. [more Amenable; most Amenable]: willing to agree or to accept something that is wanted or asked for

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29. An Amenable child [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — usually + to

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30. The children are generally Amenable to our wishes.

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31. Amenable - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

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32. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Amenable adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (agreeable, willing) dispuesto/a adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo.Puede ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo ("casa grande", "mujer alta").

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33. Willing to accept what someone says or does without arguing She was always a very Amenable child

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34. Amenable to Young people are more Amenable than older citizens to the idea of immigration

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35. NonAmenable or non-Amenable species are exotic species under voluntary inspection

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36. ‘A more Amenable strategy, I believe, is to accept that ‘believing is belonging’ and to be more inclusive rather than exclusive in our approach.’ ‘The forcefulness of his stand-up comedy and righteousness of his political writing make it easy to forget that the fortysomething father of two is a good-natured, funny and Amenable bloke.’

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37. Most people are Amenable to this.

Are, Amenable

38. But even MWE is Amenable to an RCT.

Amenable, An

39. It is Amenable to some direction from us.


40. Or perhaps I may have been more Amenable to a marriage of different political minds.


41. A new generation of customers, more Amenable to the use of this channel also helped.

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42. Groups of people have to work together to reach a compromise Amenable to all parties.

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43. /əˈmiːnəbl/, /əˈmenəbl/ (of people) easy to control; willing to be influenced by somebody/something They had three very Amenable children


44. The manager was very Amenable: nothing was too much trouble.


45. At the other extreme the United States would be accused of deliberately weakening its own currency for domestic political reasons; and politicians like President Chirac of France--if still in office--would be Amenable to ideas for retaliation, whether raising protectionist barriers, attempts at competitive devaluation, or ill-conceived taxes on international capital movements.

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46. Legal definition for Amenable: Subject to answer to the Jaw; accountable; responsible; liable to punishment

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47. As adjectives the difference between Amenable and amendable is that Amenable is willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions while amendable is capable of being amended.

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48. See 2 authoritative translations of Amenable in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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49. Amenable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word Amenable

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50. Someone Amenable to persuasion Definition (adj) readily reacting to suggestions and influences

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51. We found 9 answers for “Amenable

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52. This page shows answers to the clue Amenable, followed by 9 definitions like “Willing to yield or submit”, “Disposed or willing to comply” and “Liable to be called to account”.A synonym for Amenable is slavishly.

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53. As adjectives the difference between Amenable and amiable is that Amenable is willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions while amiable is friendly; kind; sweet; gracious; as, an amiable temper or mood; amiable ideas.

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54. Amenable definition: If you are Amenable to something, you are willing to do it or accept it

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55. She was always a very Amenable child

Always, Amenable

56. I find him Amenable to argument

Amenable, Argument

57. The manager was most Amenable: nothing was too much trouble


58. His scientific discoveries are Amenable to the laws of physics

Are, Amenable

59. Derived from, and fully incorporating the combined meaning of, two adjectives: Amenable 1

And, Adjectives, Amenable

60. Responsible to higher authority; accountable: Amenable to the law

Authority, Accountable, Amenable

61. Private accounts simply make this subsidy explicit, which seems to be the font of much of the opposition to them.The remaining problem, high administrative fees, needs to be corrected in Chile, and in any rich world private system, but it is certainly Amenable to solution by the structure of the system.One objection is particularly disingenuous: that the transition costs are too high.

Accounts, Administrative, And, Any, Amenable, Are

62. Nouns for Amenable include amenabilities, amenability and Amenableness

Amenable, Amenabilities, Amenability, And, Amenableness

63. Definition and synonyms of Amenable from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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64. This is the British English definition of Amenable.View American English definition of Amenable.

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65. Another way to say Amenable? Synonyms for Amenable (other words and phrases for Amenable).

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66. Since Amenable is synonymous with agreeable, it seems like it should be appropriate

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67. He argues the only appropriate use is to say someone is Amenable to: 39

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68. NonAmenable or non-Amenable species are exotic species under voluntary inspection

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69. How to say Amenable in English? Pronunciation of Amenable with 2 audio pronunciations, 15 synonyms, 1 antonym, 13 translations, 5 sentences and more for Amenable.

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70. Synonyms for Amenable in Free Thesaurus


71. 29 synonyms for Amenable: receptive, open, susceptible, responsive, agreeable, compliant, tractable

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72. Any negative connotations of Amenable would be connected to a general susceptibility to the control of others

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73. 1 Open and responsive to suggestion; easily persuaded or controlled: parents who have Amenable children

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74. Translation for 'Amenable' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.

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AMENABLE [əˈmēnəb(ə)l, əˈmenəb(ə)l]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word amenability mean?

The definition of amenable is someone who is agreeable or willing to be persuaded. An example of someone who may be amenable is a newly hired intern who is eager to do a good job and be well-liked. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "Amenable.".

What does it mean to be amenable?

Definition of amenable. 1 : liable to be brought to account : answerable citizens amenable to the law. 2a : capable of submission (as to judgment or test) : suited The data is amenable to analysis. b : readily brought to yield, submit, or cooperate a government not amenable to change.

What is meant by a 'amenable disposition'?

amenable - disposed or willing to comply ; "someone amenable to persuasion " conformable compliant - disposed or willing to comply ; "children compliant with the parental will"

What does not amenable mean?

Definition of unamenable. : not amenable: such as. a : not readily brought to yield, submit, or cooperate unamenable to reason.

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