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1. Alumnus definition is - a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university —usually used of a man in the singular but often of men and women in the plural

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2. How to use Alumnus in a sentence


3. Alumnus - a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university) alumna, graduate, grad, alum Ivy Leaguer - a student or graduate at an Ivy League school old boy - a former male pupil of a school

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4. What to Know For an individual graduate, an Alumnus is a single male, an alumna is a single female, and an alum is the gender neutral term

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5. Alumnus offers streetwear styles for Men, Women, and Children

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6. An Alumnus is one male graduate

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7. As any dictionary will tell us, an Alumnus is ‘a graduate of a school, college, or university’

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8. The term is derived from the Latin word that literally means ‘foster son or pupil’. Alumnus is considered as the masculine, singular noun form; this means that it pertains specifically to a male graduate of an educational institution.

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9. Alumni is the plural form of Alumnus, meaning a group of male graduates or former students of a school. Alumni is used in conjunction with either men’s colleges or a group of male graduates, but many coeducational colleges and universities also choose to use “alumni” when referring to …

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10. Find 5 ways to say Alumnus, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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11. Alumnus (plural alumni or Alumnuses, feminine alumna) A male pupil or student.

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12. Alumnus status is designed for CCRN, CCRN-K, CCRN-E, PCCN and PCCN-K-certified nurses who no longer meet eligibility for active certification but are still in the nursing profession in some capacity and wish to remain connected with their credential.

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13. Alumnus The word “Alumnus” refers to an individual male graduate

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14. Remember that if you’re referring to a group of male graduates, you use “alumni.” Example: He is an Alumnus of Concordia University Texas.

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15. Alumnus is a masculine noun whose plural is alumni, and alumna is a feminine noun whose plural is alumnae

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16. Above are the results of unscrambling Alumnus

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17. We found a total of 60 words by unscrambling the letters in Alumnus.


18. 💙 MNK Alumnus COUNCIL & POLICY Pond 💙 We are proud to announce a new sports and medical cooperation! To achieve top-notch results, you need top health care

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19. When to use Alumnus: Alumnus is a noun for a singular, male graduate of a school, especially a university.


20. An Alumnus is a graduate of a school

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21. You can be an Alumnus of a high school, college or university.

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22. Alum is a related term of Alumnus

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23. As nouns the difference between alum and Alumnus is that alum is an astringent salt, usually occurring in the form of pale crystals, much used in the dyeing and tanning trade and in certain medicines, and now understood to be a double sulphate of potassium and aluminium (k 2 so 4 al 2 (so 4) 3 24h 2 o) or alum can be (us) a graduate of a university or other

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24. Alumnus, alumna, alumni, and Alumnus are all from Latin

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25. 2nd floor, Infinity Tower II, Sector V,Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091, India Alumnus Software Ltd


26. Alumnus definition: The alumni of a school, college, or university are the people who used to be students Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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27. When used in the singular, Alumnus (which is a male form in Latin) sometimes refers specifically to a male former student, with alumna being the corresponding female term, but the plural alumni generally refers to pupils or students of either sex.

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28. Definition of Alumnus in the dictionary


29. What does Alumnus mean? Information and translations of Alumnus in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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30. Alumnus (n.) "pupil or graduate of a school," 1640s, from Latin Alumnus "a pupil," literally "foster son," vestigial present passive participle of alere "to suckle, nourish," from PIE root *al-(2) "to grow, nourish." With ending akin to Greek -omenos.Plural is alumni.The fem

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31. What does Alumni mean? Alumni is the plural of Alumnus

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32. One of the main differences between the usages of the two words Alumnus and alumni is that although the word ‘alumni’ is used to convey the plural of the word ‘Alumnus’, it is often used presently in the sense of plurality irrespective of sex.Alumni is thus to be understood presently as groups of students of both sexes that have

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33. What does Alumnus mean? A person who has attended or is a graduate of a particular school, college, etc

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34. Plural of Alumnus The alumni of this university include many famous artists and politicians.··(often proscribed) An individual Alumnus or alumna

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35. Qroqqa commented on the word Alumnus


36. An Alumnus of our high school, Dan holds the track record for the one-hundred-yard dash

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37. Matt has received numerous job offers because he’s an Alumnus of an elite medical school

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38. Because Janet is a popular Alumnus of our graduating class, she was put in charge of organizing the ten-year reunion.


39. When used in the singular, Alumnus (which is a male form in Latin) sometimes refers specifically to a male former student, with alumna being the corresponding female term, but the plural alumni generally refers to both sexes (the plural form alumnae may be used when referring to …

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40. Alumnus - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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41. 1 day ago · Hardy is a Curtis High School Alumnus and co-wrote the screenplay with Miguel Batista and Jasper Newell

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42. Do you know someone who should be highlighted in Class Notes or remembered in Forever Maroon? Send an email to

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43. Featured Alumnus: John Mori '05 Featured Alumnus: Andy Consuegra ’80 Featured Alumnus: Bill Batesole ’74 Featured Alumnus: Austin Sperry ’96 Featured Alumnus: James Tang ’03 Featured Alumnus: Kamal Hotchandani ’92

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44. Synonyms for Alumnus in Free Thesaurus


45. 9 synonyms for Alumnus: graduate, valedictorian, past student, former student, graduand, alumna

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46. There is no neuter (gender-neutral) form of the noun Alumnus/a, only masculine and feminine forms

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47. "Alumnus" is an individual male graduate and "alumna" is an individual female graduate

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48. Alumnus Croatoa-1033: 32: 2136: Alumnus Croatoa-1305: 0: 2982: Monument 1 [edit edit source] Monument 1, located in Atlas Park

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49. IIT Kharagpur Alumnus kills US professor at UCLA over academic spat 03 Jun, 2016, 12.18 PM IST

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50. Mainak Sarkar, an Alumnus of the IIT-Kharagpur, shot and killed professor William Klug in a small office in University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) before killing himself yesterday,

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51. The Alumnus was renamed "Colby" beginning with vol


52. From the first issue (1912): "The Colby Alumnus is published for the express purpose of bringing the great body of Colby alumni into closer and more sympathetic touch with the college."

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53. Alumnus Raw Alumnus Raw Comic Alumnus Raw komik Alumnus Raw Scan Alumnus Raw all chapters Alumnus Raw webtoons Read Alumnus Raw Alumnus Raw raw read Alumnus Raw raw Alumnus Raw Manhwa

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54. An Alumnus (masculine) or alumna (feminine) is a person who has attended or is a graduate of an educational institution

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55. Definition and synonyms of Alumnus from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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56. This is the British English definition of Alumnus.View American English definition of Alumnus.

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ALUMNUS [əˈləmnəs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an alumnus?

Definition of alumnus. 1 : a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university an alumnus of Columbia University —usually used of a man in the singular but often of men and women in the plural. 2 : a person who is a former member, employee, contributor, or inmate a Saturday Night Live alumnus.

What is the difference between Alum and alumni?

The main difference between Alum and Alumni is that the Alum is a chemical compound and Alumni is a graduate of a school, college, or university.

What does alumnus mean in Latin?

The Latin noun alumnus means "foster son" or "pupil". It is derived from PIE *h₂el- (grow, nourish), and is closely related to the Latin verb alo "to nourish".

How do you spell alumni?

How to spell. The word above "Alumnus" is the correct spelling for the word. It is very easy to misspell a word like Alumnus, therefore you can use TellSpell as a spell checker.

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