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ALTERNATE [alternate]

alternate (verb) · alternates (third person present) · alternated (past tense) · alternated (past participle) · alternating (present participle)

  • occur in turn repeatedly.
  • do or perform in turn repeatedly.
Synonyms: take turns . rotate . oscillate . see-saw . yo-yo . fluctuate . rotate . intersperse . stagger . swap . exchange . interchange . switch . vary .

alternate (adjective)

  • every other; every second.
  • (of two things) each following and succeeded by the other in a regular pattern.
Synonyms: every other . every second . alternating . rotating . interchanging . sequential .
  • taking the place of; alternative.
Synonyms: alternative . other . another . second . different . possible . substitute . replacement . deputy . relief . proxy . surrogate . cover . fill-in . stand-in . standby . emergency . reserve . backup . auxiliary . fallback . pinch-hitting .


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1. Alternate definition is - occurring or succeeding by turns

2. How to use Alternate in a sentence.

3. Alternate synonyms, Alternate pronunciation, Alternate translation, English dictionary definition of Alternate

4. Alternate definition, to interchange repeatedly and regularly with one another in time or place; rotate (usually followed by with): Day Alternates with night

5. PC-Konfigurator Konfigurieren Sie Ihren neuen PC mit Hilfe des Alternate PC-Builder genau so, wie Sie es wünschen! 06403 - 905040 * Wir sind von Mo.-Fr

6. Find 50 ways to say Alternate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

7. The words "Alternate" vs

8. Computers, gaming, multimedia en huishoudelijke elektronica van topmerken koop je voordelig bij

9. Computers, gaming, multimedia en huishoudelijke elektronica van topmerken koop je voordelig bij

10. Alternate Solutions is a Medicare certified agency

11. An Alternate is something or someone that serves in place of another.An alternative is a second option that does not replace the first.For example, when a road undergoing maintenance is closed to traffic, you have to take an Alternate route

12. This is a forum for finished, complete Alternate history timelines and scenarios

13. Alternate’s first recorded use was in 1505–15 and it derives from the Latin word alternāre (“do one thing and then another”)

14. Synonyms for Alternate include back up , double , equivalent , fill-in , proxy , replacement , stand-in , sub , and surrogate .

15. Synonyms for Alternate in Free Thesaurus

16. 68 synonyms for Alternate: interchange, change, alter, fluctuate, intersperse, take turns, oscillate, chop and change, follow one another, follow in turn

17. What are synonyms for Alternate?

18. Alternate Quality Gems in Path of Exile: Heist In Path of Exile: Heist, you'll be able to access new exclusive rewards in the Curio Display Rooms in Grand Heists

19. One such reward is Alternate Quality Gems! There are over 800 over these available and we've prepared the full list of them for you to peruse while you plan your builds for Heist's

20. The City suspends Alternate side parking rules on the legal and religious holidays listed below, and makes emergency suspensions because of severe weather or other emergencies

21. Some metered parking zones have Alternate side parking rules

22. When Alternate side parking is suspended for a holiday or other reason, the parking meters remain in effect.

23. On a checkerboard, black squares Alternate with white ones

24. As a verb, Alternate means to do something in turns

25. As a noun, an Alternate is a replacement.

26. Like Alternate, alternative has its instances where it, rather than Alternate, is overwhelmingly preferred

27. Another way to quickly add shading or banding to Alternate rows is by applying a predefined Excel table style

28. Your Alternate Entry Form must be submitted online no later than Thursday, April 1, 2021

29. NMSC will not accept Alternate Entry Form submissions after this date

30. Alternate nostril breathing is a type of yogic breathing, but you can do it at any time during the day

31. The Alternate ELPAC will be aligned to the English language development connectors and are linked to the 2012 California English Language Development Standards

32. The Alternate ELPAC will replace all locally determined Alternate assessments and provide a consistent, standardized measurement of ELP across the state for students with the most

33. The Kentucky Alternate Assessment was developed in 1990 as a result of the Reform Act of 1990 to provide schools and programs with a valid and reliable means of assessing the instruction provided to students with moderate and significant disabilities (i.e., for the less than 1% of the total student population for whom traditional assessments would be an inappropriate measure of progress).

34. Using the Alternate ID enables you to adopt SaaS providers, such as Office 365 without modifying your on-premises UPNs

35. An organization may have to use Alternate ID in the following scenarios:

36. Explore Group Coverage All Savers Alternate Funding by UnitedHealthcare.

37. Alternate schedules are implemented when weather conditions or serious service disruptions do not allow for operation of regularly scheduled service

38. TELPAS Alternate Observable Behaviors (electronic version) (external link provided on 10/22/20) TELPAS Alternate Observable Behaviors (notes version) (PDF posted 10/22/20) 2021 TELPAS Alternate Glossary (PDF posted 12/07/20)

39. 1 day ago · The Alternate site will again be in a similar climate and altitude as Coors Field

40. Calendars for Alternate Work Week Schedules; Layoff Process

41. Alternate ACCESS for ELLs (Alternate ACCESS) is a large-print, paper-based test individually administered to students in Grades 1-12 who are identified as English language learners (ELLs) with the most significant cognitive disabilities.Alternate ACCESS is intended for ELLs who participate, or who would be likely to participate, in their state's Alternate content assessment(s).

42. Parallel universe, also known as an Alternate universe, or Alternate reality, is a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing with one's own.The sum of all potential parallel universes that constitute reality is often called a "multiverse".

43. Alternate Side Parking Rules 2021 Suspension Calendar New Years Day* Jan 1, Fri Three Kings’ Day Jan 6, Wed Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday Jan 18, Mon Lunar New Year’s Eve Feb 11, Thurs Lunar New Year Feb 12, Fri Lincoln’s Birthday Feb 12, Fri Washington’s Birthday (Pres

44. Alternate aTTaX is a German professional esports organization located in Linden, founded in August 2003

45. The organization was previously known as Team Alternate prior to renaming back to their original name on January 1st, 2016.

46. If you add an Alternate email address to your account, you can sign in to your Google Accounts not only with the email address you used to set up the account, but also with the Alternate email address.

47. Alternate Employer Endorsement — an endorsement added to a workers compensation policy that provides an entity scheduled as an Alternate employer with primary workers compensation and employers liability coverage as if it were an insured under the policy

48. 1 day ago · The Yankees can likely afford to let Garcia continue to develop — at least for a while — at the Alternate site, though Boone has said he would be OK with Garcia honing his craft in the majors.

49. 226.6k Followers, 99 Following, 991 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Alternate (

50. Alternate thinks they can "bypass" a law by making their own T.O.S

51. Alternate said it was the room

52. STAAR Alternate 2 is an assessment based on Alternate academic standards and is designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities receiving special education services

53. STAAR Alternate 2 was developed to meet federal requirements of both the

54. Alternate definition: When you Alternate two things, you keep using one then the other

55. Alternate Academic Diploma On January 26, 2018, the State Board of Education approved the addition of the Alternate academic diploma (AAD) within

56. What is the Alternate academic diploma?

57. Alternate calendar views Monthly calendar view

58. If this option is selected, the primary calendar appears on the right side of every cell, and the Alternate calendar on the left side.

59. The term “Alternate site” doesn’t spark the same excitement as real, live competition against opponents who don’t all return to the same clubhouse after the game.

60. An Alternate Assessment Target may reduce parts of the standard with specific guidance to what an assessment item could represent

61. Not all Kentucky Academic Standards selected for assessments will have an Alternate Assessment Target and may display the language: “No limitations.

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