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1. Meanwhile, silicon nanoparticles (n-Si, 0.04 mol, average particle size of 80 nm) were dispersed in deionized water (10 mL) with sodium linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate by ultrasonication and magnetically stirred for 2 h

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4. Na Alkylbenzenesulfonate admin in drinking water (0.07, 0.2 & 0.6%) or in feed (0.6 & 1.8%) to mice & rats for 9 mo decr liver wt, hepatic levels of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase & glutamic-pyruvic transaminase.

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6. Tags for the entry "Alkylbenzenesulfonate" What Alkylbenzenesulfonate means in Punjabi, Alkylbenzenesulfonate meaning in Punjabi, Alkylbenzenesulfonate definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of Alkylbenzenesulfonate in Punjabi.

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7. Linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants are frequently sold as solutions that contain 30% to 50% active compound

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8. Buy highly pure Sodium (C10-16)Alkylbenzenesulfonate, CAS No : 68081-81-2, Mol.Formula : C17H27NaO3S, Mol.Weight : 334.45 from Pharmaffiliates


9. The present invention is in the field of processes for making Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants


10. The linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate content of sewage samples was determined by differential-pulse polarography of their nitro derivatives, method was reliable for concn greater than or equal to 0.5 ug/ml


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12. Extraction of lignin from lignocellulose at atmospheric pressure using Alkylbenzenesulfonate ionic liquid† Suzie S

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13. An alpha-proteobacterium converts linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants into sulfophenylcarboxylates and linear alkyldiphenyletherdisulfonate surfactants into sulfodiphenylethercarboxylates

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14. Sijm.Extraction and Isolation of Linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate and Its Sulfophenylcarboxylic Acid Metabolites from Fish Samples.

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15. Linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate (LAS) is the major synthetic surfactant in use worldwide ().In western Europe, for example, the current LAS disposal rate is 3.1 g/person/day (, and this represents some 4% of the organic input into the sewerage system, where it is presumably the highest-bulk compound to be degraded.Biodegradation of LAS was proven by Sawyer and Ryckman …

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16. The missing link in linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactant degradation: 4-sulfoacetophenone as a transient intermediate in the degradation of 3-(4-sulfophenyl)butyrate by Comamonas testosteroni KF-1

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does alkylbenzene sulfonate mean?

Alkylbenzene sulfonates are a class of anionic surfactants, consisting of a hydrophilic sulfonate head-group and a hydrophobic alkylbenzene tail-group.

What is the chemical name for alkyl benzene?

Alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS) is an organic chemical compound primarily used as a surfactant. Its chemical formula is C6H5CnH2n+1, where n lies between 10 and 16. ABS is a major component of anionic detergents. Alkyl benzene sulfonates have two types depending on their chain structures: branched and linear chain.

When was linear alkylbenzene sulfonate ( LAS ) introduced in the US?

They were first introduced in the 1930s in the form of branched alkylbenzene sulfonates (BAS). However following environmental concerns these were replaced with linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS) during the 1960s.

What does linear alkyl sulfonate mean?

Definition - What does Linear Alkyl Sulfonate (LAS) mean? Linear alkyl sulfonate (LAS) is an anionic surfactant widely used in detergents and cleaners, both in industrial and household applications. This term is applied to a family of straight-chain chemical compounds, sometimes called "soft" detergents.

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