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1. Learn about Aionios original meaning in the Bible using the New Testament Greek Lexicon - New American Standard.

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2. I understand the meaning of the word Aionios(often appearing in genitive plural aionion) in Greek to carry the connotation of 'pertaining to the age' or 'age enduring.' The word is a form of the word we have borrowed into English from the Latin transliteration of the Greek as aeonor eon.

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3. The secular Greek-English lexicon by Bauer, p.28, defines "Aionios" and it's family of words, ("aionion", "aioniou") to most commonly mean "without beginning or end" and "eternal".

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4. To understanding Aionios and aion properly rendered to convey the meaning of the words in English

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6. Aionios-life is "life" because: It is the Spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord within man


7. Aionios-life is "Aionios" because: this promise has fulfillment in these present ages/aions, that we may know the one true God, giving us life from the wages of sin

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8. Aionios-life is freedom from subjection to sin today, not after death.

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9. In the Eternal Torment: Godly Love? paper on this website, we discussed the fact that the word eternal (everlasting) in the Bible is derived from the Greek word "Aionios" which itself is the adjective form of "aion." We discussed the true meaning of the word aion as "age" and Aionios as that which is "pertaining to aions (or ages)."

Aionios, Adjective, Aion, As, Age, And, Aions, Ages

10. And aion is a noun and Aionios is the adjective directly derived from aion

And, Aion, Aionios, Adjective

11. Thus if aion means age, then Aionios cannot mean anything greater than an age

Aion, Age, Aionios, Anything, An

12. Thus by Linguistic principles Aionios can only mean age-long, or pertaining to an age

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13. Learn about Aionios original meaning in the Bible using the New Testament Greek Lexicon - King James Version.

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14. The adjective Aionios must take the whole of its meaning from the noun AION from which it is derived

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15. Aionios life is life derived from receiving spiritual life during this aion

Aionios, Aion

16. It is not life which must end when the aions are consumed and have fulfilled their purpose, but Aionios life began during “times Aionios

Aions, Are, And, Aionios

17. #3.1 Scriptures for αἰώνιος 'Aionios' meaning 'everlasting' or 'long-lasting' Strong's 166; Introduction 3.1


18. Aionios) translated 'eternal' or 'everlasting' (Strong's 166)


19. It gives every verse where the word 'Aionios


20. The word for “eternal” is “Aionios” which is derived from the Greek root “aion” which means age

Aionios, Aion, Age

21. Aionios is derived from the noun aion, which is not hard to see b/c (aion)ios contains the word aion in it

Aionios, Aion

22. Aionios, therefore, is defined by aion

Aionios, Aion

23. The Greek words aion and Aionios, and the Hebrew equivalent olam, mean “age” and refer to a specific aeon, epoch or season.Although translated “eternal” and “everlasting”, they simply do not mean forever and ever

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24. The words aion, Aionios and olam instead refer to a defined period of time dependent on the subject they describe

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25. Aionios (from aion, “age”) is a relative term and may mean “age-long,” “enduring for a time only,” but it can also mean “everlasting,” “endless,” and it clearly has this meaning in all passages that speak of the destiny of men in the hereafter

Aionios, Aion, Age, And, Also, All

26. The temporal is contrasted with the eternal (Aionios


27. The definitions given for the noun, aion, and the adjective, Aionios, are widely accepted as authoritative and determinative for the teaching of everlasting punishment

Aion, And, Adjective, Aionios, Are, Accepted, As, Authoritative

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29. How to say Aionios in English? Pronunciation of Aionios with 3 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning and more for Aionios.

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32. Aionios would be the word to use both in regard to something lasting a long time and something eternal

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33. The universalist could, however, point out that the normal usage of Aionios is in relation to temporal things, and then make an argument for

Aionios, And, An, Argument

34. Matthew 25:46 And these will go away into everlasting (Aionios) punishment, but the righteous into eternal (Aionios) life

And, Away, Aionios

35. "Aionios" is an adjective "age" is a noun "during" is a preposition

Aionios, An, Adjective, Age

36. Those who reject the definition "eternal" for "Aionios" also reject any concordances which define "aionos" as "eternal." Claiming they are biased.

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37. It seems (to me) that the adjective Aionios and its noun aion are, nevertheless, hard words to translate in English - and it seems that perhaps we do not have a direct English word that means the same as aion/Aionios

Adjective, Aionios, And, Aion, Are, As

38. Aionios is used in two other verses to qualify "life" - both in the pericope of the rich man - 19:16 and 19:29

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40. Aionios in greek pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more

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41. From CHRIST TRIUMPHANT by Thomas Allin Let us next consider the true meaning of the words "aion" and "Aionios."*1 These are the originals of the terms rendered by our translators "everlasting," "for ever and ever:" and upon these misleading translations, a vast portion of the popular dogma of endless torment is built up

Allin, Aion, And, Aionios, Are

42. Aionios means eternal bacause the Bible speaks of an eternal age

Aionios, An, Age

43. Aionios is an adjective describing a certain type of life, a certain type of fire, etc

Aionios, An, Adjective

44. The word, Aionios is the adjective form of the noun, aion, and the word, aion gives a more clear meaning or the word and what it means.

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46. The Greek word αἰώνιος, Aionios occurs 71 times in the New Testament


47. Writers of the New Testament have rendered the word by aion and Aionios, there being probably not ten instances of deviation from this uniformity by the Septuagint translators, and not so many by the New Testament writers; and when we consider further, the manifest advantage of this uniformity to those who in former ages read the

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49. Aionios means “enduring through or pertaining to a period of time.” Both the noun and the adjective are applied to limited periods." 06-14-2018, 10:37 PM Jerwade : Location: Arizona

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50. The two adjectives represent the same Greek word (aionion) Aionios-- it must be admitted (1) that the Greek word which is rendered "eternal" does not, in itself, involve endlessness, but rather, duration, whether through an age or succession of ages, and that it is therefore applied in the N.T

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does aionios mean in Greek?

I understand the meaning of the word aionios (often appearing in genitive plural aionion) in Greek to carry the connotation of 'pertaining to the age' or 'age enduring.' The word is a form of the word we have borrowed into English from the Latin transliteration of the Greek as aeon or eon.

Which is the best definition of the word Aion?

Strong's Greek Dictionary defines "aion" as follows: "an age, perpetuity, the world, a Messianic period, course, eternal, forever, evermore, without end." Strong's defines the adjective aionios as follows: "perpetual, eternal, forever, everlasting." Are these definitions good scholarship or religious bias?

Is the word aionios in the Bible everlasting?

WORD STUDY ON "AIONIOS": Consider another critical word in the Bible which a number of cults claim cannot mean everlasting because it is used to refer to everlasting condemnation and everlasting life: Comment: Your opening statement is not reputable scholarship-it is a mis-direction.

What does the word anionios mean in the Bible?

Dr. Marvin Vincent, Word Studies of the New Testament (Vol. IV, p. 59). The adjective aionios in like manner carries the idea of time. Neither the noun nor the adjective in themselves carries the sense of "endless" or "everlasting.' Anionios means enduring through or pertaining to a period of time.

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