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1. Aquavit or Akvavit is a distilled spirit from Europe’s Scandinavian and Nordic countries that plays an important part of their cultural heritage

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2. Outside of these countries, Akvavit isn’t particularly well known unless there are strong Scandinavian communities nearby.

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3. Aquavit, also spelled aquavite, or Akvavit, also called snaps, flavoured, distilled liquor, clear to pale yellow in colour, dry in flavour, and ranging in alcohol content from about 42 to 45 percent by volume.

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4. HDCo’s Helsingfors Fiskehamns Akvavit is a spicy aquavit that’s matured for weeks in French oak and hand-bottled in their Oslo distillery

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5. Akvavit, variously known as Aquavit, Aquavite or simply Snaps is a Scandinavian flavored spirit, distilled from mashed grains or fermented potato, and generally contains 42%-45% alcohol v/v

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6. Flavored with aromatics and spices, aquavit — also known as Akvavit — includes notes of caraway, coriander, anise or citrus.

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7. Akvavit definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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8. Aalborg Taffel Akvavit is the best-selling spirit brand in Denmark and the biggest brand worldwide

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9. Akvavit is the white oak floor that can bring a Nordic look to any home, cabin, or condo

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10. Akvavit definition is - a clear Scandinavian liquor flavored with caraway seeds.


11. Akvavit wytwarza się na bazie spirytusu zbożowego lub ziemniaczanego, który aromatyzowany jest nalewem na kminku (np

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12. Obecnie produkuje się ją przede wszystkim w Danii, Szwecji, Finlandii i Norwegii. Akvavit w różnych krajach


13. Akvavit is a high alcohol Scandinavian beverage, containing about 40% ABV

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14. Aquavit A flavoured spirit produced in Scandinavia and Germany, aquavit (or Akvavit) is distilled from either grain or potatoes, and flavoured with the addition of herbs and spices

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15. Akvavit or AQUAVIT is a flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century

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16. Akvavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the main spice should (according to the European Union) be caraway or dill.

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17. Akvavit appears in his poems somewhat frequently, attesting to its place in Danish culture

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18. * Akvavit Theatre, a company devoted to productions of contemporary Nordic works, announced its 2019 season will begin Sept

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19. Akvavit (sometimes spelled Aquavit) is a Scandinavian spirit, which has been around for hundreds of years

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20. Norway- Aquavit or Akvavit translates to ""Water of Life"" The Spirit of the Nordics: A traditional - produced since the 15th century -Nordic alcoholic distilled …

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21. Akvavit Northern Europe: Akvavit Northern Europe Generic for a distilled liquor made in Northern Europe _ price update notice Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate

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22. Akvavit, aquavit, or aqua vitae (“water of life” in Latin), was created during the 15th century by monks as a medicine comprised of secret botanical blends, soaked and distilled into a clear spirit and believed to have mystical properties.

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23. Renowned Victorian bartender SHAWN SOOLE fell in love with Akvavit when he visited Iceland in late 2015.


24. Aalborg Akvavit 1846 -1946 edition 72cl $ 264.58 $ 367.47 / 1000ml

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25. Akvavit or aquavit in Norwegian is a traditional flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century

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26. Akvavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the main spice should (according to the European Union) be caraway or dill.

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27. Akvavit - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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28. What is aquavit/Akvavit? Aquavit is a clear distilled spirit made primarily in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

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29. The production process for eaux-de-vie is very similar to that for most other s Stores and prices for 'Aalborg Jule Akvavit' prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.

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30. At times called “aquavite”, “Akvavit”, “aquavitae” or “snaps”, aquavit is a spirit of many monikers and even more abundant flavors

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31. Akvavit definition: → aquavit Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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32. Aalborg Akvavit Taffel Specialties Tasting notes Aalborg Taffel Aquavit is the archetype of a clear,Danish aquavit

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33. What does Akvavit mean? Aquavit

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34. (noun) Words near Akvavit in the Dictionary


35. Akvavit (also spelled Aquavit) is a Scandinavian spirit that dates back to the 1500s

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36. Akvavit - Mostly dominant musclegut wolverine Iarann - Nearly always dominant chubby coyote, may be a taur Be sure to look in my "Scraps" folder

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37. Linie Aquavit (Akvavit) $ 30.00 Description "The original botanical recipe of LINIE Aquavit has remained unchanged since its creation, more than 200 years ago

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38. Restaurante Akvavit, Vilamoura: See 1,940 unbiased reviews of Restaurante Akvavit, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #30 of 192 restaurants in Vilamoura.

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AKVAVIT [ˈäkwəˌvēt, ˈak-]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the name akvavit mean?

    akvavit - Scandinavian liquor usually flavored with caraway seeds. aquavit. caraway seed - aromatic seeds of the caraway plant; used widely as seasoning. booze, hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, liquor, spirits, strong drink - an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented.

    What does akvavit taste like?

    Given that akvavit varies from country to country, it doesn’t always taste the same. Generally, most will be flavoured with caraway and dill, which results in these being the most distinctive flavours. However, different regional practices lead to a variety of flavours.

    What is the best brand of aquavit?

    How To Drink Aquavit & Top 10 Best Brands 1. O.P. Anderson [Swedish Aquavit] 2. Aalborg Taffel Akvavit [Danish Akvavit] 3. Arcus Lysholm Linie [Norwegian Aquavit] 4. Krogstad [American Akvavit] 5. Brennivín Special Cask [Icelandic Akvavit] 6. Gamle Ode Dill [American Aquavit] 7. Old Ole Bjørkevoll ...

    What is the alcohol content of akvavit?

    Akvavit is also popular in Germany. Akvavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the dominant flavour must (according to the European Union) come from a distillate of caraway and/or dill seed. It typically contains 40% alcohol by volume or 80 proof (U.S.)

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