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1. Allegorical definition is - of, relating to, or having the characteristics of allegory

Allegorical, Allegory

2. How to use Allegorical in a sentence.


3. Allegorical definition, consisting of or pertaining to allegory; of the nature of or containing allegory; figurative: an Allegorical poem;an Allegorical meaning

Allegorical, Allegory, An

4. Of, characteristic of, or containing allegory: an Allegorical painting of Victory leading an army.

Allegory, An, Allegorical, Army

5. / ˌæl.əˈɡɔːr.ə.k ə l / in or relating to a story, play, picture, or other work in which the characters and events represent moral, religious, or political qualities or ideas: an Allegorical novel / painting / play My father enjoyed Melville's Allegorical

And, An, Allegorical

6. Allegorical means containing a moral or hidden meaning. Allegorical stories and plays use concrete ideas as symbols for deeper or layered meanings

Allegorical, And, As

7. Folk tales and fables are often Allegorical. Visual art, like paintings, can also be Allegorical, with religious or …

And, Are, Allegorical, Art, Also

8. George Orwell's famous Allegorical novel "Animal Farm" (that has even been portrayed as a cartoon) is on the surface about a farm, with the animals as characters

Allegorical, Animal, As, About, Animals

9. John was baptizing at a large pool called Ænon-by-Saleim,—probably Allegorical, meaning “Fountain of Repose.” SOLOMON AND SOLOMONIC LITERATURE MONCURE DANIEL CONWAY The descriptions of Allegorical personages in this poem are clearly imitated from similar descriptions in Latin poets.

At, Allegorical, And, Are

10. The Allegorical interpretation is not of the words, but of the thing signified by them, and not only may, but actually does, coexist with the literal interpretation in every allegory, whether the narrative in which it is conveyed be of things possible or real.

Allegorical, And, Actually, Allegory

11. An Allegorical interpretation of a myth could be said to posit a one-to-one correspondence between mythical “clothing” and the ideas being so clothed

An, Allegorical, And

12. According to some, the earliest example of an Allegorical story can be traced to the New Testament

According, An, Allegorical

13. It is probably the first Allegorical


14. According to, an allegory is a “representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms.” An Allegorical story can be interpreted to show a hidden moral or political meaning

According, An, Allegory, Abstract, Allegorical

15. Allegorical interpretation of the Bible is an interpretive method that assumes that the Bible has various levels of meaning and tends to focus on the spiritual sense, which includes the Allegorical sense, the moral (or tropological) sense, and the anagogical sense, as opposed to the literal sense

Allegorical, An, Assumes, And, Anagogical, As

16. A similar quasi-allegory is the "Song of the Vineyard" in Isaiah 5:1–6, which, however, has an Allegorical element (cf

Allegory, An, Allegorical

17. Verse 6 b) in the story as well as being Allegorically interpreted in verse 7

As, Allegorically

18. Perhaps the most famous instance of Allegorical interpretation is Origen’s explanation of the Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10


19. In the Allegorical view, the man who is robbed is Adam, Jerusalem is paradise, and Jericho is the world

Allegorical, Adam, And

20. Massine's The Seventh Symphony was one of his Allegorical symphonic ballets, like the earlier Les Presages and Choreartium; this one suggested, no less, the creation and destruction of the world.

Allegorical, And

21. An Allegorical story, poem, or painting uses allegory

An, Allegorical, Allegory

22. Every Russian knows the Allegorical novel The Master And Margarita

Allegorical, And

23. Start studying Allegorical Meaning of Animals

Allegorical, Animals

24. Allegorical SENSE Form of biblical interpretation


25. ‘In a society dominated by Allegorical and historical painting, his scenes of contemporary life were regarded as a novelty.’ ‘The film is rich in Allegorical theme and symbolic imagery, transforming the most banal of materials into miraculous epiphanies.’ ‘Vietnamese songs are very metaphoric and very Allegorical and very soft.’

Allegorical, And, As, Are

26. An Allegorical figure is a character that serves two purposes: first, they are an important person in the story in their own right, and, second, they represent abstract meanings or ideas.

An, Allegorical, Are, And, Abstract

27. 1717, Alexander Pope, remarks on Thomas Parnell's Battle of the Frogs and Mice An Allegorical application

Alexander, And, An, Allegorical, Application

28. 1861, Friedrich Max Müller, Lectures on the Science of Language Allegorical being […] that kind …


29. ‘In a society dominated by Allegorical and historical painting, his scenes of contemporary life were regarded as a novelty.’ ‘The film is rich in Allegorical theme and symbolic imagery, transforming the most banal of materials into miraculous epiphanies.’ ‘Vietnamese songs are very metaphoric and very Allegorical and very soft.’

Allegorical, And, As, Are

30. Further, Allegorical fictions (4) tend to rely heavily on the use of personifications, generally of vices (e.g., Incontinence, Despair) and virtues (e.g., Continence, Hope), "ladies" (abstractions in Latin generally take the feminine gender, e.g., continentia, spes) who perform physical actions in battle with other "ladies," as in …

Allegorical, And, Abstractions, Actions, As

31. There are many popular Allegorical books in the literary canon, such as George Orwell's Animal Farm and Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels.In these texts allegory creates a critical lens to view cultural, religious, and political ideas.

Are, Allegorical, As, Animal, And, Allegory

32. Definition of Allegorical in the dictionary


33. What does Allegorical mean? Information and translations of Allegorical in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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34. The Allegorical interpretation of Sacred Scriptures cannot be historically proved to have prevailed among the Jews from the time of exile, or to have been common with the Jews of Palestine at the time of Christ and His apostles

Allegorical, Among, At, And, Apostles

35. Allegorical: Of, characteristic of, or containing allegory

Allegorical, Allegory

36. It dawns on the man, in Allegorical death, that it is neither possible nor necessary to cast off the trappings of culture that comprise his conditioned life, nor need he cross any putative hallowed threshold to gain the freedom embodied by the Law (a law being the one thing that is not subject to itself), because he realizes that

Allegorical, Any

37. What does Allegorical mean? Of, characteristic of, or containing allegory

Allegorical, Allegory

38. (adjective) An Allegorical painting of Victory leading an army.

Adjective, An, Allegorical, Army

39. In literature many Allegorical images are borrowed from mythology and folklore

Allegorical, Are, And

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