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1. Allotype Immunology An inherited set of determinants or sequence of amino acids (e.g., on an immunoglobulin—Ig) and other proteins demonstrating heterogeneity, which is specific for an individual and more common in a racial group.

2. By a process of repeated backcrossing, a number of Allotype congenic’ partner strains of mice have been produced, in which the heavy chain locus derived from one strain is transferred to the other strain (see Stall, 1995)

3. These polymorphic epitopes of immunoglobulins that can differ between individuals and ethnic groups are known as Allotypes

4. Exposure of an individual to a non-self Allotype can induce an anti-Allotype response (1, 2).

5. What does Allotype mean? Any of the alleles in the constant region of a given subclass of immunoglobulin that are detectable as antigens by membe

6. Subtle amino acid differences in the constant region of a particular class of antibody among the individuals of the same species is known as Allotype of the antibody.

7. Allotype (plural Allotypes) (zoology, taxonomy) A designated paratype of a species (or lower-order taxon) that is the opposite sex of the holotype

8. The sum of the individual allotypic determinants displayed by an antibody determines its Allotype

9. Allotypes in human Allotypes have been characterized for all four IgG subclasses, IgA2 subclass, and Kappa light chain .

10. Allotype has been implicated in Rheus factor cases like bleeding disease of new born.

11. Allotype definition is - an alloantigen that is part of a plasma protein (such as an antibody).

12. Allotype definition, a type specimen of the sex opposite to that of the holotype

13. Definition: Allotype antigenic determinants are specified by the allelic forms of the Ig genes

14. Anti-Allotype reagents are generally alloantibodies produced by apparently healthy blood donors and are induced to paternal Allotype in multiparous women or to nonself Allotypes in individuals receiving transfusions or undergoing deliberate immunization.

15. Isotype and Allotype are terms that relate to the structure of a component of the immune system that is called an immunoglobulin.

16. Allotype synonyms, Allotype pronunciation, Allotype translation, English dictionary definition of Allotype

17. This antibody tutorial talks about isotype, Allotype and idiotype which are the structural and specificity classification of antibody and different antibody

18. The Allotype G1m1 or G1m(a) corresponds to IGHG1 CH3 [Asp(D)12, t36; Leu(L)14, c40] according to the IMGT unique numbering for C-DOMAIN (Exon numbering 16 and 18 , Eu numbering 356 and 358 )

19. The Allotype G1m1 (CH3 D12, L14) (pale yellow in the Table) is found on alleles IGHG1*01 , IGHG1*02 , IGHG1*04 , IGHG1*05 , IGHG1*05p IGHG1*06p , IGHG1*07p and IGHG1*08p [4,5,6] .

20. Definition of Allotype in the dictionary

21. What does Allotype mean? Information and translations of Allotype in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

22. Allotype definition: an additional type specimen selected because of differences from the original type Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

23. Because IgG1 Allotypes might have different half-lives, their influence on infliximab (G1m17,1 Allotype) pharmacokinetics was investigated in a group of spondyloarthritis patients

24. Infliximab was found to have a shorter half-life in patients homozygous for the G1m17,1 Allotypes than in those carrying the G1m3 with no G1m1 (G1m3,-1) Allotype.

25. Monitoring bone marrow grafts - Bone marrow grafts that produce a different Allotype from the recipient can be used to monitor the graft.

26. Forensic medicine - Km and Gm Allotypes are detectable in blood stains and semen and are useful in forensic medicine.

27. Paternity testing - The immunoglobulin Allotypes are one of the characteristics used in legal cases involving

28. Allotypes make antibodies unique within members of a species

29. When antibodies of one member of a species are exposed to another member of the same species it is the Allotype that is recognized as an antigen

30. What is the definition of Allotype? What is the meaning of Allotype? How do you use Allotype in a sentence? What are synonyms for Allotype?

31. Allotype - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

32. All Allotype pairs found in the control group were able to restore cell surface MHC I levels (Fig

33. Antibody subclasses exhibit extensive polymorphisms (Allotypes) that could potentially impact the quality of HIV-vaccine induced B cell responses

34. Allotypes of immunoglobulin (Ig) G1, the most abundant serum antibody, have been shown to display altered functional properties in regard to serum half-life, Fc-receptor binding and FcRn-mediated mucosal transcytosis.

