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1. Examples of Agitated in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Horses are suffering from breathing problems and can quickly become Agitated and unbalanced.

Agitated, Are, And

2. Agitated synonyms, Agitated pronunciation, Agitated translation, English dictionary definition of Agitated


3. To upset; disturb: was Agitated by the alarming

Agitated, Alarming

4. 70 synonyms of Agitated from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 151 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Agitated, And, Antonyms

5. Agitated: being in a state of increased activity or agitation

Agitated, Activity, Agitation

6. To feel Agitated is to feel anxious, bothered, or worried

Agitated, Anxious

7. Worried or angry: She became very Agitated when her son failed to return home

Angry, Agitated

8. There was a long delay, and people became increasingly Agitated as they waited for the train.

And, Agitated, As

9. Dorsey maintained a calm demeanor as Cruz became increasingly Agitated during the questioning and accused the company of wielding too much power over media outlets and making decisions that benefit Democrats politically.

As, Agitated, And, Accused

10. It’s normal to feel Agitated


11. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Agitated crossword clue

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12. Agitated depression is a type of depression that involves symptoms like restlessness and anger

Agitated, And, Anger

13. A person that is Agitated is quick to frustration or anger, often feeling bothered

Agitated, Anger

14. Agitated depression is not a medical term, but some people use it to describe this combination of anxiety and depression

Agitated, Anxiety, And

15. Synonyms for Agitated in Free Thesaurus


16. 39 synonyms for Agitated: upset, worried, troubled, disturbed, shaken, excited, alarmed, nervous

Agitated, Alarmed

17. The verb agitate means "to shake up." So someone who is Agitated has been shaken up by something — disturbing news, a careless driver who nearly caused a huge accident, or just a very long, very bad day

Agitate, Agitated, Accident

18. Agitated can also describe being activated, or fired up about something.

Agitated, Also, Activated, About

19. What does Agitated mean? Agitated means to have shaken up or stirred-up something


20. Agitated definition, excited; disturbed


21. The act of agitating or the state of being Agitated

Act, Agitating, Agitated

22. They Agitatedfor American independence and the abolishment of slavery in the United States

Agitatedfor, American, And, Abolishment

23. Subsequently, with other intellectuals, he Agitatedfor political and social change, earning a reputation as a mild radical and socialist

Agitatedfor, And, As

24. In many other healing temples for Agitatedpeople physical restraints are used, but they are not used here.

Agitatedpeople, Are

25. See 4 authoritative translations of Agitated in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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26. An Agitated state prevents people from focusing or concentrating

An, Agitated

27. Agitated employees may be described as inefficient or difficult

Agitated, As

28. Agitated depression (also known as "melancholia agitate") is a specific type of depression with symptoms related to restlessness and anger

Agitated, Also, As, Agitate, And, Anger

29. Symptoms of Agitated Depression


30. An Agitated person may feel stirred up, excited, tense, confused, or irritable

An, Agitated

31. Agitated depression falls under the umbrella of the depression diagnosis


32. It is a form of depression where the individual is often Agitated, restless and angry often

Agitated, And, Angry

33. Examples of Agitated in a sentence Barbara felt Agitated when her husband did not pick up his phone, especially since she had been calling all day

Agitated, All

34. 🔊 An Agitated fan started cursing from the stands as his team made one bad play after another

An, Agitated, As, After, Another

35. ‘she was red and Agitated with the effort of arguing’ ‘In many other healing temples for Agitated people physical restraints are used, but they are not used here.’ ‘Seven minutes later the waiting room is filled with shouting as more officers arrive with an Agitated young man whose once-smart white shirt and khaki pants are soaked in

And, Agitated, Arguing, Are, As, Arrive, An

36. Items among those were observed least often, but not associated with those most Agitated

Among, Associated, Agitated

37. Agitated depression is a common mental illness among the elderly and is often described as a state of both depressive symptoms and mania

Agitated, Among, And, As

38. People who suffer from Agitated


39. He was abnormally Agitated, she only normally so - grammar out of sorts / to become Agitated / to lose one's head (sacar de juicio/quicio)

Abnormally, Agitated

40. Agitated behaviors, including verbal belligerence, wandering, and physical aggression, pose safety risks for patients, staff, and family members

Agitated, And, Aggression

41. Agitation is one of the diagnostic features of catatonia in the DSM IV classification, but permanent forms of Agitated catatonia have occasionally been described

Agitation, Agitated

42. We found 56 answers for “Agitated

Answers, Agitated

43. This page shows answers to the clue Agitated, followed by 2 definitions like “Excited; disturbed”, “Thrown from side to side” and “Tossing thrown from side to side”.A synonym for Agitated is in a haste.

Answers, Agitated, And

44. ‘They Agitated for loan deals to get some games and are likely to want some guarantees as to appearances.’ ‘‘I've remorselessly Agitated for a full public inquiry but the powers that be have just kicked me into touch so to speak,’ he said.’ ‘Reporting back, he Agitated for reform, so troubled was he by the abuses he had uncovered.’

Agitated, And, Are, As, Appearances, Abuses

45. Agitated definition: If someone is Agitated , they are very worried or upset , and show this in their Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Agitated, Are, And

46. He sounded very Agitated on the phone


47. The doctor becalmed the Agitated patient


48. His fiery speech Agitated the crowd


49. She suddenly became very vehement and Agitated, jumping around and shouting

And, Agitated, Around

50. Definition of Agitated adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Agitated, Adjective, Advanced

51. Agitated Saline “ubble Study” •Saline is ^Agitated _ and injected via IV to create micro-bubbles •Micro-bubbles are ultrasound reflective and opacify the right heart •Looking for any blood flow from RA - LA Agitated Bubble Study

Agitated, And, Are, Any

52. The Agitated Grape Bar & Bistro, Davison, Michigan

Agitated, Amp

53. The Agitated Grape is a Bar and Bistro Exclusively Featuring Michigan Wine, Beer,

Agitated, And

54. Agitated Lyrics: You make me Agitated / With all the things you've hated / But you're uncomplicated / So why should it affect you / My loving was so untrue? / Yeaaahhhh / You do it to me sweetly

Agitated, All, Affect

55. Synonyms for be Agitated include be upset, be troubled, fret, fuss, stew, trouble, worry, squirm, twitch and jiggle

Agitated, And

56. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Agitated a‧gi‧ta‧ted / ˈædʒɪteɪtɪd / adjective UPSET so nervous or upset that you are unable to keep still or think calmly Amanda was getting visibly Agitated

Agitated, Adjective, Are, Amanda

57. Examples from the Corpus Agitated • When her daughter didn't arrive, she became increasingly Agitated.

Agitated, Arrive

58. Agitated - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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59. Find 5 ways to say Agitated, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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60. Agitated definition: troubled emotionally and usually deeply synonyms: excited, phrenetic, emotional, hysterical, wild-eyed, shaken, aroused, unsteady, frenzied

Agitated, And, Aroused

61. Agitated mixing tanks and agitators we offer for sale come from varied sources, and manufacturers include Chem-Tek, Cherry Burrell, Crepaco, Feldmeier, Perma-San, Potter Rayfield, Sani-Tank, and Walker

Agitated, And, Agitators

62. Agitated depression was defined as an MDE with HIGH-C psychomotor agitation score > or = 2

Agitated, As, An, Agitation

63. Results: In this strictly defined unipolar sample, Agitated depression was present in 19.7%


64. Compared with its non-Agitated counterpart, it had significantly fewer


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