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ALERTED [əˈlərt]


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1. Find 13 ways to say Alerted, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

2. To warn someone of a possibly dangerous situation: An anonymous letter Alerted police to the possibility of a terrorist attack at the airport.

3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Alerted (Entry 2 of 2) to give notice to beforehand especially of danger or risk Alerted us to the possibility that the roads would be flooded and we might have to take a detour

4. Just provide Alerts with the key words for your queries and tell it how often you want to be Alerted (once a week, once a day or as it happens) and whether you want to search the news, the Web or both

5. Every American base in the world is Alerted and every serviceman is being issued live ammunition

6. He could feel the Alerted tension of the four as the golden eyes glowed at him

7. A reader Alerted us that this happened with Avast, the free anti-virus we have often recommended.

8. Synonyms for Alerted to include told, informed, notified, advised, briefed, warned, apprised, divulged, imparted and made aware

9. What does Alerted mean? Simple past tense and past participle of alert

10. The auditors Alerted us to some problems with the accounts

11. Use Visualping, the world’s top website change monitoring tool, to be Alerted of nearby COVID-19 vaccine availability, like open slots and priority group updates

12. Another way to say Alerted? Synonyms for Alerted (other words and phrases for Alerted).

13. Alerted 'Alerted' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with D Crossword clues for 'Alerted' Clue Answer; Made vigilant (7) Alerted: Gave a heads-up (7) Made watchful (7) Tipped off (7) Warned of danger (7) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Alerted

14. Georgia police tracked shooting suspect's phone after parents Alerted authorities "They're very distraught and they were very helpful in this apprehension," Cherokee …

15. Alertedd on xbox If you wanna play games :D

16. The warrantless search of a car interior is unlawful unless there is probable cause to believe that it contains contraband." [10] In Navarro, the interior sniff of the vehicle was supported by probable cause, because the dog had Alerted immediately outside the driver's …

17. Residents of eight cities have been Alerted that a brain-eating amoeba was found in a southeast Texas water supply, leading one of the towns to issue a disaster declaration.

18. Definition of Alerted in the dictionary

19. What does Alerted mean? Information and translations of Alerted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

20. US Alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November — TV report White House was reportedly not interested in the intel, but it was passed onto NATO, IDF; when it …

21. 1 day ago · Inmates Alerted jailers and they were able to revive him after apparent suicide attempt

22. Inmates Alerted jailers and they were able to revive him after apparent suicide attempt

23. So, Alerted about, Alerted concerning, Alerted by, Alerted due to, Alerted through, Alerted against, alert for — but never “of”

24. “We have already Alerted the six countries around, including of course Sierra Leone and Liberia, and they are moving very fast to prepare and be ready and to look for any potential infection

25. The driver is Alerted to a drop in the speed by means of an audible and visual signal

26. ‘Hero’ Farm Dog Alerted Humans to Fire at Historic Barn 3 @ShieldsWBZ/Twitter

27. Leaders of the Lincoln Project were Alerted to allegations of harassment against one of the group’s co-founders multiple times last year, but he remained at the organization for at least seven

28. Alert somebody Neighbours quickly Alerted the emergency services

29. (be) Alerted by something Alerted by a noise downstairs, he sat up and turned on the light

30. Be Alerted that… The coastguard were Alerted that a yacht had run into difficulties

31. Alerted (comparative more Alerted, superlative most Alerted) Having been made alert; having been made attentive, alarmed or warned of something coming soon

32. US officials on Wednesday Alerted lawmakers to a potential threat against the US Capitol on March 4, for which security has been enhanced as a …

33. "On Dec 19th, I had to file a police report after I was Alerted to threats made by @leslee_lane and @lindsayusichofficial (Brian's Wife) for conspiring to …

34. "Alerted" is a different kind of word because it refers to an instantaneous change in ones mental state

35. I agree with "Alerted" and "Alerted by," but little else

36. Documents obtained by NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit indicate that top Public Works financial officials were Alerted back in 2018 that Recology had been overcharging garbage collection

37. Human NK cells are Alerted to induction of p53 in cancer cells by upregulation of the NKG2D ligands ULBP1 and ULBP2 Cancer Res

38. A man was arrested after Saratoga residents who were out of the country were Alerted to a burglary at their home and contacted authorities.

39. In order to remove Your computer has Alerted us Tech Support Scam completely you will need to reset Internet Explorer back to its initial settings

40. WATCH: FAA Alerted After UFO Falling In Ocean Sparks 911 Calls

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What does the name alerted mean?

noun an attitude of vigilance, readiness, or caution, as before an expected attack. a warning or alarm of an impending military attack, a storm, etc.: We'd just boarded the bus when the alert sounded.

What does alerted mean?

to warn (troops, ships, etc.) to prepare for action. to warn of an impending raid, attack, storm, etc.: The radio alerted coastal residents to prepare for the hurricane. to advise or warn; cause to be on guard: to alert gardeners to the dangers of some pesticides.

What is the medical definition of alert?

Alert is defined as being awake and functioning at an energetic level. An example of alert is the doctor who takes a quick nap before his next surgery so that he is well rested and ready to perform at a high level of awareness.

What is being alert?

Being alert is something that helps us in almost every aspect of our lives. When we think of being alert we tend to think of quick reflexes and of the ability to react instantly to stimuli. For this reason we tend to associate alertness with activities like driving and sports – but this is a long way from being...

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