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ALTRUISTICALLY [ˌaltro͞oˈistiklē]


Synonyms: altruistic .

altruistic (adjective)

  • showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.
Synonyms: unselfish . selfless . self-sacrificing . self-denying . considerate . compassionate . kind . decent . noble . public-spirited . generous . magnanimous . ungrudging . unstinting . charitable . benevolent . beneficent . liberal . openhanded . free-handed . philanthropic . humanitarian . bounteous . selfish .

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1. 1. Altruistically - in an altruistic manner; "he acted selflessly when he helped the old lady in distress"

2. Political leaders will usually behave Altruistically if the public strongly urges them to

3. There are individuals who will act Altruistically on behalf of the community

4. When you act Altruistically, the …

5. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for Altruistically. beneficently, benevolently, bigheartedly, charitably, humanely, kindheartedly, magnanimously, philanthropically.

6. Synonyms for Altruistically include benevolently, bigheartedly, magnanimously, philanthropically, charitably, chivalrously, graciously, nobly, unselfishly and

7. Altruism, A good friend always advices Altruistically. #unselfishness #selfishness #altruism #altrustically #altruisticaly by eagle22077 July 16, 2009 Get a Altruistically mug for your sister-in-law Yasemin.

8. We found one answer for the crossword clue Altruistically

9. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Altruistically yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! ! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

10. Definition of Altruistically in the dictionary

11. What does Altruistically mean? Information and translations of Altruistically in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

12. ‘Everyone’s best friend’: The case of an Altruistically narcissistic mother

13. A certified professional success coach, Charlie Altruistically travels the northeast counseling visually impaired audiences, educating them about the disease, the psychological implications, providing resources, coping strategies, technology advances and advice.

14. Thus, the popular view of generation fighting is not necessarily precluded by the presence of Altruistically motivated private transfers

15. Altruism, deficit policies, and the wealth of future generations "Maybe Sony and the distributors believed they were acting Altruistically, in the wider national interest.

16. Altruistically (comparative more Altruistically, superlative most Altruistically) In an altruistic manner; in a manner having regard of others Synonym: unselfishly

17. Antonyms for Altruistically include egoistically, misanthropically, selfishly, egotistically, inconsiderately, thoughtlessly, greedily, uncaringly, blindly and

18. Search Altruistically and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso

19. You can complete the definition of Altruistically given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster

20. ‘I vote Altruistically, for the benefit of others and for an idea of the kind of world I want for future generations.’ More example sentences ‘All other things being equal, you'd expect people who develop the ability to empathise and act Altruistically to live longer and procreate more often.’

21. Show declension of Altruistically

22. Altruistically ( comparative more Altruistically, superlative most Altruistically) Automatic translation: Altruistically

23. Altruistically Yours, LLC provides consultation and support for every component of your volunteer program and can identify ways to capitalize on what your current program does well and develop customized opportunities to make key improvements.

24. Altruistically - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Altruistically and much more

25. The word Altruistically uses 14 letters: a, a, c, i, i, l, l, l, r, s, t, t, u, y

26. Altruistically is playable in: Words With Friends 23

27. Altruistically Yours, LLC, Atlanta, GA

28. ‘I vote Altruistically, for the benefit of others and for an idea of the kind of world I want for future generations.’ More example sentences ‘All other things being equal, you'd expect people who develop the ability to empathise and act Altruistically to live longer and procreate more often.’

29. But Altruistically Inclined? will interest a broad range of scholars in the social and behavioral sciences, natural scientists concerned with the implications of research and debates within their fields for the conduct of work elsewhere, and educated lay readers curious about essential features of human nature.

30. Altruistically Speaking 4 Episodes all About 41 minutes 3 years ago Lacey's Hope Project - helping fight sex trafficking through education and awareness Human trafficking is a global issue that affects close to 20.9 million people and is an estimated 150 billion dollar industry

31. Altruistically prijevod u rječniku engleski - hrvatski u Glosbe, online rječnik, besplatno

32. Another way to say Altruistically? 156 synonyms for Altruistically (other words and phrases for Altruistically).

33. And the question of why human beings at any age ever act Altruistically is a puzzle that has long perplexed philosophers and scientists

34. Why do human beings ever behave Altruistically?

35. This is why I believe in doing things for other people, Altruistically.

36. Gymnosophists should do good, serves the needy masses Altruistically, and then he can become a Buddha

37. I doubt that we are Altruistically concerned for our peers' wellbeing

38. Recent work suggests that humans behave Altruistically because it is emotionally rewarding

39. Although plants have the ability to sense and respond to other plants, their ability to recognize kin and act Altruistically has been the subject of few studies

40. Recent papers in the transplantation literature also make a case for Altruistically unbalanced kidney exchange.4 Gentry et al

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What does altruistically mean?

Altruistically definition, unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoistic). See more.

What is the synonym for altruistic?

SEE SYNONYMS FOR altruistic ON THESAURUS.COM. unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoistic). Animal Behavior. of or relating to behavior by an animal that may be to its disadvantage but that benefits others of its kind, often its close relatives.

What does the name altruistic mean?

a : having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others altruistic acts/motives a generous and altruistic person Yet many of the most important institutions in our society—the fine arts, NGOs, humanitarian charities—depend on the generosity of wealthy citizens with altruistic impulses. — Jonathan Kay

What does altruism mean?

n. 1. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness. 2. Zoology Instinctive behavior that is detrimental to the individual but favors the survival or spread of that individual's genes, as by benefiting its relatives. [French altruisme, probably from Italian altrui, someone else, from Latin alter, other; see al- in Indo-European roots .]

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