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ALLIES [ally]



  • combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.
  • side with or support.
Synonyms: combine . marry . couple . merge . amalgamate . join . pool . fuse . weld . knit . split . unite . join . join forces . combine . collaborate . side . league . affiliate . confederate . split .


  • variant spelling of alley.
Synonyms: alley .

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1. Allies synonyms, Allies pronunciation, Allies translation, English dictionary definition of Allies

2. Allies definition is - plural of ally … See the full definition

3. Allies definition, (in World War I) the powers of the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia), with the nations allied with them (Belgium, Serbia, Japan, Italy, etc., not including the United States), or, loosely, with all the nations (including the United States) allied or associated with them as opposed to the Central Powers

4. What does Allies mean? The definition of Allies are two or more individuals, organizations, or countries who are working together toward the sa

5. In 2016, Allies developed a curriculum specifically designed for parents and guardians of children who have been sexually exploited through trafficking

6. Allies for Health + Wellbeing envisions a healthier community whereby all individuals access integrated medical care and supportive human services in a respectful setting, free of stigma and discrimination.

7. Allies families experience the difference and watch their bright children flourish as they overcome their academic struggles and discover their gifts

8. Utilizing a "whole life" approach, Allies empowers, encourages and educates individuals with exceptionalities by providing high quality supports with daily living skills at home and in the community

9. Find 16 ways to say Allies, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

10. The major Allies were Britain, France, and Russia in WWI and Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the U.S., and China in WWII.

11. Allies will be hosting a virtual career panel on March 17th at 7 PM

12. Allies families experience the difference and watch their bright children flourish as they overcome their academic struggles and discover their gifts

13. The Allies of World War I or Entente Powers were the coalition of countries led by France, Britain, Russia, Italy and Japan against the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and their colonies during the First World War (1914–1918).

14. Allies strictly follows all CDC guidelines and universal precautions

15. It is 1944 and the Allies are advancing across France when a tight-knit, war-hardened unit of British paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines

16. Allies Photos View All Photos (14) Movie Info

17. Find out what works well at Allies Inc

18. Better Allies is a thoughtful and insightful book, offering a tool kit of meaningful, actionable ideas for the reader of how to create a meaningful and engaging workplace." --Eugenia Ulasewicz, former President, Burberry America

19. Cooperation with Allies presents a powerful, unified image to the community, and demonstrates that the issue is important enough to compromise and put aside differences to solve the problem

20. The more Allies your group has voicing the same concerns about the issue, the more likely you are to be successful.

21. Allies begins before dawn on June 6, 1944, as two American soldiers, 16-year-old Dee Carpenter (a German immigrant) and his best friend, 17-year-old Sid Jacobstein, are boarding one of the boats that will take them and thousands of other Allied soldiers to the beaches of Normandy.

22. For Allies, responding to microaggressions involves a few key strategies

23. Joins Allies to Sanction China Over Treatment of Uyghurs Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said that the United States and several of its Allies

24. Welcome to Empires & Allies, an all-new modern military strategy game that puts the weapons of modern war at your fingertips in a never-ending battle to conquer the world

25. Featured Game Empires and Allies – DESIGN YOUR PERFECT ARMY from the arsenals of today’s militaries with battle-hardened tanks, drones, helicopters, and more

26. Allies have served at organizations focused on youth, education, economic development, health, arts, environment, and other social and community services

27. And Allies set to announce coordinated sanctions on China over Uyghurs 'genocide'

28. 2 days ago · The leaders of Aleph, Tzedek and their Allies played a role in helping build support for a sweeping rewrite of federal sentencing laws in 2018, winning bipartisan praise and bolstering their clout

29. In the volatile Middle East, Iran's key Allies include Iraq, Lebanon and Syria

30. In Russia and Nigeria public approval of China is over 70% as of 2019, and these are two major examples of China's Allies.

31. Allies_SupportBrochure-SinglePages.indd 3 1/13/16 9:35 PM ProJect groW Offering Day Habilitation & Prevocational Training Services Project Grow is a community garden located on the campus of Mercer County Community College

32. Allies Defiant covers the battles starting from spring 1940 to late 1942 and is the first chapter in a new trilogy of DLCs that depicts World War 2 from the Allied perspective

33. Congress ‘God, no’: GOP immigration Allies disappear as crisis mounts

34. 11 hours ago · Navalny's Allies call for major protest across Russia

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What does being an ally really mean?

"An ally is any individual involved in the promotion and advancement of an inclusive culture through positive and intentional action." ~ The Corporate Sister

Does allies mean friends?

The definition of allies are two or more individuals, organizations, or countries who are working together toward the same purpose as a result of a mutual agreement. An example of individuals who are allies are two friends playing a game against another team.

What is the definition of allies?

Definition of allied. 1 : having or being in close association : connected two families allied by marriage. 2 : joined in alliance by compact or treaty specifically, capitalized : of or relating to the nations united against Germany and its allies in World War I or those united against the Axis powers in World War II.

What does ally stand for?

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