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1. There are three classes: Agaricomycetes, Dacrymycetes, and Tremellomycetes

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2. The Agaricomycetes contains the 16,000 species of identified mushroom-forming species.


3. Agaricomycetes produce mushrooms, and are therefore the most familiar and conspicuous of all Fungi. Other Fungi produce macroscopic fruiting bodies as well, but the diversity of forms in the Agaricomycetes is unmatched.

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4. The Agaricomycetes are a class of fungi in the division Basidiomycota. The taxon is roughly identical to that defined for the Homobasidiomycetes (alternatively called holobasidiomycetes) by Hibbett & Thorn, with the inclusion of Auriculariales and Sebacinales.

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5. Other articles where Agaricomycetes is discussed: fungus: Annotated classification: Class Agaricomycetes Parasitic, pathogenic, symbiotic, or saprotrophic; most are terrestrial, with few aquatic members; all are mushroom-forming; parenthesomes imperforate or perforate (spore cap has openings); includes subclasses Agaricomycetidae and Phallomycetidae; contains 17 orders

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6. Tiger's milk medicinal mushroom, Lignosus rhinocerotis (Agaricomycetes) sclerotium inhibits nitric oxide production in LPS-stimulated BV2 microglia


7. Agaricomycetes is a class of fungi. Agaricomycetes include 17 orders, 100 families, 1147 genera, and 20951 species.

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8. Browse 1,470 Agaricomycetes stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images

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9. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by colour family {{familyColorButtonText(}} phallus impudicus, known colloquially as the common stinkhorn - Agaricomycetes stock illustrations.

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10. Agaricomycetes este o clasă din subdiviziunea Agaricomycotina, a încrengăturii Basidiomycota în subregnul Dikarya și Regnul Fungi

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11. The subdivision Agaricomycotina, also known as the hymenomycetes, is one of three taxa of the fungal division Basidiomycota (fungi bearing spores on basidia).The Agaricomycotina contain some 20,000 species, and about 98% of these are in the class Agaricomycetes, which comprises most of the fungi known as mushrooms, including the bracket fungi and puffballs.

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12. Agaricomycetes is a class of fungi. Agaricomycetes include 17 orders, 100 families, 1147 genera, and 20951 species.

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13. Agaricomycetes Doweld, Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum, Tentamen systematis plantarum vascularium (Tracheophyta): LXXVII (2001) [MB#501297]


14. Agaricomycetes unranked Poroid fungus subclass Agaricomycetidae Parmasto subclass Phallomycetidae K

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15. Agaricomycetes (Stopkovýtrusé) jsou houby z oddělení hub stopkovýtrusných (Basidiomycota)


16. Agaricomycetes Name Homonyms Agaricomycetes Common names Agaricomycetes in Danish ekte hymeniesoppar in Nynorsk, Norwegian ekte hymeniesopper in Norwegian Bokmål Bibliographic References


17. Agaricomycetes: Taxonomy navigation › Agaricomycotina

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18. Description: The Agaricomycetes are a class of fungi in the division Basidiomycota

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19. The current Agaricomycetes includes the Homobasidiomycetes and Auriculariales of the former ToL classification

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20. Maryland Checklist - Class: Agaricomycetes - all-time (Total: 659) Photos Common Name Genus

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21. What does Agaricomycetes mean? A taxonomic class within the subphylum Agaricomycotina

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22. The class Agaricomycetes includes not only mushrooms but also most species placed in the old outdated taxa Gasteromycetes and Homobasidiomycetes.The Agaricomycetes include about 16,000 described species (53% of the described basidiomycetes)

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23. Agaricomycetes Doweld, 2001: taxonomy/phylogenetic: World Register of Marine Species: Wikipedia: taxonomy/phylogenetic: iPhylo: Notes: Groups interested in participating in the LinkOut program should visit the LinkOut home page


24. Agaricomycetes Agaricomycetidae Agaricales Agaricaceae Agaricus Chlorophyllum Cyathus Leucoagaricus Leucocoprinus Mycenastrum Amanitaceae Limacella Bolbitiaceae

Agaricomycetes, Agaricomycetidae, Agaricales, Agaricaceae, Agaricus, Amanitaceae

25. Taxonomy - Agaricomycetes incertae sedis ))) Map to UniProtKB (791,826) Reviewed (125) Swiss-Prot


26. Mnemonic i-Taxon identifier i: 355688: Scientific name i: Agaricomycetes incertae sedis: Taxonomy navigation


27. (Coprinaceae, Agaricomycetes) currently divided into four new genera: Coprinus, Coprinopsis, Coprinellus, and Parasola

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28. Media in category "Agaricomycetes" The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total.

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29. Stinkhorn Mushrooms (Agaricomycetes: Phallales: Phallaceae) 2 Phallus ravenelli, Clathrus columnatus, Mutinus elegans, and Lysurus mokusin

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30. Illustrated Monograph/Identification guide for non-gilled wood rotting Agaricomycetes of the Himalayas; Completely updated nomenclature and text with most recent revisions in the literature and information up to 2012

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31. Gasteroid Agaricomycetes have enclosed hymenophores and have lost ballistospory (forcible discharge)

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32. General information about Agaricomycetes (1AGARL) EPPO Global Database

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33. A classe Agaricomycetes inclui não só os cogumelos mas também a maioria das espécies classificadas nos antigos taxa Gasteromycetes e Homobasidiomycetes.Agaricomycetes inclui 17 ordens, 100 famílias, 1147 géneros, e 20951 espécies

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34. The Agaricomycetes are of -life ' typical stand fungi that grow as filamentary, hyphal mycelium, usually without Hefephasen in the soil

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35. Agaricomycetes : Source: ITIS & Species 2000 Catalogue of Life Management Hierarchy, document (version Fungi) Acquired: 2014 : Notes: M

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36. Class Agaricomycetes Doweld [mushrooms and relatives] A wide variety of fungi that produce macroscopic fruitbodies, such as gilled mushrooms, boletes, brackets, puffballs, and some jelly fungi

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37. Agaricomycetes is a class of fungi


38. Agaricomycetes include many types of mushroom species and are widely distributed over the globe

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39. BASIDIOMYCOTA AGARICOMYCOTINA Agaricomycetes Agaricomycetidae Agaricales Agaricaceae Secotium Nidularia Mycocalia Bovista Montagnites Leucocoprinus Lepiota Agaricus

Agaricomycotina, Agaricomycetes, Agaricomycetidae, Agaricales, Agaricaceae, Agaricus

40. Agaricomycetes are not common as human pathogens, although Schizophyllum commune, whichnormallyoccursasawood-decayfungus, is known to cause serious infections of lungs and other organs (Sigler et al

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41. Several Agaricomycetes have been important as model systems in studies of fungal mating genetics and development (S

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42. Definition of Agaricomycetes in the dictionary


43. What does Agaricomycetes mean? Information and translations of Agaricomycetes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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44. Learn how to say Agaricomycetes with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials


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