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1. Purpose-built Ambulances designed to safely transport patients with symptoms related to high-risk infectious diseases and maximize protection for first responders

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2. High-Risk Infection Control Ambulances.


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5. At Fenton Fire Equipment, our marketplace includes a huge selection of used Ambulances for sale, including options from different brands that represent different ages and varying price points

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6. When you choose the selection at Fenton Fire Equipment, you can find specialty options, like used 4x4 Ambulances for sale, as well as type 1, type 2 and type 3 Ambulances for sale.

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9. We carry a variety of type 1, type 2, type 3 & medium duty Ambulances and wheelchair vans for sale

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10. Demers-Braun-Crestline proudly delivered nineteen new Ambulances to New York City Fire Department (FDNY)


11. Type 1 and Type 3 Ambulances and Critical Care Transport trucks

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12. We are the leader in online sales of used Ambulances

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13. Pilip Ambulances is the nation’s leading used ambulance dealer thanks to our 125 point inspection and repair process

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14. You can purchase used Ambulances with confidence knowing each reconditioned emergency vehicle will provide your company with many miles of reliable service.


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17. Ambulances have flashing lights and sirens to warn drivers and pedestrians of their approach in order to reach their destination more rapidly

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18. Welcome to Pilip Ambulances' complete inventory of new and used Ambulances for sale

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19. Fire Truck Mall has the largest selection of Used Ambulances and Transport Units in the USA

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20. While we do not offer a Type II Braun ambulance model, our partner brand – Demers Ambulances – does

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21. Furthermore, all Type 2 Demers Ambulances are built at our manufacturing plant in Van Wert, Ohio

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23. With the most universal lineup of Ambulances on the market today, McCoy Miller delivers small-, medium- and heavy-duty Ambulances with value-packed features and REV Group backing, meaning you don’t have to look beyond McCoy Miller to build your …

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24. Glick is proud to offer Demers Ambulances, Braun Custom Ambulances, and Crestline Ambulances within the state of Pennsylvania

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25. These manufacturers have a strong commitment to providing dependable and safe Ambulances with a wide range of options.

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26. Ambulances can additionally be fitted with airhorn audible warnings to augment the effectiveness of the siren system, or may be fitted with extremely loud two-tone air horns as their primary siren

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27. Two Ambulances of the Scottish Ambulance Service 2006 Composite picture of two Sussex Ambulance Service vehicles showing retro-reflective markings 2005 Saint John private ambulance in a London street 2005 Front view of two London Ambulance Services vehicles 2005

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28. During World War Two, both the Allied and Axis armed forces employed many types of field Ambulances

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29. Ambulances Services Center Spotlight Spotlights


30. The Midwest's Leading Ambulance Dealership For New, Used, & Remounted Ambulances

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31. The Ambulances under Ford’s name are considered some of the best available by many medical facilities

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32. We are in need of Ambulances and Wheel Chair Vans Our inventory of used Ambulances and wheel chair vans is getting low

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34. This is a detailed resin model that comes mounted on a stand in an acrylic display case Cadillacs have long offered ideal chassis for coachbuilders to build limos, hearses or Ambulances.

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35. We know whether the people killed or injured were drivers or passengers in the Ambulances involved in crashes, but we are still working to collect consistent data on whether they were patients, providers or neither, such as patient family members

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36. Used Ambulances for Sale We can help your department make strategic buying decisions that make the most sense for your budget and specific needs

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37.Ambulances’ is an exploration of the pervading sense of death that occurs in constrained societies; in cities, especially, death is ever-present due to the differing ages of the population, the inherent risk of city life, and other factors

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38. Beyond Standard Type 1 Ambulances When you’re looking to add a Type 1 crew cab ambulance to your fire or emergency fleet, trust AEV with the details that matter

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39. This Cadillac Ambulance was used by the Fire Department until the mid 1970ies when these Ambulances were legislated out of service.

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40. Type I; Type II; Type III; Osage Ambulances


41. Weekly Specials; Used Ambulances Overview; Search Used Inventory


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44. Horton has manufactured more than 17,000 Ambulances in 45-plus years, building Type I and Type III Ambulances, along with medium-duty emergency truck and critical care transport units.

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45. Jul 24, 2019 - Explore LOVE THAT VINTAGE's board "OLD Ambulances", followed by 298 people on Pinterest


46. Osage Ambulances has been in business since 1983, when we started the company by building personal-use conversion vans


47. As we moved into the emergency vehicle space, it has always been our goal to create high quality custom Ambulances for communities across America.

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48. The EMS1 Ambulances product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Ambulances

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49. Ambulances for Sale & Auction directly from government

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50. On Christmas weekend, Cortez watched as call after call piled up on her screen — with no Ambulances available

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51. And this was even before Ambulances started languishing outside hospitals for hours

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52. Demers’ Type II Ambulances are built for the long run

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53. Future Ambulances should be built with workflow in mind


54. The Best Used Decommissioned Ambulances For Sale


55. At SIV Ambulances we sell high-quality, freshly serviced used, and refurbished Ambulances

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56. Private air Ambulances also carry out patient transfer or medical repatriation back to the United Kingdom

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57. Ambulances contain the equipment needed to stabilise someone who is ill or injured and to get them to hospital

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58. Transporting children in emergency ground Ambulances and is the first option for transporting a child in each of the five situations

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59. 2 days ago · REV Group® Ambulances Feature Patented Technology to Reduce Negative Impact of Vehicle Idling

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60. Demers’ Type III Ambulances come from the factory preloaded with features


61. SIV Ambulances, Langhorne, Pennsylvania


62. SIV Ambulances is here to save you Money! On Used Ambulances On …


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AMBULANCES [ˈambyələns]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name ambulance mean?

AMBULANCE Meaning: "mobile or field hospital," from French ambulance, formerly (hôpital) ambulant (17c.), literally... See definitions of ambulance.

What is the full meaning of ambulance?

n. 1. a specially equipped motor vehicle, airplane, ship, etc., for carrying sick or injured people, usu. to a hospital. 2. (formerly) a field hospital. [1800-10; < French, = ( hôpital) ambul (ant) walking (hospital) + -ance -ance.

What's in an ambulance?

Cars, boats, and aircraft can all be adapted or designed for use as an ambulance. A typical ambulance includes space for one patient and one to two attendants, with room for the attendants to move comfortably. Cupboards and cabinets in the vehicle hold medical supplies which can be used to stabilize the patient on the way to the hospital.

What's in the ambulance?

What's Inside an Ambulance?

  • Paramedics. Fitted with various gadgets and equipment, modern ambulances are a marvel of technology. But let's not...
  • Jump bag. A jump bag is used to carry medical supplies such as basic life support and trauma kits. When paramedics reach...
  • Bag valve mask (BVM). If you are struggling to breathe, your paramedic's priority is to get a steady...
  • More ...

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