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1. Altar definition is - a usually raised structure or place on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship —often used figuratively to describe a thing given great or undue precedence or value especially at the cost of something else

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2. How to use Altar in a sentence.


3. Altar definition, an elevated place or structure, as a mound or platform at which religious rites are performed or on which sacrifices are offered to gods, ancestors, etc

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4. Altar, in religion, a raised structure or place that is used for sacrifice, worship, or prayer


5. Altars probably originated when certain localities (a tree, a spring, a rock) came to be regarded as holy or as inhabited by spirits or gods, whose intervention could be solicited by the worshiper

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6. The Hebrew word for Altar is mizbeah [], from a verbal root meaning "to slaughter."Greek renders this word as thusiasterion [qusiasthvrion], "a place of sacrifice."In the developed temple ritual, the same word is used for both the Altar of holocausts and the Altar

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7. The word Altar is first used in Genesis 8:20 when Noah built an Altar to the Lord after leaving the ark

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8. They most likely presented their offerings on some type of Altar, even though the word Altar is not used in that passage.


9. An Altar is a structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes

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10. The Altar was a raised platform with a flat surface


11. In the Scriptures, there are over 400 references to Altars

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12. The word Altar is first used in Genesis 8:20 when Noah built an Altar

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13. Shop boho chic clothing, accessories, and more at Altar'd State, a fashion experience on a mission to change the world for the better.

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14. Altar is a company leader in the field of automated microbial fluidics

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15. The Altar is a building used to execute leaders that have been captured in a Prison, to give the turf temporary boosts


16. The player must have a Level 17 Prison before they are able to build the Altar

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17. The Altar is a permanent building, meaning that once it has been built in a player'sTurf, it cannot be demolished


18. In the New Law the Altar is the table on which the Eucharistic Sacrifice is offered


19. Mass may sometimes be celebrated outside a sacred place, but never without an Altar, or at least an Altar-stone.In ecclesiastical history we find only two exceptions: St

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20. …to the place of the Altar which he had made there at first

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21. And there Abram called on the name of the Lord… Then Abram moved his tent, and went and dwelt by the terebinth trees of Mamre, which are in Hebron, and built an Altar there to the Lord

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22. Altars are a memorial of the places where God meets us

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23. An Altar is a structure upon which significant items or “offerings” are placed for spiritual or religious purposes

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24. 80% (only in Hardmode) 80% (only in Hardmode) A world after smashing a large number of Crimson Altars leaving the Crimson and Hallow to spread

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25. Demon Altars and Crimson Altars are naturally-occurring crafting stations found mainly in and around chasms in The Corruption or The …

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26. Altar Table, meditation, prayer table, zen, portable Altar, Alter, moon, owl, brass accents, tarot, Wicca, spiritual, metaphysical SunflowerMinerals

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27. Add to Favorites Meditation Altar Table - Yoga Table - Buddha and candle display - spiritual display

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28. Witch Altar - Pagan Altar - Meditation Table - Witch Table Altar - Tabletop Altar - Small Table - Wiccan Altar - Small Altar Table MoonTreeAltars


29. Add to Favorites Wiccan Altar Cloth/ Divination Board

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30. Altar synonyms, Altar pronunciation, Altar translation, English dictionary definition of Altar


31. A table or platform used in a church service or ceremonial rite: They knelt at the Altar for communion.

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32. The Altar is both a block and a multiblock structure added by Witchery.The block is used to build the multiblock structure, the Altar

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33. Hiplya Altar Tarot Card Cloth 12 Constellations Zodiac Signs Counter-clockwise Tablecloth Astrology Tarot Divination Cards Table Cloth Tapestry Black 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $9.99 $ 9

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34. The Lihzahrd Altar is found naturally placed in the final chamber of the Jungle Temple, and is used with a Lihzahrd Power Cell to summon the Golem boss.Each summoning consumes one Power Cell from the player's inventory.

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35. Like Lihzahrd Bricks, the Altar can only be removed with a Picksaw, Laser Drill, or a Luminite Pickaxe.Once picked up, the Altar can be placed anywhere and …

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36. An Altar is interactive scenery that allows a player to recharge their Prayer points

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37. By clicking on it, the player will kneel by the Altar and it will recharge their prayer points

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38. To locate an Altar, look for the Altar icon ( ) on the world map or minimap

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39. 1 Altar locations 1.1 Asgarnia 1.2 Feldip Hills 1.3 Kandarin 1.4 Kharidian Desert 1.5 Misthalin 1.6 Morytania 1.7 Tirannwn 1.8 Wilderness

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40. Altar (n.) Old English alter, Altar "Altar," from Latin Altare (plural Altaria) "high Altar, Altar for sacrifice to the great gods," perhaps originally meaning "burnt offerings" (compare Latin adolere "to worship, to offer sacrifice, to honor by burning sacrifices to"), but influenced by Latin altus "high." In Middle English, often auter, from Old French auter.

