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ALLOYING [alloy]


  • mix (metals) to make an alloy.
  • debase (something) by adding something inferior.
Synonyms: mix . amalgamate . fuse . meld . blend . compound . combine . unite . intermix . intermingle . admix .

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1. Alloying is the greatest gift of metallurgy to humankind

2. The English insists on unalloyed pleasures, thereby implying that the sensation of pleasure must be pure and not admixed with other emotions, exactly the opposite rules in metallurgy, where pure metals have few uses but lot more upon Alloying.

3. Alloying Alloying elements are added to steels in order to improve specific properties such as strength, wear, and corrosion resistance

4. Although theories of Alloying have been developed, most commercial alloy steels have been developed by an experimental approach with occasional inspired guesses.

5. It can be noted that based on the elements used in the Alloying, the strength of the bronze may vary

6. Melting temperature is a key factor in Alloying metals

7. Is a third generation, family owned foundry in Seattle, WA, and specializes in Lead Casting, Lead Alloying and Lead Recycling

8. Alloying elements can alter carbon steel in several ways

9. Alloying can affect micro-structures, heat-treatment conditions and mechanical properties

10. Alloying is done for many reasons, typically to increase strength, increase corrosion resistance, or reduce costs.

11. What does Alloying mean? Present participle of alloy

12. Synonyms for Alloying include blending, compounding, mixing, amalgamating, combining, fusing, admixing, melding, intermixing and intermingling

13. Alloying In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

14. The concentration of Alloying elements and the thickness of …

15. Alloying requires a high value of heat input, controlled to produce the desired depth of surface melting

16. A laser is the only practical heat source for surface Alloying

17. These experimental data are rationalized by our theoretical simulations, which show that Alloying Ni with Mo significantly weakens its hydrogen adsorption, improves the hydroxyl adsorption and decreases the reaction barrier for water formation.

18. The synergistic effect of Alloying elements and heat treatment produces a tremendous variety of microstructures and properties

19. Carbon is a non-metallic element, which is an important Alloying element in all ferrous metal based materials

20. Alloying active elements with inactive elements can reduce volume expansion, leading to improved cycle life and it also maximize the energy density

21. Alloying MoS2 with Al and Au: structure and tribological performance Surface and Coatings Tech

22. See 3 authoritative translations of Alloying in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

23. Alloying: Understanding the Basics is a comprehensive guide to the influence of alloy additions on mechanical properties, physical properties, corrosion and chemical behavior, and processing and manufacturing characteristics

24. The coverage considers Alloying to include any addition of an element or compound that interacts with a base metal to

25. Relating to, or used in, Alloying Titanium and zirconium are important Alloying metals.

26. In cases where carbon is either an Alloying element (as with cast iron) or used widely as a cover (as with copper-base alloys), some carbon control is justified while using a vacuum immediately after startup.

27. These Alloying elements increase the strength of titanium with an accompanying loss in ductility and toughness

28. Microalloyed steel is a type of alloy steel that contains small amounts of Alloying elements (0.05 to 0.15%), including niobium, vanadium, titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, boron, and rare-earth metals.They are used to refine the grain microstructure or facilitate precipitation hardening.

29. The important Alloying elements and impurities are listed here alphabetically as a concise review of major effects

30. Bring your basic metalworking tools and anything you need (except gold) you can buy from us, like a new Alloying block, silver, copper, etc

31. Alloying elements synonyms, Alloying elements pronunciation, Alloying elements translation, English dictionary definition of Alloying elements

32. Hivalloy Alloying technology melds various resins, including styrenics and PPE, with either PP or other polyolefins

33. Materials CHDM glycol also is a key to permitting miscibility with other engineering resins such as polycarbonates for Alloying possibilities.

34. Hello Everyone Welcome To Engineer's AcademyIn this videos we have covered the significance of Alloying, and the various Alloying elements such as nickel, ch

35. Effects of Manganese as an Alloying Element

36. Manganese is used as an Alloying element for many different applications

37. Alloying leads to accelerated degradation, but adequate mechanical integrity can be expected for Zn alloys when considering bone fracture healing

38. A common Alloying element used in most steels because it deoxidizes the melt, facilitates hot working of the steel by reducing the susceptibility to hot shortness due to sulphur content and adds to hardenability

39. We cover atomic structures, Alloying additi

40. Alloying anodes are promising high‐capacity electrode materials for K‐ion batteries (KIBs)

41. However, KIBs based on Alloying anodes suffer from rapid capacity decay due to the instability of K metal and large volume expansion of Alloying anodes

42. Alloying noble metals with non-noble metals enables high activity while reducing the cost of electrocatalysts in fuel cells

43. The current insertion anode chemistries are approaching their capacity limits; thus, Alloying reaction anode materials with high theoretical specific capacity are investigated as potential alternatives for lithium-ion batteries

44. However, their performance is far from being satisfactory because of the large volume change and severe capacity decay that occurs upon lithium Alloying and deAlloying

45. Alloying conduction channels of a Si memristor enables stable and controllable device operation with high switching uniformity

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What does alloying mean?

verb (used with object) to mix (metals or metal with nonmetal) so as to form an alloy. to reduce in value by an admixture of a less costly metal.

What is alloying the metal surface?

Alloying the metal surface prevents rust from developing. Let’s take a closer look at the alloying process. Definition of an Alloy. An alloy is a metal that’s combined with other substances to create a new metal with superior properties. For example, the alloy may be stronger, harder, tougher, or more malleable than the original metal.

What is the process of alloying?

The Alloying Process. To create an alloy, the metals (or a metal and a nonmetallic element) are heated until they are molten. The two elements are mixed and the solution is poured into metal or sand molds to solidify. The resulting alloy is a combination of the two elements.

What is the definition of alloy?

[ (al-oy, uh-loy) ] A material made of two or more metals, or of a metal and another material. For example, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; steel is an alloy of iron and carbon.

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