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AGLET [ˈaɡlət]

aglet (noun) · aglets (plural noun)

  • a metal or plastic tube fixed tightly around each end of a shoelace.

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1. Middle English agglot, Aglet, borrowed from Middle French aguillette, diminutive of aguille "needle, pin," going back to Old French, going back to Gallo-Latin acūcula, alteration (with ū from Latin acūtus …

2. Aglet is a Dutch based company specialized in buying and selling exclusive sneakers, clothing and accessories

3. Aglet is not your run-of-the-million gaming startup, or shopping startup, or sneaker startup

4. LitLaces - 24 Pack Easy to Install Aglet Mouth Design Shoe Lace Tips for 6 Pairs of Shoes LitLaces 5 out of 5 stars (501) $ 8.99 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 8 Clear Plastic Transparent Shoelace Aglets tips with heat shrink action

5. Lace Lab's Aglet's fit perfectly on the ends of your laces, taking your sneaker game to the next level

6. Aglet A safe, high-level core OpenGL 3.3+ context manager and wrapper for Nim.

7. Aglets are the plastic things that apear at the end of your shoelaces

8. Bob- yo dude, those are wicked plastic thingys at the end of your shoe laces ! Bill- Dude, they are called Aglets by Chloe the Great December 27, 2005

9. Well, you’ve got your chance right here on Aglet. The first location-based, virtual shopping game for sneakerheads around the world; and you can play it without leaving your house

10. Join sneakerheads and gamers everywhere who are exploring their cities, earning Aglet and building the sickest virtual sneaker collection in the world.

11. LitLaces - 23mm Aglet Shoe Lace Tips for Sneakers Open Mouth Easy to Install Metal Aglet Tips (Pack of 24) 4.1 out of 5 stars 66

12. Aglet is an older Moocher gambler with access to fairy dust

13. Aglet wears a little white suit

14. Aglet is first introduced as a card game at Ruthie the Shell's private card house enters its tenth hour

15. Among the players are Aglet, Storm Drain Sonny, Rick Diggins, and Agnes

16. In an attempt to make conversation, Aglet compliments Agnes

17. 3.5mm Metal Aglets For Shoelace,Rose Gold Shoe Lace End Tips For Cord,Black & Silver Hoodie Aglet Ends For Shoe Tip Replacement 5W1HStudio 4 out of 5 stars (621) $ 1.79

18. Add to Favorites More colors NEW! 10 simple Aglets (medieval/renaissance)- M2 ThimbleAndPlume 5 out of 5 stars (398

19. Aglet Information What is an “Aglet”? An “Aglet” (sometimes spelt “aiglet”) is the name given to the plastic or metal tip on the end of a shoelace.Despite their simplicity, Aglets perform several functions: They stop the ends of the shoelaces from unravelling;

20. Aglets are metal tips for laces to prevent fraying and ease threading

21. An Aglet is a device that secures each end of a shoelace and prevents it from fraying, making it easier to thread the shoelace through the holes in a shoe ("Tip of the Day").

22. The word Aglet (or aiglet) comes from Old French aguillette (or aiguillette), which is the diminutive of aguille (or aiguille), meaning needle.

23. From Middle English Aglet, Aglett, agglot, from Old French aguillete

24. Aglet (plural Aglets) Alternative spelling of aiglet; The cover at the tip of a …

25. Aglet Over the last four months, Niall McGuire has taken 2.38 million steps, some 1,200 miles, or rather, some 2,000 kilometers as the 24 year old in …

26. Aglet - The plastic or metal covering on the end of a shoelace (formerly called the point) that makes it easier to thread through the eyelet holes

27. 7,290 Followers, 306 Following, 341 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Aglet (@Agletapp)

28. When a writer needs a particularly obscure fact, it seems the go-to subject is the Aglet, the plastic or metal tip on a shoelace that prevents fraying

