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1. Allotment definition is - the act of allotting something : apportionment

Allotment, Act, Allotting, Apportionment

2. How to use Allotment in a sentence.


3. Allotment The temporary change of assignment of tactical air forces between subordinate commands. The authority to allot is vested in the commander having combatant command (command authority)

Allotment, Assignment, Air, Authority, Allot

4. Synonyms & Antonyms of Allotment 1 a sum of money allotted for a specific use by official or formal action the library budget was reduced, while Allotments for …

Amp, Antonyms, Allotment, Allotted, Action, Allotments

5. An Allotment commonly refers to the allocation of shares granted to a participating underwriting firm during an initial public offering (IPO)

An, Allotment, Allocation

6. Child-care workers will be part of a separate vaccine Allotment, with 100 doses a week targeted first to those who care for children with special needs and then those who tend to infants and toddlers

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7. An Allotment is a designated amount of money that is automatically distributed for you, from your pay. There are many reasons to have an Allotment, including setting aside funds for family, paying

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8. Basically an Allotment is a community garden primarily for growing vegetables. However, Allotments are a lot more than that, they’re a community in themselves

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9. The history of Allotments goes back in British history and you can find out more here: Allotment History or check out our 7 years on the plot in our Allotment Photographs.

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10. The Dawes Act (sometimes called the Dawes Severalty Act or General Allotment Act), passed in 1887 under President Grover Cleveland, allowed the federal government to break up tribal lands

Act, Allotment, Allowed

11. Allotments are a type of Farming patch which require 3 seeds to plant starting at level 1

Allotments, Are, At

12. Although Allotment patches are usually grouped together if paying a gardener to protect their crops, players must pay the gardener to protect each of the Allotment patches separately

Although, Allotment, Are

13. The presence of a specific fully grown flower can protect particular Allotment patches from getting diseased, as an

Allotment, As, An

14. What Is an OverAllotment? An overAllotment is an option commonly available to underwriters that allows the sale of additional shares that a company plans to issue in an initial public …

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15. Allotment noun (GROUND) [ C ] UK a small piece of ground in or just outside a town that a person rents for growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

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16. ‘The Allotment of shares in the Estate Company, in satisfaction of the purchase price under the 1924 Contract, was made on 29th October 1924.’ ‘In the second phase, the collection of tax from private car owners, registration of vehicles and Allotment of numbers to the newly registered vehicles would be performed by the computers.’

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17. Allotment, the federal policy of dividing communally held Indian tribal lands into individually owned private property, was the culmination of American attempts to destroy tribes and their governments and to open Indian lands to settlement by non-Indians and to development by railroads.

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18. Allotment the allocation of shares by directors of a company to intending shareholders who have made applications for new shares

Allotment, Allocation, Applications

19. Dawes General Allotment Act, also called Dawes Severalty Act, (February 8, 1887), U.S

Allotment, Act, Also

20. Allotment: A portion, share, or division


21. Allotment (24 Occurrences) Genesis 47:22 Only he didn't buy the land of the priests, for the priests had a portion from Pharaoh, and ate their portion which Pharaoh gave them.

Allotment, And, Ate

22. IPO Allotment is a process where the “registrar to the offer” with the help of a lottery system finalizes the process of allocating the IPO shares to the individual who has applied for an IPO subscription

Allotment, Allocating, Applied, An

23. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Gardening Allotment al‧lot‧ment / əˈlɒtmənt $ əˈlɑːt-/ noun 1 [countable, uncountable] SHARE an amount or share of something such as money or time that is given to someone or something, or the process of doing this The budget Allotment for each county is below what is

Allotment, Al, An, Amount, As

24. Track Your Allotment *Online tracking will require a valid MJNow account

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25. Synonyms for Allotment in Free Thesaurus


26. 39 synonyms for Allotment: plot, patch, tract, kitchen garden, assignment, share, measure, grant

Allotment, Assignment

27. A full Allotment plot is 10 rods (approximately 250 sq m/300 sq yd), but half plots are usually available if this is too much to manage Most, but not all, sites have water; but check what other facilities are available, such as storage sheds, compost and toilets

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28. What does Allotment mean? Allotment is defined as the portion or share of something

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29. (noun) An example of an Allotment is the specific amount of t

An, Allotment, Amount

30. Allotment - traduction anglais-français

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31. Forums pour discuter de Allotment, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions


32. Allotment definition: In Britain , an Allotment is a small area of land in a town which a person rents to grow Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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33. After the finalisation of share Allotment, the process of initiation of refunds (to anchor investors if any) and unblocking of funds from ASBA account will take place around February 24 and shares

After, Allotment, Anchor, Any, And, Asba, Account, Around

34. History and Culture Allotment Act — 1887

And, Allotment, Act

35. In 1887 Congress passed the General Allotment Act also known as the ‘Dawes Act’

Allotment, Act, Also, As

36. 2 days ago · The basis for Allotment for the IPO of Craftsman Automation will be announced today

Ago, Allotment, Automation, Announced

37. Investors who have applied for the IPO can check their Allotment status …

Applied, Allotment

38. Allotment (n.) 1570s, "action of allotting," from French allotement, from Old French aloter "divide by lots" (see allot).Or else a native formation from allot + -ment.Meaning "that which is allotted, portion assigned to someone or some purpose" is from 1670s.

Allotment, Action, Allotting, Allotement, Aloter, Allot, Allotted, Assigned

39. Wide band frequency Allotment type signal selection device utilizing electromagnetic coupling: dispositif de sélection de signaux du type à attribution de fréquences à large bande et utilisant un couplage électromagnétique: The problem was resolved by implementing a distributed management to create better synergy for the Allotment of tasks.: Le problème a été résolu grâce à La mise

Allotment, Attribution

40. Letters: Allotment holders should be allowed to tend to their plots for short periods, says Christopher Jenkins, while Sarah Munro and Prof Andrew Russell plead for more considerate behaviour

Allotment, Allowed, And, Andrew

41. Allotment n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


42. Allotment of shares the process by which members take shares from a company is the issue of shares; this ends with Allotment, when individual shares are assigned to particular holders

Allotment, Are, Assigned

43. All about growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs whether in your garden or Allotment plot

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44. Having our Allotment cut because we are effective feels like a punishment for doing a good job

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45. “The cut in Allotment will obviously make it take longer for Winona County citizens to …


46. Whether you’re growing in Allotments, gardens or raised beds, here’s the practical know-how you need from our experts to help you grow your tastiest fruit and vegetables ever.

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47. The table below shows the maximum SNAP Allotments by household size


48. *NOTE: Allotments are temporarily increasing in January-June 2021, due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

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49. ‘The Allotment of shares in the Estate Company, in satisfaction of the purchase price under the 1924 Contract, was made on 29th October 1924.’ ‘In the second phase, the collection of tax from private car owners, registration of vehicles and Allotment of numbers to the newly registered vehicles would be performed by the computers.’

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50. The Allotment would've been even smaller had the Scarlet Knights been sent to play at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind

Allotment, At, Assembly

51. The grey market is an unofficial trading platform where shares get traded well before the Allotment in the IPO and listed on bourses

An, Allotment, And

52. 1 day ago · The basis of Allotment for the ₹581 crore IPO of Suryoday Small Finance Bank will be announced on March 24

Ago, Allotment, Announced

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