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ALLYING [ally]


  • combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.
  • side with or support.
Synonyms: combine . marry . couple . merge . amalgamate . join . pool . fuse . weld . knit . split . unite . join . join forces . combine . collaborate . side . league . affiliate . confederate . split .

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1. Present participle of ally Synonyms & Antonyms of Allying to form or enter into an association that furthers the interests of its members the area's small grape growers have allied and formed a cooperative that will help them get the best prices

2. Find 580 ways to say Allying, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

3. Allying meaning Present participle of ally.

4. By Allying ourselves with the United States we contribute to global security as well as our own, that nearly half of Australians would seek to move away from America in the event of a Trump victory says something quite disturbing about the GOP front runner

5. Images & Illustrations of Allying Popularity rank by frequency of use

6. Allying is a Words with Friends word

7. Words with Friends point value for Allying: 11 points

8. Words made by unscrambling the letters A L L Y I N G 7 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in Allying

9. An Allying weapon allows the wielder to transfer some or all of the weapon’s enhancement bonus to one weapon being used by an ally of the wielder

10. Allying Force Port Logistics is a veteran owned business that specializes in catering the logistical needs of all of our customers, representing the tip of the spear in the industry.

11. Allying himself both in cause and by family connexion with Kurgan, the dethroner and destroyer of Kazan, chief of the western Jagatai, he was deputed to …

12. Synonyms for Allying include uniting, associating, affiliating, leaguing, collaborating, confederating, joining, linking, siding and bonding

13. Me and my friend huer ran into a base and while we were in the base the person 1dtr trapping allied someone and I got the clip of him actually Allying and him admitting, and while i got 4 staff member telling me that it is bannable I get moved into ts with 130cps and he tells me that it is not bannable

14. Another way to say Allying? Synonyms for Allying (other words and phrases for Allying).

15. Allying Total Number of words made out of Allying = 63 Allying is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 11 points.Allying is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 14 points

16. Allying is a 7 letter medium Word starting with A and ending with G

17. 6 letter Words made out of Allying

18. Allying: Present participle of <xref>ally</xref>

19. Besides her choice in Allying with Ace, she seems like a smart cookie.

20. However, and despite the efforts in Allying itself as partner in trade with Canada and the United States unexpected political and economical events in the early 1990's have conspired to delay achievement of this goal.

21. Translation for: 'Allying' in English->Arabic dictionary

22. Allying Source Ultimate Equipment pg

23. 286 Aura faint transmutation CL 5th Slot weapon quality; Price +1 bonus; Weight — Description An Allying w

24. Ally al‧ly 2 / əˈlaɪ $ əˈlaɪ, ˈælaɪ / verb (allied, Allying, allies) UNITE [transitive always +adv/preposition] to help and support other people or countries, especially in a war or disagreement ally yourself to/with somebody Some of …

25. Cong Allying with Outfits That Wish to Divide Nation: Amit Shah at Assam Rally Representative Image

26. Allying with the Grox will cause the player to immediately get a negative diplomatic score of 200 with every other empire in the galaxy excluding their own

27. Anagrams and words using the letters in 'Allying' 7 Letter Words You can Make With Allying Allying 6 Letter Words You can Make With Allying gainly laying 5 Letter Words You can Make With Allying algin align gaily gally gilly glial inlay liang ligan linga lingy lying 4 Letter Words You can Make With Allying

28. Synonyms for Allying in Free Thesaurus

29. Allying well is almost as difficult as marrying well

30. Allying any of the big three pisses off someone else, usually the Holy Nation, because both UC and Shek are at war with the HN

31. I'm pretty sure Allying with the Holy Nation pisses off a bunch of people, probably the UC & Shek & Flotsam Ninja to say the least

32. Are there any far reaching consequences of conscripting or Allying with whoever you choose to work with (mages or templars) or is it just a matter of approval? Going with Mages for my first

33. Synonyms for Allying with include taking the side of, supporting, backing, backing up, encouraging, siding with, standing by, standing up for, sticking up for and taking …

34. Allying with the Grox will get you the "Dance With The Devil" badge

35. Do not participate in any form of Allying (3d ban) Do not DTR Evade (If a player leaves the faction and creates a new faction when the sole intention is to transfer items so prevent being raided is included within DTR Evading) (3d ban) Do not use suffocation traps (1d ban) Do not use cauldron traps (1d ban) Do not inside or betray factions (30d

36. IRAN Allying WITH EGYPT The Trumpet has forecast for more than two decades that the forces of radical Islam will become a major power bloc in the Middle East, and that this bloc will be led by Iran

37. That makes it particularly intriguing to recognize just how Germany’s own geopolitical interests are driving it toward Allying with these Sunni Arab states

38. Republicans believed that the entire nation would benefit by Allying what two interests? government with immigrants government with business government with the stock market O government with racist white society Which of the following is the most electronegative?

39. Congress Allying with outfits that wish to divide nation: Amit Shah in Assam

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What does allying mean?

transitive verb. : to unite or form a connection or relation between : associate He allied himself with a wealthy family by marriage. intransitive verb. : to form or enter into an alliance two factions allying with each other.

What is an antonym for ally?

Main entry: ally, friend. Definition: an associate who provides cooperation or assistance. Usage: he's a good ally in fight. Antonyms: foe, enemy. Definition: a personal enemy. Usage: they had been political foes for years.

What is the definition of allies?

Definition of allied. 1 : having or being in close association : connected two families allied by marriage. 2 : joined in alliance by compact or treaty specifically, capitalized : of or relating to the nations united against Germany and its allies in World War I or those united against the Axis powers in World War II.

What is another word for allies?

Dictionary of English Synonymes(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate these synonyms: allied(a.) Synonyms: related, alike, similar, analogous, cognate, akin, kindred, of a piece allied(a.) Synonyms: united, confederated, co-operating, in league, in co-operation

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