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afterward (adverb)

  - at a later or future time; subsequently.


later, subsequently, then, after, next, eventually, thereupon, Legal,

"Afterwards" in Example Sentences

1. The English, under Sir Thomas Graham, afterwards Lord Lynedoch, in March 1814 made an attempt to take it by a coup de main, but were driven back with great loss by the French, who surrendered the place, however, by the treaty of peace in the following May.
2. Afterwards, the bride and groom will entertain guests with a reception at the Marriot. 🔊 The concert was the singer’s last hurrah because shortly afterwards, she died. 🔊 Emma admitted to stealing the clothing while in police custody, but afterwards changed her story. 🔊
3. The lines of text below use afterwards in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for afterwards. Also see sentences for: after, after-dinner, afternoon, afternoons, afterward. 10. Example sentences with the word afterwards, afterwards example sentences, how to use afterwards in a sentence: 11. 1. 4. 4. 4. 239+15 sentence examples: 1.
4. 239+15 sentence examples: 1. A word in time is worth two afterwards. 2. Some persons do first, think afterwards, and then repent for ever. 3. Travel and see the world; afterwards, you will be able to put your concerns in perspective. 4. afterwards sh
5. In this article, I will compare afterward vs. afterwards. I will use each word in a sentence to illustrate its proper content, and I will then reveal an easy memory trick to help you remember when it is use appropriate to use afterward and when it is use appropriate to use afterwards. When to Use Afterword. What does afterword mean?
6. English words and Examples of Usage use "afterwards" in a sentence Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. afterwards there will be hell to pay. At first I was not sure which one I wanted, but afterwards I decided on this red one. He will come afterwards.
7. Cardiff fans were segregated at the match, and afterwards kept back while Leeds fans dispersed.: The referee refused to comment to the media afterwards why he abandoned the match.: This is the kind of show that has you blathering like a wide-eyed teenage keener for weeks afterwards.: The sun was shining, the food at the restaurant was good and I was left with a warm glow in my tummy afterwards.
8. Therefore, its use in proper context is, “The difference between using either ‘afterward’ or ‘afterwards’ is neither more nor less correct than the other.” Additionally, we can simplify the sentence and still maintain its original context, “There is no difference in meaning when using either afterward or afterwards.”

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