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1. Aggravation definition is - an act or circumstance that intensifies something or makes something worse

Aggravation, An, Act

2. How to use Aggravation in a sentence


3. Common Uses of aggravate, Aggravation

Aggravate, Aggravation

4. Noun an increase in intensity, seriousness, or severity; act of making worse: an Aggravation of pain

An, Act, Aggravation

5. 3 the feeling of impatience or anger caused by another's repeated disagreeable acts informed her children that she didn't need the extra Aggravation of hearing them fight in …

Anger, Another, Acts, Aggravation

6. Aggravation noun (MAKE WORSE) [ U ] formal the act of making something such as a problem or injury worse: Rest the affected limb to avoid further Aggravation of the condition.

Aggravation, Act, As, Affected, Avoid

7. Aggravation (countable and uncountable, plural Aggravations) The act of aggravating , or making worse; used of evils, natural or moral; the act of increasing in severity or heinousness ; something additional to a crime or wrong and enhancing its guilt or injurious consequences.

Aggravation, And, Aggravations, Act, Aggravating, Additional

8. Intolerable is a thirst to which the very offer of water seems but mockery and Aggravation. SARCHEDON G

And, Aggravation

9. (GEORGE JOHN) WHYTE-MELVILLE In a word, by a process of moral Aggravation that is unworthy a great and liberal Press

Aggravation, And

10. Aggravation Any circumstances surrounding the commission of a crime that increase its seriousness or add to its injurious consequences

Aggravation, Any, Add

11. The Aggravation of a crime is usually a …


12. Aggravation is a boardgame for up to six players. The object is to be the first player to have all four plastic marble playing pieces reach the player's home section of the board

Aggravation, All

13. Aggravation; irritation; provocation


14. Hypernyms ("Aggravation" is a kind of): aggression (deliberately unfriendly behavior) Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "Aggravation"): aggro ((informal British usage) Aggravation or aggression) last straw (the final irritation that stretches your patience beyond the …

Aggravation, Aggression, Aggro

15. ‘The latest figures show a certain Aggravation on the inflation front, according to the report.’ ‘The outcome will be economic Aggravation, dashing the desperate hope for an economic recovery.’ ‘The Aggravation of the problem is directly related to the violence unleashed on the natural enemies of pests.’

Aggravation, According, An

16. Aggravation is an evergreen racing board game where players unlock their pawns (marbles) from their bases and make them compete against the others to reach home first. The game proceeds like Pay Day, with all players racing on the …

Aggravation, An, And, Against, All

17. How to Play Aggravation To start your turn, roll the die once and try to move a marble

Aggravation, And

18. Large Aggravation Fast Track Board Game 2-8 Player 26" Wide Plus Dice, Cards and 3 Rules Variations

Aggravation, And

19. Solid Oak Double Sided Aggravation Marble Board Game Hand Painted 16 inch by Cauff.


20. Aggravation board game Sorry board game Wahoo board game Parcheesi board game Trouble board game Tock 4 - strategy board game KubiyaGames


21. Aggravation is a game where a lot of scream and hollering takes place but all in good fun

Aggravation, And, All

22. Try playing the game Aggravation today!


23. Aggravation, in law, is "any circumstance attending the commission of a crime or tort which increases its guilt or enormity or adds to its injurious consequences, but which is above and beyond the essential constituents of the crime or tort itself."

Aggravation, Any, Attending, Adds, Above, And

24. The primary purpose of this proposed regulatory amendment is to provide a singular definition of “Aggravation” by clarifying two phrases contained within 38 CFR 3.306 and 3.310; specifically, “increase in disability” in section 3.306 and “any increase in severity” in section 3.310.

Amendment, Aggravation, And, Any

25. An increase in intensity, seriousness, or severity; act of making worse: an Aggravation of pain

An, Act, Aggravation

26. Aggravation Definition Aggravation — a worsening of a preexisting condition where the underlying pathology of the condition is permanently advanced

Aggravation, Advanced

27. ‘The latest figures show a certain Aggravation on the inflation front, according to the report.’ ‘The outcome will be economic Aggravation, dashing the desperate hope for an economic recovery.’ ‘The Aggravation of the problem is directly related to the violence unleashed on the natural enemies of pests.’