29. Aglet is a Dutch based company specialized in buying and selling exclusive sneakers, clothing and accessories

30. An Aglet or aiglet is a small plastic or metal sheath typically found on each end of a shoelace, cord, or drawstring

31. An Aglet keeps the fibers of the lace or cord from unraveling, plus its firmness and narrow profile makes it both easier to hold and easier to feed through the eyelets, lugs, or other lacing guides

32. The word Aglet (or aiglet) comes from Old French aguillette (or aiguillette

33. The Aglet brought together a team of gaming and sneaker industry veterans, with employees who have worked for Riot Games, Jordan Brand and Adidas

34. Aglet is currently hiring game designers to help expand the Aglet universe.

35. Aglet is a celebration of sneakers and creativity but it’s also a celebration of the spirit of collecting that drives the culture

36. Big ups to all of you again for the support! Have fun playing Aglet during the holidays and don’t be afraid to walk off that Christmas

37. Aglet (n.) also aiglet, "metal tag of a lace," meant to make it easier to thread through the eyelet-holes, but later often ornamental, mid-15c., from Old French aiguillette, diminutive of aiguille "needle," from Late Latin acucula, an extended form (via diminutive suffix, but not necessarily implying smallness) of Latin acus "a needle," from PIE root *ak-"be sharp, rise (out) to a point, pierce."

38. At once technical and human, Aglet Sans explores what it means to be round, and the ways in which a system can be implemented and strategically broken

39. Definition of Aglet in the dictionary

40. What does Aglet mean? Information and translations of Aglet in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

41. Aglet are suitable for men, women, and kids and can be used on a large variety of shoes and sneakers

42. Aglet on the site are available in innumerable shades, and consumers are sure to find the right ones for their footwear

43. Aglet on are available in varying lengths that are suited for different sizes and kinds of shoes

44. Looking for online definition of Aglet or what Aglet stands for? Aglet is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

45. Explore Aglet Sans designed by Jesse Ragan at Adobe Fonts

46. It’s the tiny plastic tag on the end of your laces, an Aglet, that makes it possible to tie your shoes

47. An Aglet is a class or template in the Java object-oriented programming language and the mobile agent instances of its use are also called Aglets

48. Relatively simple examples of Aglets are applications in which one Aglet can dispatch another to a remote computer to display a note or to search for information and send it back or to notify a user

49. An Aglet-baby was therefore a diminutive figure embossed on an Aglet or jewel

50. Aglet 498 followers on LinkedIn

51. Aglet: A tag or sheath, as of plastic, on the end of a lace, cord, or ribbon to facilitate its passing through eyelet holes.

52. Aglet definition: a metal sheath or tag at the end of a shoelace , ribbon , etc Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

53. Aglet - metal or plastic sheath over the end of a shoelace or ribbon

54. Aglet - ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform.

55. Use this guide to replace a damaged or missing Aglet on a shoelace

56. Aglets are the hard tips on the end of shoelaces which are often made of plastic

57. See authoritative translations of Aglet in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

58. In the French language, a needle is called aquille or aquillete, and from this we get the name Aglet.Also known as aiglet, an Aglet is the end tip of a shoelace that is bound with a metal tag, a plastic sheath, a glass holder, or a molded polyester crimp

59. Round architecture informs Aglet Mono, tempering its rigorous, fixed-width rhythm

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What does aglet mean?

Definition of aglet 1 : the plain or ornamental tag covering the ends of a lace or point 2 : any of various ornamental studs, cords, or pins worn on clothing

What is an aglet in Java?

For the Java-based mobile agent platform, see Aglets. Not to be confused with Aiguillette. An aglet ( / ˈæɡlət / AG-lət) or aiglet is a small sheath, often made of plastic or metal, used on each end of a shoelace, a cord, or a drawstring.

What does aglets mean?

Definition of aglet. 1 : the plain or ornamental tag covering the ends of a lace or point. 2 : any of various ornamental studs, cords, or pins worn on clothing.

What is a lace aglet?

An aglet keeps the fibers of the lace or cord from unraveling; its firmness and narrow profile make it easier to hold and easier to feed through eyelets, lugs, or other lacing guides.

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