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1. Agentic (Adjective) Social cognition theory perspective in which people are producers as well as products of social systems.

2. Agentic meaning Social cognition theory perspective in which people are producers as well as products of social systems.

3. Synonyms for Agentic include autonomous, free, independent, self-determining, self-directed, self-governing, self-ruling, selfstanding, sovereign and uncontrolled

4. Adjective Milgram's theory about the Agentic state which is the psychological state the obedient subject is in when he or she is obeying authority.

5. Your Agentic Agent will receive, assess and provide expert analysis of this information that makes not selling a property very difficult

6. Agentic Insurance, LLC is a privately owned specialty wholesale operation focusing on consultative brokering of professional lines products including Errors and Omissions, Management Liability, Cyber Liability, Media Liability, Allied Healthcare and Environmental

7. Prior to co-founding Agentic Insurance, Tom acted as the President and founder of Apogee Insurance Group, a Professional Liability Specialty Broker, which writes EPLI, D&O, E&O and a specific practice assessing and writing complex Technology and secure data/cyber risks.

8. Agentic and communal categories to generally describe qualities and characteristics of leadership (Eagly & Johannesen-Schmidt, 2001)

9. For more than forty years, gender roles have been categorized as communal and Agentic and it is widely accepted that these …

10. What is The Agentic? A network system of agents working together to create economies of scale and using technology to enable a fairer and more financially understandable property selling transaction for consumers

11. To beAgentic is to behave like an agent, obedient to the authority of the client.

12. An Agentic perspective fosters lines of research that provide new insights into the social construction of the functional structure of the human brain (Eisenberg, 1995)

13.Agentic has a personalized approach to review taking into consideration the unique needs and styles of each candidate

14. This Agentic behavior — strong, forceful, aggressive — will probably result in you being seen as competent and confident but also as flaunting societal norms

15. The word Agentic is described as an individual’s power to control his or her own goals actions and destiny

16. Agency is a related term of Agentic

17. As an adjective Agentic is social cognition theory perspective in which people are producers as well as products of social systems.

18. An Agentic Theory of the Self (Bandura – 1997) The Social Perspective

19. Agentic helps both our clients and their family members by assisting them with daily living tasks, coordinating doctors appointments, and many other daily routines

20. An Agentic state is a state of mind in which a person will allow other people to direct their behaviors and pass responsibility for the consequences of the behaviors to the person telling them what to do

21. Agentic is an exploratory platform and private venture laboratory where exponential individuals and organizations research and develop new technologies and business models that reflect advanced global ESG outcomes

22. Agentic leadership derives from the term agency

23. The Agentic task failed to modulate vMPFC, despite producing the same memory enhancement frequently observed during conceptual self-referential processing (the “self-reference” effect).

24. Agentic pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more Which is the right way to pronounce the month noviembre in Spanish? novee-yembre

25. Came across this new definition of Agentic which I think is so fantastic: A “perspective that views people as self-organizing, proactive, self-reflecting and self-regulating, not just as reactive organisms shaped by environmental forces or driven by inner impulses.” (Wikipedia) It just means to me that people have human agency to make choices that can impact the world.

26. Milgram has an evolutionary explanation for the Agentic Shift

27. At Agentic Learning we provide teachers with the tools to foster agency in the classroom and district leaders the tools to foster agency in the workplace

28. Agentic and communal goals are often risky because agency and communion are limited resources

29. Before presenting the Agentic perspective of social cognitive theory, the paradigm shifts that the field of psychology has undergone in its short history warrant a brief discussion

30. In these theoretical transformations, the core metaphors have changed but for the most part, the theories grant humans little, if any, Agentic capabilities.

31. Agentic engagement and perceptions of support from teachers and classmates; and to investigate whether Agentic engagement mediates the relationships among perceived support and student achievement

32. This chapter will introduce student engagement, including the concept of Agentic engagement

33. The present study tested the hypothesis that Agentic traits are considered more important for success in science than communal traits

34. The fourth Agentic property is self-reflectiveness

35. Agentic traits pertain to self-assertion and independence, while communal traits pertain to concern for others and interpersonal sensitivity

36. While women are more communal than men, there are not actually any gender differences in Agentic traits (Twenge, 2009).

37. Agentic engagement is the students' constructive contributions to their own learning process and the transactional and reciprocal processes from which students go through with teachers and peers.

38. Start studying Agentic state and Legitimacy of Authority

39. The Agentic personality characteristics were (a) hardiness, (b) personal growth initiative, and (c) coping self-efficacy

40. Results suggest that Agentic personality characteristics differentially …

41. Agentic Communications, the National Film Board, and the SFU Praxis Centre for Screenwriters are launching the “Melting Silos” concept development program with the participation of Telefilm’s Canada New Media Fund – Sectoral Assistance

42. Agentic Leadership Traits vs. Communal Leadership Traits

43. By sec132 Published 27/11/2012 Full size is 1968 × 1055 pixels Agentic Traits vs

44. Agentic characteristics (Huddy & Terkildsen, 1993; Martell, Park-Ashleigh Shelby Rosette and Leigh Plunkett Tost, Management and Organizations Area, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

45. Psychology Definition of Agentic ORIENTATION: stressing accomplishment, being proactive, attaining goals, and commemorating a legacy for …

46. Cooperativeness, and on Agentic (expected masculine) traits like ambition, leadership ability and intelligence

47. The Agentic self is defined as the aspect of human personality that is determined by future assessments of one’s goals, objectives, and actions

48. Agentic self functions are adversely affected by degenerating planning, selecting, and implementing the capabilities of an individual.

49. Agentic Communications, Vancouver, British Columbia

50. Agentic is a digital media agency specializing in online campaigns and digital strategy

51. The present study aims to analyze the relationship between Agentic engagement, basic psychological needs, and test a

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