Use Ambition in a sentence


AMBITION [amˈbiSH(ə)n]

ambition (noun) · ambitions (plural noun)

  • a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
  • desire and determination to achieve success.
Synonyms: aspiration . intention . goal . aim . objective . object . purpose . intent . plan . scheme . mission . calling . vocation . desire . wish . design . target . end . dream . hope . drive . determination . desire . enterprise . initiative . eagerness . motivation . enthusiasm . zeal . commitment . longing . yearning . hankering .

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1. Ambition definition is - an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power

2. How to use Ambition in a sentence

3. Ambition Has Roots in Roman Politics Synonym Discussion of Ambition.

4. Ambition definition, an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment: Too much Ambition caused him to be disliked by his colleagues

5. Ambition: See: desideratum , design , desire , end , goal , intent , intention , objective , outlook , plan , project , prospect , purpose , pursuit , target

6. Ambition is your sales coaching cockpit

7. 31 synonyms of Ambition from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and antonyms

8. Ambition: eager desire for personal advancement.

9. Ambition can be defined as a striving for some kind of achievement or distinction, and involves, first, the desire for achievement, and, second, the willingness to …

10. What does Ambition mean? The definition of Ambition is motivation or a strong urge to achieve something

11. Ambition Examines ways in which to manage success and failure throughout our lives

12. Ambition - Grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, pesto, and fresh mozzarella on focaccia bread

13. Find 78 ways to say Ambition, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

14. Elvis Presley once said, "Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine." Having dreams is essential to achieving success, but you won't get there just by dreaming

15. Ambition is a very dangerous thing because either you achieve it and your life ends prematurely, or you don't, in which case your life is a constant source of disappointment

16. You must never have Ambition

17. His Ambition might have been a powerful desire, but it was still an internal feeling that he could have tried to control rather than allowing it to direct his actions without considering consequences

18. Black Ambition would receive a 15% discount on this round given it was the first money in

19. Black Ambition only calculates its ownership conversion based on 50% of the prize

20. Black Ambition would receive an ownership of $50,000 divided by 85% of the price per share paid by the Venture Capital firm.

21. Ambition sets the stage for pioneering new sympathies between sound and picture

22. Forging a powerful alliance between the musical scale and visual scope, Ambition imagines a new harmony between music composition and visual production

23. Ambition as such is not accounted a mortal sin; it may become such either because of the means it uses to compass its object, as for instance, the simoniacal endeavour to obtain an ecclesiastical dignity, or because of the harm done to another

24. Bible verses about Ambition Is Ambition a sin? The answer is it depends

25. These Scriptures are to show you the difference between worldly and godly Ambition

26. Ambition In Macbeth's Ambition 1139 Words 5 Pages

27. Macbeth: The Risk of Vaulting Ambition Adolf Hitler was the political leader of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, who was misled by his great Ambition and power to which he exterminated millions of people that eventually gave rise to the Holocaust.

28. Flames of Ambition DLC Game Pack

29. The Ingenia Ambition 1.5 Tesla magnet is the next generation of MR technology

30. Ambition Information Technology and Services Chattanooga, Tennessee 3,193 followers Turn every rep into an unstoppable revenue engine with tools like coaching, analytics, contests, sales TVs and more.

31. Ambition is defined as a strong desire to obtain success, power, or riches or as something that you want very much to do or to obtain

32. Having an Ambition represents everything to many people

33. The only purpose in a man’s life is fulfilling his dream, because am Ambition can be associated with a

34. Ambition is the fuel that keeps us going

35. Ambition – Preparing to Face the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Heart's Desire: an Incursion of Red and Gold : A very unpleasant card that gives you Nightmares and lose a lot of Nevercold Brass; the solution to this is an action under the same card.

36. Discover the Ambition of your inner Slytherin with this yearlong guided journal inspired by the beloved Harry Potter films

37. In the Harry Potter films, students sorted into the house of Slytherin are known for their Ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness

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39. Q.1 How do Ambitions help people? A.1 Ambitions helps people in focusing their mind to achieve a set goal

40. Furthermore, it trains them to be better in achieving their Ambition

41. Q.2 Why must one have an Ambition? A.2 We all must have at least one Ambition to achieve in life

42. Ambition is industry-leading coaching & gamification software for the world’s smartest sales teams

43. In February we set out our Ambition to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and help the world get to net zero.

44. To deliver that Ambition, we have launched our new strategy that will reshape our business within a decade as we pivot from an international oil company focused on producing resources to an integrated energy company focused on delivering solutions

45. Ambition Motors your local used cars dealership Ambition Motors in Lincoln Nebraska 68528 and Lancaster County

46. Visit Ambition Motors today for great deals on …

47. Theme of Ambition in Macbeth Essay - Ambition fills a man with eagerness

48. Ambition is the 7th book in the Private series, which follows Reed Brennan, a young girl who is enrolled in an elite boarding school on a scholarship

49. Ambition! is an annual conference held in Dallas by Ambit Energy

50. Ambition definition: If you have an Ambition to do or achieve something, you want very much to do it or Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

51. Ambition is the second studio album by American hip hop recording artist Wale.It was released on November 1, 2011, by Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros

52. The Ambition hub provides a wealth of thought leadership for MBA students and graduates, and business thinkers and practitioners

53. If you are from an AMBA-accredited Business School you can access a free digital edition of Ambition

54. AMBA student and graduate members are granted access to exclusive tailored content in the Ambition members area.

55. Supreme Ambition is a page-turner that traces how Brett Kavanaugh deftly maneuvered to become the nominee; how he quashed resistance from Republicans who worried he was too squishy on conservative issues and from a president reluctant to reward a George W

56. Producer and rapper Pharrell Williams is coupling his entrepreneurial spirit and activism with the launch of Black Ambition

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