35. Regarding the IL-A gene, a significant over-representation of the Allotype 2.2 (40.7%) was observed in HIV subjects, whereas the Allotype 1.1 appeared significantly more often in HIV-seronegative individuals (82.6%), regardless of periodontal status (p < 0.01; Chi-square test).

36. A- differnces in the Ch regions in different humans (leads to immunogenic effects in same species AND other species eg: human anti-human igg Allotype a)

37. As nouns the difference between allele and Allotype is that allele is (genetics) one of a number of alternative forms of the same gene occupying a given position on a chromosome while Allotype is (zoology) a specimen that exemplifies the opposite sex of the holotype.

38. In neonatal (A x B) F1 mice, injections of maternal (A strain) antibody to-the Ig Allotype of the paternal (B) strain chronically suppress theproduction of antibodies with the B-strain Allotype

39. As nouns the difference between holotype and Allotype is that holotype is the single physical example (or illustration) of an organism, known to be used when the taxon was formally described while Allotype is (zoology) a specimen that exemplifies the opposite sex of the holotype.

40. The human G1m1 Allotype comprises two amino acids, D12 and L14, in the CH3 domain of IGHG1

41. Although the G1m1 Allotype is prevalent in human populations, ~40% of Caucasiods are homozygous for the nG1m1 Allotype corresponding to E12 and M14

42. An Allotype mismatch between adalimumab and IgG in adalimumab-treated patients did not lead to a higher frequency of AAA

43. On the contrary, patients who carried the same IgG Allotype as present on the adalimumab IgG molecule, had the highest frequency of anti-adalimumab antibodies compared to patients whose IgG Allotype differed from adalimumab.

44. In agreement with findings previously reported by others, these antibodies displayed the patterns of allotypic reactivity with IgM+ B cells and plasma cells from the appropriate strains of mice: Bet-1 antibody is specific for a Allotype, AF6-78.25 and SJA anti-BAB/14 for b Allotype, and 331.12 for both a and b Allotypes but not e Allotype.

45. An Allotype is referring to the polymorphic version(s) that an individual has for an immunoglobin heavy chain

46. These are two different Allotypes of the IgA isotype IgA2 (1) IgA2m1 is allotypic of (2) IgA2m2

47. Twenty-one oligonucleotide primers were based on and validated against previously used primer sequences and accurately identified the C3 Allotype in DNA from persons whose Allotype

48. Unidirectional IgG Allotype- and isotype-specific suppressor cells in congeneic mice

49. Allotype Total Number of words made out of Allotype = 145 Allotype is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 13 points.Allotype is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 15 points

50. Allotype is a 8 letter medium Word starting with A and ending with E

51. 7 letter Words made out of Allotype

52. Allotype (immunology) Last updated October 28, 2019 The Allotype affects the constant region (labeled CL and CH1-3 in the diagram.)

53. In immunology, an immunoglobulin Allotype is the allele of the antibody chains found in the individual

54. The word Allotype comes from two Greek roots, allo meaning 'other or differing from the norm' and typos meaning 'mark'.'

55. Thus Allotype refers to the idea …

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What does allotype mean?

Definition of allotype : an alloantigen that is part of a plasma protein (such as an antibody) : an alloantigen that is part of a plasma protein (as an antibody) — compare idiotype, isotype

What is the structure of an allotype antibody?

Before we understand the meaning of an allotype antibody, let us first review the general structure of an antibody. Antibodies are proteins made up of four chains - two light chains and two heavy chains. These proteins are essential members of our immune system and they are also known as immunoglobulins (Ig).

What does allotype mean in biology?

(zoology) A specimen that exemplifies the opposite sex of the holotype. (immunology) An immunoglobulin allotype is the allele of the antibody chains found in the individual. English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license. "Allotype." YourDictionary. LoveToKnow. Allotype. (n.d.). In YourDictionary.

What is an allotype female?

The allotype female has one T2 deformed (fig. 75D), while the other one is normally developed. Until recently, different C-region allotypes were explained by allelic genes which each encoded a different but closely related protein sequence. The products of allelic forms of the same gene are known as allotypes.

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