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1. Ajusshi A Korean term that literally means something like "Uncle", and is a polite way to refer to a man who is older than you, who you don't know well

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2. That doesn't mean they're _old_, necessarily-- little kids might call a man in his 20's " Ajusshi ".


3. Check out Ajusshi's art on DeviantArt

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4. What does Oppa, ajumma and Ajusshi mean? Oppa: It is a friendly way to address a man who is older than you, use it if you are a woman.Even though it is not synonymous, it can be used to address your boyfriends

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5. مسلسل My Ajusshi مشاهدة مباشرة مسلسل عزيزي الأجاشي مسلسل My Ajusshi تحميل مسلسل My Ajusshi اونلاين جودة


6. يعرف ايضا : 我的大叔 / My Ajusshi ; الانواع : رومانسي عائلى كوميدي; عدد الحلقات : 16 حلقة ; البلد المنتج : كوريا الجنوبية; مواعيد البث : 21 مارس 2018 لـ 10 مايو 2018 ; ايام العرض : الاربعاء والخميس; فريق الترجمة


7. مسلسل My Ajusshi الحلقة 2 تحكي هذه الدراما قصة ثلاثة اخوة في منتصف العُمر، يتحملون أعباء الحياة وقصة امرأة قويّة قاسية القلب كانت تعيش حياة صعبة بمفردها، حيث يتشاركون في علاج جِراح ماضيهم.


8. Here is our My Mister / My Ajusshi music list! We will post all OST’s here, as well as background music found in the drama, as the drama airs

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9. Summary for As If Daughter : As If Daughter Manhwa also known as (AKA) "As If Daughter ( Jorel221) ; My Uncle ; Nae Ajusshi ; 나의 아저씨"

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10. Lee Seon Kyun has been selected to receive the Prime Minister’s Commendation for his work in My Ajusshi.


11. Ajusshi On streets of Busan, abandoned Korean dog gets a new life

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12. Hiking Korea, chasing women, stealing XOXO, and grunting through life, I am Ajusshi.

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13. It’s time to say farewell, but My Ajusshi reminds us that goodbye is never final, and that if you truly love someone, there’s always hope

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14. Did you know that Ajusshi and ajumma used to be terms reserved just for family, meaning aunt and uncle? Well, same thing happened with the definition of oppa: it used to be exclusively a family term meaning older brother, but its meaning expanded to mean an unrelated older male who you have somewhat close relationship with.

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15. Ajusshi Korean Food Store March 27 at 12:51 AM · Recalling the meaning of 'the origin of ramen' and returning to Samyang Ramen Original

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16. My Ajusshi has left an indelible mark on my five-year Korean-drama watching experience

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17. My Ajusshi: Episode 11 by LollyPip


18. My Ajusshi portrays deep and nuanced characters not only in Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An but also in their supporting characters as well

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19. Definition of 오빠 (oppa), 아줐히 (Ajusshi) Oppa means someone (man) older than you (mostly used by girls to boys) Ahjussi means older man or mister.

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20. Ajusshi is an action-thriller packed with amazing fight scenes and suspense

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21. Drama: My Mister (English & literal title) Revised romanization: Naui Ajusshi Hangul: 나의 아저씨 Director: Kim Won-Suk, Kim Sang-Woo Writer: Park Hae-Young Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Release Date: March 21 - May 17, 2018 Runtime: Wed

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22. Definitions of Ajusshi, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Ajusshi, analogical dictionary of Ajusshi (Korean)

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23. Terjemahan kata Ajusshi dari bahasa inggris ke bahasa indonesia dan contoh penggunaan "Ajusshi" dalam kalimat dengan terjemahannya: Ajusshi is your friend.


24. Jan 14, 2019 - Wednesday-Thursday drama Come Back Ajusshi (formerly called Goodbye My Beloved), the “human fantasy comedy” about two Ajusshis who get the chance to come back from the dead and tend to some unfinished business by possessing the bodies of Rain (She’s So Lovable) and Oh Yeon-seo (Shine or Go Crazy)Come Back Ajusshi will be helmed by the PD of Rooftop Prince and the writer of

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25. MY Ajusshi / MY MISTER LIVE RECAP EPISODE 2 —————– #1 OPENING JA walks outside of a building and looks up at it apprehensively

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26. Article: [Official] KCSC reps, "IU's assault scene in 'My Ajusshi' is under discussion" Source: Sports Chosun via Nate 1

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27. My Ajusshi is not an ode to a masculine proclamation in the shade of Lolita’s adolescent version, or within the sweetness of excessive romance, but it’s a love letter to the bleak, estranged

Ajusshi, An, Adolescent

28. Remember that "Ajusshi" also means "mister," thus is acceptable to use toward younger males

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29. Trailer for the "Ajusshi" movie: Another situation where Ajusshi is used as "mister" rather than as "middle-aged man":

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30. Ajusshi, are you crying? Source: herdys

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31. #Ajusshi #The Man from nowhere #love this movie #well not the bloody parts #but this is one of the first korean movies i watched #the acting is just ahfjdshfjksd #and wth Won Bin looks hot xD #can't wait to see KSR in another dorama #i loved her in CYHM #Won Bin #Kim Sae Ron #gif #my edit #kmovie.

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32. Revised romanization: Naui Ajusshi; Hangul: 나의 아저씨; Director: Kim Won-Suk; Writer: Park Hae-Young; Network: tvN; Episodes: 16; Release Date: March 21 – May 17, 2018; Synopsis


33. My Ajusshi Archives • Drama Milk

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34. IU is Ahn Ji-eun in My Mister (My Ajusshi)

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35. #IU #LeeJiEun #MyAjusshi #MyMister #kdrama #KoreanDrama

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term ajusshi mean in Korean?

Top definition. ajusshi. A Korean term that literally means something like "Uncle", and is a polite way to refer to a man who is older than you, who you don't know well. That doesn't mean they're _old_, necessarily-- little kids might call a man in his 20's "Ajusshi".

What is the meaning of ahjussi?

Like your boyfriend, your crush, or simply a friend older than you. ‘Ahjussi’ literally means uncle. You can use it for people who are very old than you. Like someone who is the age of your father, or someone with an age gap of 20 years or above.

What does Oppa , ajumma and ajusshi mean?

- Hyung: This is for men. A friendly way of addressing another man, as long as he is older. It can be used as a suffix, but you can directly call someone with it. What does Oppa, ajumma and ajusshi mean?

What ' s The difference between ahjumma and ahjussi?

Ahjussi is the same but refers to middle-aged men As far as I can understand, ahjumma and ahjussi are words that are used to refer to middle-aged men and women. Ahjumma is a word that would be used to refer to a woman between the age of 40 - about 60 I am guessing. It is a polite way of talking to or about a stranger whose name you don't know.