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1. Synonyms for Amateurisms include dilettantisms, amateurishness, inexpertnesses, incompetences, ineptnesses, clumsinesses, unskillfulness, shoddinesses, sloppinesses

Amateurisms, Amateurishness

2. Amateurisms: The Dreaded “Set-up” Day


3. Adding one letter to amateurisms does not form any other word in Words With Friends word list

Adding, Amateur, Any

4. Use our Word Unscrambler or our Anagram Solver Words formed from any letters in Amateurisms, plus an optional blank or existing letter All words formed from Amateurisms by changing one letter

Anagram, Any, Amateurisms, An, All

5. Amateurism (countable and uncountable, plural Amateurisms) Amateur beliefs and practices generally

Amateurism, And, Amateurisms, Amateur

6. Role in setting “playing rules, standards or Amateurisms, standards for academic eligibility, regulations concerning the recruitment of athletes, and rules governing the size of athletic squads and coaching staffs.”12 At present, the NCAA generates over $1 billion in annual revenues, most of which comes from college football and men’s

Amateurisms, Academic, Athletes, And, Athletic, At, Annual

7. Amateurish Amateurisms maumetries amateurs miniatures amateurship metatarsus immatures mattresses mattrasses

Amateurish, Amateurisms, Amateurs, Amateurship

8. Words created with Amateurisms, words starting with Amateurisms, words start Amateurisms


9. Amateurisms Meaning in English to Urdu is شوقینی, as written in Urdu and Shoqini, as written in Roman Urdu

Amateurisms, As, And

10. Accurate Amateurisms Translation, Synonyms and Antonyms.

Accurate, Amateurisms, And, Antonyms

11. Charitsis: The Gov't Should Stop the Amateurisms and Show Seriousness Ευρωκίνηση SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance sector head for development and investments, Alexis Charitsis.

Amateurisms, And, Alliance, Alexis

12. Amateurisms: The Dreaded “Set-up” Day


13. Amateurisms amateurs amateurship amateurships: amathophobia amating amation amations amative amatively amativenesses amatol amatols; Literary usage of Amateurism

Amateurisms, Amateurs, Amateurship, Amateurships, Amathophobia, Amating, Amation, Amations, Amative, Amatively, Amativenesses, Amatol, Amatols, Amateurism

14. Finally, there are some minor but awkward Amateurisms

Are, Awkward, Amateurisms

15. Bet kuo gi mes kalti? Home daily favorites all kinds Amateurisms Amateurisms

All, Amateurisms

16. Modern audiences must be so jaded by Amateurisms that when something genuinely funny comes along their dulled senses simply can't get the jokes

Audiences, Amateurisms, Along

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AMATEURISMS [ˈamədəˌrizəm, ˈaməˌt(y)o͝oˌrizəm, ˈaməˌCHo͝oˌrizəm]

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of an amateur?

Definition of amateur 1 : one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession She played soccer as an amateur before turning professional. a tournament that is open to both amateurs and professionals

What is another word for amateurism?

Amateurism: a lack of the level of skill associated with an expert or professional. Synonyms: amateurishness, dilettantism, inexpertness… Antonyms: expertness, masterfulness, masterliness…

What does amateurish mean?

[ am-uh-choo r-ish, -chur-, -tyoo r-, -tur- ] / ˌæm əˈtʃʊər ɪʃ, -ˈtʃɜr-, -ˈtyʊər-, -ˈtɜr- /. characteristic of an amateur, especially in having the faults or deficiencies of an amateur; inept: Though an enthusiastic violinist, he gave an amateurish performance.

When was amateurism first defined in college sports?

The definition of amateurism within the context of collegiate sports has evolved since it was first pronounced by the NCAA upon its inception in 1906.

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