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1. Origin of also-ran The phrase comes from the world of horse race betting wherein lists of winners would be published with all non-paying positions printed in a block under the heading 'Also ran:'.

2. "Also ran" is a story different from Tim's first book "Wannabe Distance God" One doesn't need to be a runner to enjoy this well written piece by Tim

3. They Also ran: The Story of the Men Who Were Defeated for the Presidency (1943) is a non-fiction book about United States presidential candidates by American writer Irving Stone, known for his popular biographical novels of artists and intellectuals.An updated edition was published in 1966, with brief analyses of the 1944 through 1964 elections.

4. Waiting for the Also rans I can't win, but I've seen enough, man A fifth of whiskey he could knock it away I drink some more and it's judgment day I had.

5. Also ran Lyrics: Now that I'm at the end of my line I stand at the edge of myself and look down / Guess I know that the best is behind me and the future is hard and real / The moon is rough and the

6. Readers who find political history rather tedious need not hesitate to pick up "They Also ran." This is Irving Stone, after all, the grand master of the biographical novel, whose fictional treatments of Presidents John Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln, and "Also-Ran" John C

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What does also-ran mean?

Also-ran definition is - a horse or dog that finishes out of the money in a race. How to use also-ran in a sentence.

What is the origin of the phrase also-ran?

The phrase originated in horse racing. That guy is definitely an also-ran—his best days in the league are far behind him. someone of no significance. (From horse racing, used of a horse that finishes a race but that does not finish among the money winners.) Oh, he's just another also-ran.

What is another word for also-ran failure?

Synonyms for also-ran loser failure nonstarter defeated player unsuccessful candidate unsuccessful person

What does "also ran" mean?

English Language Learners Definition of also-ran : a person who has taken part in an election or contest and did not win See the full definition for also-ran in the English Language Learners Dictionary

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