Aggravation, According, An

28. Great deals on Aggravation Board Game


29. The answer is service connection by Aggravation

Answer, Aggravation

30. Aggravation: Medtalk An ↑ in seriousness, intensity or severity of disease; worsening Vox populi An annoyance

Aggravation, An, Annoyance

31. Aggravation Board Game - Deluxe Party Edition - Lakeside Games - 1972 Version - Great Condition - Complete TheVintageSentinel


32. What does Aggravation mean? A source of continuing, increasing irritation or trouble


33. Aggravation definition: the act of aggravating , or making worse , or the condition of being aggravated Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Aggravation, Act, Aggravating, Aggravated, And

34. Usage: The two most common senses of the verb aggravate are “to make worse” and “to annoy, exasperate.” Both senses, and the corresponding senses of the noun Aggravation, appeared in the early 17th century at almost the same time and have been standard since then.The noun and verb senses “to annoy” and “annoyance” are sometimes objected to, and used somewhat less frequently

Aggravate, Are, And, Annoy, Aggravation, Appeared, At, Almost, Annoyance

35. Solid wood Aggravation game boards for 2 to 6 players


36. All Aggravation game boards are made of solid wood of different species, such as Red Oak, hard Maple, Cherry, and White Ash

All, Aggravation, Are, As, And, Ash

37. This Classic Aggravation Board is made out of solid wood by the Mennonite folks at Wengerd Wood in Holmes County, Ohio

Aggravation, At

38. The hexagon-shaped Aggravation board is then hand painted and finished with 2 coats of protective clear polyurethane

Aggravation, And

39. The result is a beautiful Aggravation Game Board made to last for generations of play.


40. Definition and synonyms of Aggravation from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

And, Aggravation

41. This is the British English definition of Aggravation.View American English definition of Aggravation.

Aggravation, American

42. An Aggravation is the temporary appearance of new symptoms, or a temporary intensification of existing symptoms, following a dose of a homeopathic remedy

An, Aggravation, Appearance

43. Aggravations are harmless, usually mild, and short-lived

Aggravations, Are, And

44. A member of the large rummy family of card games, Aggravation Rummy is a two- or four-deck contest that requires careful accounting, and more than a little patience, on the part of players

Aggravation, Accounting, And

45. Aggravation of a Pre-Existing Condition


46. Ohio Workers’ Compensation claims which took place before August 25, 2006 did not have the legal requirement to prove that a substantial Aggravation to a pre-existing condition.

August, Aggravation

47. Aggravation is a card game that makes traditional Rummy a lot more interesting


48. In Aggravation, the playing deck is made up of a combination of four playing decks


49. Aggravation of a preexisting injury or Aggravation of a preexisting condition is the degree that a preexisting injury or condition that a plaintiff had prior to an incident that forms the basis of a negligence lawsuit was made worse by the incident that forms the basis of the negligence lawsuit

Aggravation, An

50. To make an Aggravation use whisky - scotch whisky (blended), coffee liqueur, single cream / half-and-half, milk (semi-skimmed/2% fat), sugar syrup (2:1) and garnish

An, Aggravation, And

51. The Aggravation rule is a doctrine of general workers' compensation law which provides that, where an employment injury worsens or combines with a preexisting impairment to produce a disability greater than that which would have resulted from the employment injury alone, the entire resulting disability is …

Aggravation, An, Alone

52. Aggravation - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

Aggravation, And

53. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Aggravation n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


54. Allen Aggravation is a theory of secondary service connections based on a court case called Allen

Allen, Aggravation

55. As Robert said, Allen Aggravation is a different type of secondary service connection

As, Allen, Aggravation

56. What you’re dealing with here is Aggravation instead of causation, meaning, that you have a service


57. Aggravating definition, causing or full of Aggravation: I've had an aggravating day

Aggravating, Aggravation, An

58. Wound Aggravation is a notable passive skill only found on Large or Medium Cluster Jewels


59. The following unique items are related to Wound Aggravation

Are, Aggravation

60. If VA finds Aggravation, the second task is to consider whether the increased disability is due to the natural progression of the disease


61. Establishing a Preexisting Condition VA begins its evaluation of claims for service connection based on Aggravation under a presumption of soundness whereby, unless evidence indicates otherwise, it is


62. Definition of Aggravation noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Aggravation, Advanced

63. Dissimilar Aggravation in which new symptoms appear for a short time but current ones stay the same

Aggravation, Appear

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AGGRAVATION [ˌaɡrəˈvāSH(ə)n]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of aggravated?

The definition of aggravated is something that intensifies or worsens something like a condition or circumstance.

What is the abbreviation for aggravation?

AGG means Aggravation This acronym/slang usually belongs to Medical category. Particularly in Physiology Abbreviations

What is aggravated feeling?

Definition of aggravated 1 : angry or displeased especially because of small problems or annoyances : feeling or showing aggravation Sid snored on.

What is the adjective for aggravate?

aggravating adjective (MAKING WORSE) law formal or specialized. making something worse, such as a crime: Aggravating factors can affect the sentence set by the court. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Worse and worst. aggravation. at worst idiom.

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