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1. That's why over 10,000 people a year globally trust Airs to deliver talent results that drive the future success of their businesses.


2. Airs is the international voice of Information and Referral (I&R), the driving force behind the delivery of high quality I&R services, and the sole source for standards, accreditations and certifications for the community information and referral sector.

Airs, And, Amp, Accreditations

3. Pl n affected manners intended to impress others (esp in the phrases give oneself Airs, put on Airs)

Affected, Airs

4. Arkansas Integrated Revenue Systems (Airs) Arkansas Integrated Revenue Systems (Airs)

Arkansas, Airs


Airs, American


Agency, And, Airs

7. In 1987, Airs was founded by the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council as the faith community's response to the AIDS epidemic

Airs, As, Aids

8. Through strategic planning and community support, Airs has expanded its program to provide supportive housing to the most vulnerable populations throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

And, Airs

9. Recruitment Training, Hiring Manager Training, Outplacement Services, Airs Certification, Recruiter Certification, Team Training, Corporate Training


10. Airs Courses- On-Demand Self Driven Training CRS-DC Onboarding Package - Beginner Plus Product not yet rated Contains 3 Product (s) 3 new product (s) added recently This package consists of 5 courses essential to providing a foundation of success for Community Resource Specialists - Database Curators.

Airs, Added

11. Airs is one of six instruments aboard NASA's Aqua satellite, which in turn is part of a constellation of satellites that make up NASA's Earth Observing System

Airs, Aboard, Aqua

12. Airs along with its partner microwave instrument the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU-A), represents the most advanced atmospheric sounding system ever deployed in space.

Airs, Along, Advanced, Amsu, Atmospheric

13. Airs allows developers to increase the scale of their projects if they dedicate a portion of their projects to seniors

Airs, Allows

14. The AHCA Incident Reporting System (Airs) online website is maintained by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and available through the AHCA web portal (Portal)

Ahca, Airs, Agency, Administration, And, Available

15. If you are not enrolled on the Portal, you will need to create a Portal account before requesting access to Airs

Are, Account, Access, Airs

16. 23 synonyms of Airs from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 56 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Airs, And, Antonyms

17. Airs: a display of emotion or behavior that is …


18. Airs Learning Community; Home Most Active Members Altise Street

Airs, Active, Altise

19. Find 24 ways to say Airs, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Airs, Along, Antonyms, And, At

20. Airs Mission: To provide leadership and support to our members to advance the capacity of information and referral organizations that bring people and services together

Airs, And, Advance

21. Who are we? Illinois Airs is a network of public and private human service organizations and individuals throughout the state of Illinois

Are, Airs, And

22. Illinois Airs was incorporated in


23. This hands on advanced Airs Training is designed for data managers and those interested in analysis of Airs data

Advanced, Airs, And, Analysis

24. This course will focus on reviewing Airs data and system setup from both the client and agency perspective.

Airs, And, Agency

25. Wanna participate in the conference by sharing you experience on Twitter or other social media? See our links below! And use the hashtag #Airs2020.


26. Plural noun affected manners intended to impress others (esp in the phrases give oneself Airs, put on Airs)

Affected, Airs

27. The Airs has been prepared for the convenience of reference only and has no official sanction

Airs, And

28. Airs is a private nonprofit association that operates without government funding

Airs, Association

29. Airs reserves the right to terminate the status of any organization or individual at any time and for any reason

Airs, Any, At, And

30. Put on Airs definition is - to act in a way that shows one thinks one is better than other people

Airs, Act

31. How to use put on Airs in a sentence.


32. Airs is a facility instrument whose goal is to support climate research and improve weather forecasting Launched into Earth-orbit on May 4, 2002 aboard NASA's Aqua satellite, the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder, Airs, provides data critical to the monitoring of Earth’s atmosphere.

Airs, And, Aboard, Aqua, Atmospheric, Atmosphere

33. Airs programs provide recently arrived refugees and legal immigrants with housing, food, clothing, translation as needed, English language instruction, job training, employment assistance, immigration services, referrals and other services

Airs, Arrived, And, As, Assistance

34. Airs: 1 n affected manners intended to impress others “don't put on Airs with me” Synonyms: pose Type of: affectedness the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others)

Airs, Affected, Affectedness, Artificial, As

35. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Airs crossword clue

Answers, Airs

36. Airs is the global leader in recruitment training offering six accredited, industry-recognized certifications enabling recruiters to showcase their expertise and skills in finding top talent including recruitment fundamentals, sourcing, diverse recruiting, and social sourcing.

Airs, Accredited, And

37. O Development budget - Airs reserves must be capitalized in the development budget


38. Airs ®, an industry leader in recruitment training, prepares recruiters, sourcers and other talent acquisition professionals for today’s competitive recruitment and sourcing market.Our certification program focuses on passive candidate searches using all aspects of the latest recruitment strategies including internet sourcing, social sourcing, and professional networking recruiting tactics.

Airs, An, And, Acquisition, All, Aspects

39. Airs training courses, led by industry experts, introduces your recruiters to the latest recruitment techniques and sourcing strategies

Airs, And

40. New York City Plans Suspension of HPD’s Affordable Senior Housing Program, Airs

Affordable, Airs

41. Airs is the global leader in recruitment training offering six accredited, industry-recognized certifications enabling recruiters to showcase their expertise and skills in finding top talent including recruitment fundamentals, sourcing, diverse recruiting, and social sourcing.

Airs, Accredited, And

42. Airs I&R Training Manual (Previously known as the ABCs of I&R) A comprehensive manual developed and published by Airs that provides an introduction to the practice of information and referral

Airs, Amp, As, Abcs, And, An

43. Army IMCOM Registration system (Airs) is a web-based scheduler and tracking tool for the Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP)

Army, Airs, And, Atstp

44. The Automated Import Reference System (Airs) shows the import requirements for Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulated commodities

Automated, Airs, Agency

45. Access the Automated Import Reference System (Airs) (opens in new window) and follow the series of drop down options that include:

Access, Automated, Airs, And

46. American Ballet Theatre performance of Airs, choreographed by Paul Taylor, featuring music by George Frideric Handel, San Francisco, 1985.

American, Airs

47. L2 cloud-cleared radiances using Airs IR only: 3.24: N/A: Airs2SUP_NRT.007: L2 support product using Airs IR only


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What does air of mean?

The definition of air is the mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other gasses that are consistently present around us.

What is the definition of airs?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: airs(Noun) An affected manner intended to impress others. airs(Noun) Plural form of air.

Is air a word?

Air is a 3 letter word, used as a noun or as a verb, a kindergarten word with Middle English origins, and has the letters air (air). Starts with a, ends with r, one consonant, two vowels and one syllable. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.

What does field, air mean?

Field, Air A field the lines of force of which pass through air; the position of a field comprised within a volume of air. How to pronounce field, air?

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