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AGRIBUSINESSIN [ˈaɡrəˌbiznəs]

agribusiness (noun) · agri-business (noun) · agribusinesses (plural noun) · agri-businesses (plural noun)

  • agriculture conducted on commercial principles, especially using advanced technology.
  • an organization engaged in agribusiness.
Synonyms: farming . agriculture . agronomy . cultivation . tillage . animal husbandry .
  • the group of industries dealing with agricultural produce and services required in farming.
Synonyms: farming . cultivation . tillage . tilling . husbandry . crofting . agronomy . industry .

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What businesses are considered agricultural?

Agricultural business, also known as agribusiness, is the farming, management, production, and marketing of agricultural commodities, such as livestock and crops. The agricultural business field includes resource management, farming, conservation, ranching, and sales.

What are examples of agricultural businesses?

TYPES AND EXAMPLES OF FEASIBLE AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES THAT ARE LUCRATIVE Backyard Nursery. First, do you know what is the nursery? A nursery is where seeds are raised into seedlings. ... Fish Farming. This one is a very big market. ... Pig Farming. I know what just came to your mind. ... Snail Farming. This meat sells like crazy. ... Crop Farming. People run from this innovative agriculture business because there feel too big for it. ...

What is a characteristic of agribusiness?

5 Common Characteristics of a Successful Agribusiness

  1. They understand their 'Why'
  2. They practice a Customer-Centric Approach.
  3. Everyone in the business understands, and owns the business Vision.
  4. Consistency and Reliability.
  5. Don't try to be all things to all people.

What are the advantages of agribusiness?

What Are the Pros of Agribusiness? It is an alternative asset class. Agribusiness provides income, plain and simple. ... It provides something that people always need. Challenging seasons may make for the best investment opportunities because there is one rule all humans follow: we need food to eat. ... There can be certain tax benefits. ... It allows for diversification. ... More items...

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