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41. 1 day ago · A former Louisiana priest and two dominatrices were slapped with vandalism charges for having sex atop a church Altar in September of last year, a …

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42. An Altar is usually present in the circle, on which ritual tools are placed and representations of the God and the Goddess may be displayed

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43. Most Druids perform ceremonies within a circle around an Altar or central fire

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44. Altar is a location in DayZ Standalone.


45. An ancient custom is referred to, Psalm 118:27 אִסְרוחַֿג בַּעֲבֹתִ֑ים עַדקֿרנות המזבח bind the festal victim with cords, unto the horns of the Altar: Ainsworth paraphrases: 'that is, all the court over, untill you come even to the hornes of the Altar, intending hereby many sacrifices,' so De; but Che 'bind

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46. An Altar is a space than transcends multiple realms of being, the conscious and the subconscious, as well as this plane and higher planes of existence

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47. Altar'd State Revival Radiance Hoodie


48. 2379 thysiastḗrion – Altar; (figuratively) the meeting place between God and the true worshiper; (figuratively) the "place" of consecration, where the Lord meets and communes with the sincere believer.

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49. 2379 /thysiastḗrion ("a sacred Altar") is formed (present) anywhere the believer hears from God and does what they hear (lives in faith)

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50. May 17, 2020 - Explore Jim Baker's board "Altar decorations", followed by 172 people on Pinterest


51. See more ideas about Altar decorations, church decor, Altar.

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53. See more ideas about Altar, pagan Altar, wiccan.

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54. The Altar of incense (also called “the Altar of gold” ) was likewise made of acacia wood, the top and sides being overlaid with gold

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55. The Altar measured 44.5 cm (17.5 in.) square and 89 cm (2.9 ft) high, and also had “horns” extending out from the four top corners.

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56. As nouns the difference between Altar and shrine is that Altar is a table or similar flat-topped structure used for religious rites while shrine is a holy or sacred place dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, or similar figure of awe and respect, at which said figure is venerated or worshipped

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57. Find 6 ways to say Altar, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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58. An Altar, represented by an underscore (_), is a place where you may worship gods

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59. Temples contain an Altar and an aligned priest.

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60.Altar” was released on February 12th, 2016, as the third track from Poppy’s debut EP Bubblebath

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61. An Altar is a focal point to concentrate the magic present in the surrounding area into single usable source of power

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62. Since witchcraft is a method to harness the power of nature, placing an Altar in a location with little or no living things will yield very little magic to work with.

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63. Music video by That Poppy performing Altar


64. Altar & Wiccan Supplies, Tables, Cloths, Bells, Kits… Get the Best Altar and Wiccan Supplies in the World with our Wide Selection

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65. This is the One Stop Shop for all your Altar Supplies and Wiccan Supplies, Needs and Rituals.

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66. A former priest and two women are facing charges for having sex on the Altar of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Pearl River, La

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67. From the beginning, about the rude Altar of the god, to the days of Goethe, of Leopardi, and of Victor Hugo, the poet is the leader in the dance of life; and the phrase by which we name his singularity, the poetic temperament, denotes the primacy of that passion in his blood with which the frame of other men is less richly charged.

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68. Smoke From This Altar, a book that has become legendary among Louis L'Amour readers, is the very first book L'Amour ever published.It appeared, to great critical praise, for sale only in Oklahoma bookstores more than fifty years ago

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ALTAR [ˈôltər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an altar?

In modern times, an altar is usually a table or chest where spiritual offerings, statues, pictures and others symbolic items are placed upon. The purpose of an altar is to worship or connect with God and spirit guides. It is a sacred space where the person goes to meditate pray, perform rituals or simply recharge their internal batteries.

What is an altar used for?

The altar is often the focus of religious ceremony, and is usually found at the center of a Wiccan rite. It’s essentially a table used for holding all of the ritual tools, and can also be used as a workspace in spell casting.

What is the definition of altar in the Bible?

Answer: An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes. It was usually a raised platform with a flat surface. There are over four hundred references to altars in the Bible. The word altar is first used in Genesis 8:20 when Noah built an altar to the Lord after leaving the ark.

Why were altars built in the Bible?

Altars are mentioned often in the Bible. Ancient altars were raised structures that people placed sacrifices on. In the ancient world the altar was almost exclusively built as a monument to remember or commemorate a divine occurrence which took place at a certain location.

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