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AIRLOCK [ˈerˌläk]

airlock (noun) · airlocks (plural noun)

  • a blockage of the flow in a pump or pipe, caused by an air bubble.
Synonyms: blockage . obstruction . block .
  • a compartment with controlled pressure and parallel sets of doors, to permit movement between areas at different pressures.

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1. Airlock delivers an easy to use, secure and effective execution control solution for business

2. Airlock389’s patented graphene-based technology is the most advanced and effective air purification solution in the market

3. It began with Airlock, in 2001, our signature rimless collection

4. About Airlock by Marchon Some of us enjoy eyewear that’s bold, funky, and allows us to clearly show the world our sense of style

5. The Airlock Secure Access Hub helps to meet all international compliance standards - from GDPR over PSD2, PCI-DSS, OWASP to MAS

6. The creators of Marchon Airlock glasses have you covered, with completely rimless designs that are feather light and incredibly subtle

7. What is Airlock? Application whitelisting solution designed for scalable creation, deployment and management of application whitelists for enterprise.

8. The Airlock 2FA app offers simple and secure two-factor authentication and transaction approval using your Android device

9. It can be used with websites using the Airlock IAM solution

10. Airlock synonyms, Airlock pronunciation, Airlock translation, English dictionary definition of Airlock

11. The Science of Why Your Friends Shot You From an Airlock The human brain is fallible

12. The 3-Piece Airlock is the best choice for the primary fermenter, since it comes apart for easy cleaning in the event of a blow-off

13. Airlock is a space opera game about a small crew of adventurers constantly getting into trouble, both on and off their spaceship

14. The Airlock is designed for at least 10 pressure cycles per year over 10 years of operations, according to Nanoracks

15. So, in general, and Airlock is basically a doorway

16. So, to back up a little bit, so being the fourth Airlock, the other three that are currently onboard the station, two of them are for crew members.

17.Airlock helps protect against phishing and other scams” Overall : Vendor has been responsive to our requests and continues to enhance product

18. The Airlock is made of plastic and fits any 9mm hole/aperture

19. Airlock The path through which the naval artillery's ammunition passed typically has blast-resistant Airlocks and other safety devices, including provisions to flood the compartment with seawater in an …

20. The Airlock is part of Kershaw’s Starter series, designed to provide more style and more advanced features—for less money

21. For style, the Airlock has a slim, speedy look with a distinctive cutout in the handle that mirrors the handle shape.

22. Fill your Airlock up to the fill-line with water

23. If the CO2 can find an easier way out of the fermentation vessel than the Airlock, such as through a gap in the lid, it will.

24. 21), the first commercial Airlock ever sent to the International Space Station (ISS) was attached to its exterior

25. The new structure is a bell-shaped Airlock that is designed to

26. Another cool feature of this 3-piece Airlock is that 1/2" ID Silicone tubing will fit onto the center post for use as a blowoff

27. The dome-shaped Bishop Airlock has a circular opening that is attached to the space station

28. When attached, the Airlock is pressurized and astronauts can fill …

29. Airlock Digital was born out of necessity to address these challenges, as a new approach to application whitelisting was needed

30. Disabling the Whitelist Airlock can be configured to allow or deny administrative users from disabling the application whitelist

31. An Airlock is probably one of the first things a homebrewer should get

32. Airlock alternatives proposed by the craft brewing community


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 · Airlock Eyewear

34. Airlock eyewear is made by Marchon, one of the world's largest eyewear makers.Airlock eyewear is defining the way sport rimless glasses frames are designed

35. One Airlock would bridge between the CNC space to a Grade D space

36. The second Airlock would allow transfer between Grade D and the final Grade C space

37. A “pressure bubble” Airlock provides a barrier to two different process

38. This is what a standard brewer's Airlock looks like

39. The advantage of this type of Airlock is that they have a smaller chamber so you can more closely observe the CO2 rising and therefore the rate of fermentation

40. They are also handy when you are cooling a beer as there is less chance of sucking Airlock water back into the fermentation.


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 · New and improved, these fly-fishing Airlock Indicators are made of a lighter weight material for easier casting and higher floatation

42. An Airlock is a system of two doors that are electronically interlocked so that both cannot be open at the same time

43. An Airlock system will also help maintain the controlled temperature of a

44. The Airlock had been kept at a chilly 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it needed to gradually come up to about 75 degrees, the temperature of the rest of the building, so condensation wouldn’t form

45. Airlock has been developed from the ground up by security professionals to solve real world problems with Application Whitelisting

46. Airlock incorporates proven and effective workflows, designed for ease of use in dynamically changing enterprise environments

47. Application Whitelisting with Airlock is a simple, repeatable process.

48. New Marchon Airlock Purple SHATTERED 201 505 Eyeglasses 50mm with Case & Cloth 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - New Marchon Airlock Purple SHATTERED 201 …

49. The exterior of each Airlock has a docking bay covered in pulsing orange lights and a rotating label indicating which part of the station they lead to

50. There are a total of 6 Airlocks around Talos I

51. Another door that can be used as an Airlock is the shipping container at the Cargo Bay.

52. Three Piece Airlock Valve 6.5 Drilled Stopper and LCD Thermometer Fermentation Kit For Home Brewing-Set of 2 SimiValleyHomeBrew

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Does airlock actually work?

The airlock doors work perfectly if no one opens them. If you want to create an entrance in and out of rooms without exchanging gas you need to use water. If your dupes have no issues with stress just build a wall that dips into water and ladders on either side.

What is the air lock technique?

Air-lock Technique is used frequently in intramuscular sites. Injection of the needle is done at 90 degrees so that all of the air you aspirated should be the LAST to exit the syringe, creating an air lock inside the skin (*minimizes amount of "wasted" gear*).

What is airlock in a cooling system?

When a leak is present, the coolant level drops and air is sucked in and circulated. Air is obviously lighter than coolant, and once it rises to the top of the cooling system it causes what is known as an airlock. An airlock is a large bubble that can’t be pushed through the cooling system by the coolant flow.

What is an air lock?

Air lock. An air lock is a restriction of, or complete stoppage of liquid flow caused by vapour trapped in a high point of a liquid-filled pipe system.

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