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1. Etymologically, the meaning of the word "Almah" is derived from the verb "Almah," "to hide," or "to conceal" which helps to support the virgin interpretation


2. Almah was born from a dream of creating a luxury brand name


3. The word Almah is rare—usually translated as "maiden" it appears only seven times in the Hebrew Scriptures, three 1 of these in the plural and four 2 in the singular

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4. 3 Some say the word Almah is merely the feminine of elem, or "young man." 4


5. Almah (עלמה) or plural: alamot (עלמות) is a Hebrew feminine noun, for a girl who has reached puberty but is still under the shielding protection of her family; she is a young, marriageable (i.e

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6. In Bibles, Almah is typically translated as virgin, maiden, young woman, damsel or girl.

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7. Almah Parfums 1948 online shop.


8. Transliteration: Almah Phonetic Spelling: (al-maw') Definition: a young woman, a virgin

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9. Learn about `Almah original meaning in the Bible using the Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon - New American Standard.

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10. An Almah in this text was, in essence, a candidate for become either a concubine or a wife

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11. The romantic musical is based on the exchange of poems between King Solomon and his secret lover (Almah, a vineyard girl).

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12. Originally a solo project of Edu Falaschi, Almah became a full-time band during the gap between the first and second albums.

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13. Almah The etymological meaning of Almah is a sexually mature girl


14. 12 Most of the argument for the point that Almah also means a married woman is based on etymology

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15. This is the basis when anyone says Almah means “virgin and non-virgin,” “unmarried and even married” and adds “whether biblical examples can be supplied or

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16. Almah is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun.


17. With respect to the Hebrew noun ‘Almah, the editors of HALOT list among its meanings: "marriageable girl," "a girl who is able to be married," and "a young woman" (until the birth of her first child)

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18. Official Youtube channel of the Brazilian band Almah


19. For nearly two millennia the Church has insisted that the Hebrew word Almah עַלְמָה can only mean "virgin." This is a vital position for defenders of Christianity to take because Matthew 1:22-23 translates alma in Isaiah 7:14 as "virgin." The first Gospel quotes this well known verse to provide the only "Old Testament" proof text for the

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20. In 1990, Laura met Roger Drummer, marrying on March 7th, 1993.Together they brought up their three daughters, Sarah, Almah-Luce, and Amrita

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21. Almah (עלמה) or plural: alamot (עלמות) is a Hebrew feminine noun, for a girl who has reached puberty but is still under the shielding protection of …

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22.Almah The Christian understanding of the scriptural uses of ‘Almah is usually governed by the attempt to prove that the word means virgin in Isaiah 7:14

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23. Of the relevant scriptural verses where ‘Almah is used, Genesis 24:43, Exodus


24. Almah are a Brazilian metal band

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25. Since 2006 Almah has released three albums and has turned from a solo-project into a band with regular activities

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26. Almah is a brazilian metal band


27. Almah was born as a solo project by Eduardo Falaschi, the lead singer of Angra at that time, which was released in 2007.

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28. Definition of Almah in the dictionary


29. What does Almah mean? Information and translations of Almah in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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30. Welcome to Almah Group We are the connecting bridge between your business and the products you need Make your business reliable and risk free Why us? We have local offices in Germany and Bangladesh, with a seamless chain of communication

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31. Almah is a project led by Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi, and for the recording of this release he gathered some pretty familiar names, with Emppu Vuorinen of Nightwish probably being the most high profile

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32. The word Almah, used in Isaiah 7:14, is defined by SEC as follows: H5959 / Almah / al-maw’ / Feminine of H5958; a lass (as veiled or private): - damsel, maid, virgin Notice the information given in the definition which states that this word Almah is the feminine form of …

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33. Almah definition: an Egyptian dancing girl or singer , who entertains or mourns professionally Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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34. Two, they usually translate it as virgin, seeing as that is the traditional Christian understanding of Almah and most Bible translations are done by Christians

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35. The Christians inherited this translation of Almah as Parthenos from earlier Jewish translators, and adhered to it for obvious reasons.

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36. The Jewish scholars who translated the Greek Septuagint into a Hebrew version of the Tanach, (see Wikipedia), translated parthenos, which means "virgin" in Isaiah 7:14, into "Almah" which can mean either "young woman" or "virgin".Since these Jewish Torah experts were well acquainted with the meaning of the Hebrew words as well as the Greek, their choice of words is very meaningful (the

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37. How to say Almah in English? Pronunciation of Almah with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning, 1 translation and more for Almah.

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38. Almah now tread a new sound, more modern and without losing Almah s recognizable touch with those shredding solos, romantic and strong, powerful vocal lines alongside the heavy guitar riffs, groovy bass and swift, pounding drums

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39. Almah are destined to rise in the ashes of Angra!

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40. What Does Almah Mean and History? Either from the Spanish alma, meaning “soul” or the Latin, almus, meaning “nourishing, kind”.

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41. Almah (n.) in reference to Egypt and other nearby regions, "dancing-girl, belly-dancer," 1814, perhaps from Arabic Almah (fem

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42. Almah Tabs with free online tab player


43. Almah; 出身地: ブラジル サンパウロ州 サンパウロ市: ジャンル: メロディックスピードメタル(初期) パワーメタル: 活動期間: 2007年 - 現在: レーベル: Laser Company AFMレコード ビクターエンタテインメント: 公式サイト: メンバー: エドゥ・ファラスキ

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44. According to the Hertz Chumash, The Pentateuch and Haftorahs, page 202, the word 'Almah in the Tanakh means a young woman of marriageable age, unmarried or married

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45. In modern Hebrew 'Almah means 'miss', a title for a young unmarried woman.


46. 157: Nostalgia is Almah, the Arab dancing girl

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47. Almah are a Brazilian metal band

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48. Since 2006 Almah has released three albums and has turned from a solo-project into a band with regular activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word almah mean in the Bible?

Almah ( עַלְמָה ‎ ‘almāh, plural: עֲלָמוֹת ‎ ‘ălāmōṯ, from a root implying the vigour of puberty ) is a Hebrew word for a young woman of childbearing age; despite its importance to the account of the virgin birth of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew, scholars agree that it has nothing to do with virginity. It occurs nine times in the Hebrew Bible.

What does the name Ammah mean?

Almah (עַלְמָה‬ ‘almāh, plural: ‘ălāmōṯ עֲלָמוֹת‬) is a Hebrew word for a maiden or woman of childbearing age who may be unmarried or married. It does not, in and of itself, indicate whether she is a virgin, for which a different Hebrew word betulah is used.

When does Almah refer to a woman of childbearing age?

Scholars thus agree that almah refers to a woman of childbearing age without implying virginity.

What does the name malmah mean?

Almah (עַלְמָה‬ ‘almāh, plural: עֲלָמוֹת‬ ‘ălāmōṯ), from a root implying the vigour of puberty, is a Hebrew word for a young woman of childbearing age. Despite its importance to the Christian tradition of the virgin birth of Jesus, scholars agree that it has nothing to do with virginity.

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