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AMBIVALENCE [amˈbivələns]

ambivalence (noun) · ambivalences (plural noun)

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1. Medical Definition of Ambivalence : simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action Ambivalence which is expressed in behavior by alternating obedience and rebellion — G

2. / æmˈbɪv.ə.ləns / the state of having two opposing feelings at the same time, or being uncertain about how you feel: her Ambivalence towards men Real social relationships are marked by ambiguity …

3. The definition of Ambivalence is a state in which you lack certainty or the ability to make decisions. An example of when someone may be in a state of Ambivalence is when someone is sick.

4. Find 19 ways to say Ambivalence, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

5. Ambivalent definition is - having or showing simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward something or someone : characterized by Ambivalence

6. Ambivalence is an uncomfortable state, as it puts your life on hold and sabotages your pursuit of happiness

7. Ambivalence Lyrics: {Intro} / Knowing, the not knowing / Breaking / The empty / The open / The hoping / Almost but not quite / Stuck at the intersection / Praying for the back then (eyy) / To save me

8. Ambivalence refers to the state of experiencing conflicting beliefs or feelings simultaneously

9. Definition of Ambivalence in the dictionary

10. What does Ambivalence mean? Information and translations of Ambivalence in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

11. Ambivalence used to explain two phenomena I stress that because something is unconscious doesn't mean it isn't there and "alive" and active

12. The value of emotional Ambivalence Emotional Ambivalence is a particularly complex emotion characterized by tension and conflict that is felt when someone experiences both positive and negative emotions simultaneously

13. You might think that expressing emotional Ambivalence during a negotiation is a weakness.

14. Someone who shows Ambivalence about a person or thing has conflicting feelings

15. Ambivalence refers to the experience of having both positive and negative thoughts and feelings at the same time about the same object, person, or issue

16. Although Ambivalence research has focused extensively on negative consequences, recently, scholars turned their lens to the positive effects of Ambivalence, demonstrating beneficial effects on

17. ‘At every stage, Ambivalence and indecision has meant that decisions were forced upon them by events on the ground.’ ‘Montgomerie is equally tentative, possibly because he senses Kidd's Ambivalence.’ ‘My Ambivalence over speaking at the funeral was compounded when dad asked if …

18. Ambivalence also influences behaviors that are more deliberate in nature

19. Earlier, we discussed choice situations as a catalyst of Ambivalence-induced negative affect.

20. Ambivalence is the simultaneous presence of conflicting feelings and tendencies with respect to an object.

21. The Ambivalence of writing is such that it can be considered both an act and an interpretive process that follows after an act with which it cannot coincide

22. Ambivalence can also be defined as ‘being of two minds.’ Or in a general sense, “I want to, but I don’t want to.” In recovery, Ambivalence can be a very common denominator for the unfaithful

23. Ambivalence can also rock the world of the betrayed spouse, when their mate agrees to give the marriage a chance only to later be told that they have absolutely zero desire to work on saving this god forsaken marriage

24. Ambivalence: a normal part of the process?

25. Ambivalency - mixed feelings or emotions Ambivalence feeling - the experiencing of affective and emotional …

26. The interior/exterior blurring contains the Ambivalence in the desired and the forbidden, in satisfaction and denial, in the visible and the invisible

27. This love-hate relationship with their idols, this Ambivalence , is attributed by psychodynamic theories of personal development to …

28. For addicts, shame is a major factor in Ambivalence

29. Breaking off into these two versions of the self helps to ignore or deny the tension of Ambivalence around the double life

30. Ambivalence can appear in depression and anxiety

31. In other words, the hybridity adherents want to suggest first, that the colonialist discourse’s Ambivalence is a conspicuous illustration of its uncertainty; and second, that the migration of yesterday’s “savages” from their peripheral spaces to the homes of their “masters” underlies a blessing invasion that, by “Third-Worlding

32. Ambivalence While Grieving Simultaneous Contradictory Thoughts and Feelings Ambivalence, which is holding simultaneous contradictory thoughts or feelings, is a disconcerting experience even under normal circumstances

33. Ambivalence indicates a problem in the marriage and is a good indication that marital counseling is in order but it does not necessarily indicate whether that problem can be overcome or not

34. Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing.1 Stated another way, Ambivalence is the experience of having thoughts and/or emotions of both positive and negative valence toward someone or something

35. Ambivalence definition: the simultaneous existence of two opposed and conflicting attitudes , emotions , etc Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

36. Exploring Ambivalence –more than a decisional balance? MINT Meeting, Miami, December 2, 2006 23 Exploring Ambivalence can be about establishing a simple decisional balance •A decisional balance where opposites are explored •Using pairs of words or expressions like …

37. The judge’s Ambivalence about the defendant’s guilt caused a delay in the penalty portion of the trial

38. 🔊 Even though I am a great swimmer, I have a great deal of Ambivalence about swimming because my uncle drowned

39. 🔊 James’ feelings of Ambivalence were caused by the fact he was in love with both his wife and his mistress

40. We do so by picking up Ambivalence

41. The Ambivalence from the clash of voices results in mental and emotional states of perplexity

42. Epitomizing Sokurov's Ambivalence, the narrator scoffs at the film's climactic ballroom dance yet expresses regret at having to leave

43. There is an Ambivalence in a peace settlement that large sectors of both populations oppose.

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