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1. In a perfectly competitive market, firms are both Allocatively and productively efficient

Are, Allocatively, And

2. Monopolies, on the other hand, are not Allocatively and productively efficient because they overcharge and underproduce.

Are, Allocatively, And

3. A firm is producing the Allocatively efficient level of output if.


4. Monopolies can increase price above the marginal cost of production and are Allocatively inefficient

Above, And, Are, Allocatively

5. In monopolistic competition, when the Marginal Cost is less than the price per unit, the firm is considered Allocatively Inefficient.


6. Which of the following will cause an unregulated monopolist to produce a more Allocatively efficient level of output? A subsidy that increase as output increases

An, Allocatively, As

7. In this way, why is monopolistic competition Allocatively inefficient? A monopolistically competitive market is productively inefficient market structure because marginal cost is less than price in the long run.


8. The firm produces the Allocatively efficient level of output


9. The firm is Allocatively inefficient, because it produces an output level …

Allocatively, An

10. Why are markets Allocatively efficient? (Pop-Up Quiz) How can we eliminate the disequilibrium ? How can we eliminate the disequilibrium? (Pop-Up Quiz) Price and Quantity Determination (Crack the Nut) Price Changes 3 Topics 4 Quizzes

Are, Allocatively, And

11. "An Allocatively efficient market is therefore one which has no imperfections." It is true that a perfectly competitive market (with no imperfections) will be Allocatively efficient (in the long run)

An, Allocatively

12. However, a market with imperfections can be made Allocatively efficient i.e


13. Monopolists are said to be Allocatively inefficient because: A

Are, Allocatively

14. Which option best describes Allocatively inefficiency in a market? a.Allocatively inefficiency occurs when there is disequilibrium in the market


15. B.Allocatively inefficiency occurs when marginal cost of production is greater than marginal benefit


16. C.Allocatively inefficiency occurs when marginal cost of production is less than marginal benefit.


17. Allocatively efficient level of output in monopoly


18. This situation occurs when a market is considered Allocatively efficient when economic surplus is maximized: a


19. 12 A firm changes its objective from maximising profit to producing at the Allocatively efficient output

At, Allocatively

20. An Allocatively efficient economy produces an “optimal mix” of commodities

An, Allocatively

21. A firm is Allocatively efficient when its price is equal to its marginal costs (that is, P = MC) in a perfect market


22. Also known as the Allocatively efficient level of output

Also, As, Allocatively

23. Oligopolists may be Allocatively and productively inefficient

Allocatively, And

24. Oligopolies tend to be both Allocatively and productively inefficient

Allocatively, And

25. Allocatively efficient nor productively efficient in the long run E


26. Neither Allocatively efficient nor productively efficient in the short run; Both Allocatively efficient and productively efficient in the long run Answer Key 1

Allocatively, And, Answer

27. *A firm can be productively efficient, but not Allocatively efficient


28. Most-Allocatively-Efficient "Proximate Cause" Doctrine One Could Devise for an Otherwise-Pareto-Perfect World in Which Tort-Claim Processing Is Allocatively Transaction-Costly

Allocatively, An

29. Oligopoly and Efficiency Oligopoly and Efficiency • Not productively efficient • Not Allocatively efficient • Tendency to share the monopoly profit 9

And, Allocatively

30. The firm is always Allocatively efficient in the short run and in the long run, but it isn't necessarily productively efficient in the short run

Always, Allocatively, And

31. In the short interactive lessons below, drag the Allocatively efficient (blue dot) and the productively efficient (red dot) to the appropriate points on the graphs.

Allocatively, And, Appropriate

32. 1 Answer to If the transit system was regulated to provide the most Allocatively efficient quantity of output, what output would it supply and what price would it charge? What subsidy would be necessary to insure this efficient provision of transit services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for allocative?

Synonyms for allocative include distributive, apportionative, dispersive, disseminative, circulative, deliverative, diffusive and transmitive. Find more similar words at!

What is allocative functions?

The allocative function is the government's decision making regarding where funding from the government is spent-whether it's on military (which impacts related industries), social programs, or something else. The distributive function deals with the distribution of wealth.

What is allocative and productive efficiency?

Summary: Productive efficiency is concerned with the optimal method of producing goods; producing goods at the lowest cost. Allocative efficiency is concerned with the optimal distribution of goods and services.

What is allocative inefficiency?

Allocative inefficiency - Allocative inefficiency is a situation in which the distribution of resources between alternatives does not fit with consumer taste (perceptions of costs and benefits).

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