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1. All but definition is - very nearly : almost

2. How to use All but in a sentence.

3. Everything or everyone, with the exclusion of. All but the freshmen were invited to the party.

4. All but The adverbial phrase All but (no need to hyphenate it) means almost, nearly, or on the verge of

5. For example, if I say, I All but ran to the door, it means I walked very fast to the door but did not run.

6. See synonyms for All but on Almost, nearly, as in I've All but finished the book

7. This expression was used by Andrew Marvell in “Thoughts in a Garden”: “ Society is All but rude, To this …

8. 17 synonyms of All but from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 10 related words, definitions, and antonyms

9. Find 128 ways to say All but, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

10. So, "All but wiped out" means "everything except wiped out" eg

11. All but means “al­most”, “nearly” (which does not make much sense, I must admit, but that’s just the way it is).

12. The "All but" idiom refers to the fact that the subject of the idiom is as close to being described by the adjective as it can be without being completely and accurately described by that adjective

13. Saying that the championship is "All but" decided is saying that, while it is not officially 'decided', it's so close to being decided that the

14. Raise Your Helping Paw All but Furgotten, Inc

15. All but definition: almost completely:

16. @EdwinAshworth Thanks; you're quite right that "All but one" is not a mass noun

17. All but (not comparable) Very nearly; everything short of

18. Quotations ▼ The food is All but finished.

19. All but a particular person or thing means everyone or everything except that person or thing

20. The general was an unattractive man to All but his most ardent admirers

21. The plant will stand All but the worst winters out of doors

22. "All but gone" Posted by Smokey Stover on December 20, 2006

23. In Reply to: "All but gone" posted by Bonnie on December 20, 2006: What does the phrase "All but gone" mean? The key phrase or expression is "All but," which can be used with a very large number of adjectives, participles, nouns, pronouns and verbs.

24. ‘Tans have been All but forgotten in popular literature, but that suits us just fine.’ ‘They may be All but forgotten now but that doesn't mean they should not be left in peace.’ ‘He added that he had All but forgotten the murder, but the long arm of the law had an even longer memory.’

25. All but synonyms, All but pronunciation, All but translation, English dictionary definition of All but

26. Synonyms for All but in Free Thesaurus

27. Everything but is literal in its definition, all except.In this way it is a synonym of All but when that phrase is not used as an adverb.However, everything but cannot be used to mean almost

28. The Nigerian army said on Tuesday it had repelled Boko Haram from All but three local government districts in the northeast, claiming victory for its offensive against the Islamist insurgents

29. All but a particular person or thing means everyone or everything except that person or thing

30. The general was an unattractive man to All but his most ardent admirers

31. What does "All but one" mean in the sentences or phrases below?A paraphrase is much preferred

32. All but one of the cases he cites All but one of these new CDs

33. All but one of the seven steroids studied in the present investigation

34. All but one of her students passed the exam

35. All but adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." (with verb: almost completely)

36. All but prep preposition: Relates noun or pronoun to another element of sentence--for example, "a picture of John," "She walked from my house to yours." (everyone except) tutto tranne, tutto meno che prep preposizione o locuzione preposizionale : Particella o espressione che determina la funzione sintattica della parola o locuzione seguente

37. California recall All but certain based on official signature update Trump supporters shout slogans while carrying a sign calling for a recall of California Gov

38. The book All but the Waltz is something you should read if you are interested in learning some things about Montana life from the 1880's on

39. A Casper woman charged with 15 counts related to minor sexual abuse and incest accepted a plea deal in Natrona County District Court Friday that dismisses All but two charges

40. So you wouldn't say "the war was lost" because it wasn't technically lost yet, but you'd say "the war was All but lost" as in the war could he described by all words akin to "lost" except "lost" itself, since it technically wasn't lost yet.

41. All but Me Lyrics: When we first started out / With our flaws to care about / We were both young assured / Now we’re not / No, we’re not / What did I say you should worry about? / …

42. All but Dissertation: Why Do So Many PhD Candidates Quit? Around 50% of those who start a PhD program do not finish

43. Many of those who do not finish get to the All but Dissertation stage before they leave their program

44. The hurricane All but destroyed it means it did everything except totally destroy it, eg it 99% destroyed it

45. She All but died means she came close to death

46. A Baltimore high school student failed All but three classes over four years and almost graduated near the top half of his class with a 0.13 GPA, according to a local report

47. All but Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of Faith, Gender and Sexuality by Nate Collins combines rigorous research with a unique perspective, personal experience, and an unwavering commitment to Christ that culminates into one fantastic book

48. Baltimore Student Who Failed All but Three Classes In Four Years Was Ranked In Top Half Of His Class As teacher unions fight to keep schools closed, the true cost is being felt by students who are racking up failing grades , dropping out of virtual classes , increasing drug use , and, in rising numbers, committing suicide .

49. Online All but Dissertation (ABD) Ed.D

50. Almost definition, very nearly; All but: almost every house; almost the entire symphony; to pay almost nothing for a car; almost twice as many books

51. If you’ve achieved All but Dissertation (ABD) status, Brenau University offers you the support you need to complete your doctorate program

52. He All but directly used the phrase “multiethnic, working-class party,” the preferred framing of nationalist policy wonks such as Oren Cass of American Compass and Julius Krein of American

53. All but; All but expresses an exception or only this is left

54. They sold All but two energy bars

55. Eating this seems All but impossible

56. About What Is It All but Luminous “Poetic musings on a life well-lived—one that is still moving forward, always creating, always luminous.This isn’t your typical autobiography

57. It’s now All but a formality that Rutgers is going to the NCAA Tournament

58. Definition of in All but name in the Idioms Dictionary

59. What does in All but name expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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What does the phrase all but mean?

The phrase "all but" means "almost completely". It DOES NOT intensify how unheard of it was, in fact, it does the opposite. It means that some people had heard of it, but most had not.

What does all but mean?

All but. “All but” means “almost”, “nearly” (which does not make much sense, I must admit, but that’s just the way it is). For example: He was all but lost in the city.

What does have all but mean?

all but. 1. Everything or everyone, with the exclusion of. All but the freshmen were invited to the party. We sold all but the curtains in that estate sale.

Why would 'all but certain' mean 'very certain'?

Very certain would probably be he believes he knows, but thinks there is small chance he could be wrong. All but certain means he is sure he knows, and would be very surprised to find out he is wrong. Certain means he knows, and to find out otherwise would blow his mind.

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